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Is College the Only Path to Success?

job industryLast year, President Obama made it clear that he wants America to “have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world” within the next 10 years. It just seems like the thing to do: You graduate high school, go to college, and then get a job in your degree field.

But what if that’s not what you want to do?

For some students, like Brian Crave, going to college just doesn’t seem appealing.

“He’s been afraid we might push him (to attend college)” Brian’s mother said. Now, she isn’t pressuring him to attend school because “kids learn differently, and some just aren’t college material.”

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The Easiest Colleges to Get Into

college admissionsSome schools have more of an open door policy than others. The Ivy League, private schools or some of the more elite and respected universities in the country will be the hardest colleges to get into. Most state schools, while no pushovers, make a college education more accessible. State colleges and universities by all means have standards, rich traditions and reputations that should be upheld. Otherwise, how much is that piece of paper really worth?

There are those, however, that are more accessible and less selective. Some of these include:

Weber State University – 100 percent acceptance

University of Texas San Antonio – 99 percent acceptance

University of Texas El Paso – 99 percent acceptance Read the rest of this entry »


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