Education Trends to Expect in 2011

I’m amazed that 2010 is over. 2011 is here and it feels so surreal. I suppose I’m not the only one who feels this way. To sit here and think about it, I could have sworn that last New Year’s Eve was such a short time ago! Time really does fly and so much changes throughout the years. This next year is sure to bring plenty of exciting things and probably some not-so-exciting things as well. Keep an eye out for the following education trends that made the news in 2010 and are sure to stir up more interest in 2011.

Better school lunches. Proper nutrition for our children was a hot button issue this year, and the improvements will only continue to spread.

Bill Needed to Put Free Water on the California Lunch Menu

Should Kids with Food Allergies be Forced to Homeschool

Whole Foods Campaigns to Put Salad Bars in Schools

D.C. Removes Chocolate Milk From Public School Lunches

Pennsylvania School District Combats Childhood Obesity

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The Top 3 Education Trends of 2010

This a guest post By TeachStreet. Teachstreet is a website that provides online and local classes, including SAT Prep Classes.

2010 was a year of experimentation, change and flux, as educators scrambled to lay a foundation for a 21st century style of learning. Among the top trends in education were:

1. Mobile Devices in the Classroom

This year, Notre Dame set up an experimental classroom where every student was given an iPad. While some critics said that introducing mobile devices would be a distraction to students (as they can play games on the devices), others pointed out that iPads in the classroom may help the teacher make the classroom experience more interactive and engaging. The verdict is still out on whether or not mobile devices are a help or a hindrance, but this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

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Winter Fashion Trend Report For Girls

Made on Polyvore! Click the image to shop the looks!

Winter can be a very expensive time for the fashionistas roaming the northern college campuses across America, but a great opportunity to buy some trendy, staple pieces that will get you through the cold gloomy days. Here is the EDU In Review winter trend report for women:

Girls’ nails are short, square, shimmering and not fake, because acrylic is so last season. Pick up some dark, bold colors and a little secret to success is dry oil, two minute dry time and you’re out the door.

Sequin shorts (layered over tights) and shirts are a must have for the season. Don’t underestimate the power of sparkling: shining bright is not reserved solely for New Years Eve parties any longer.

Combining silver and gold for your jewelry pieces is a great way to get a better bang for your buck because the combination pieces will match every look.

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Tattoos and Piercings on the Rise Among Teens

MTV Jersey Shore's Pauly D Rib Tattoo

MTV Jersey Shore's Pauly D Rib Tattoo

Allison Kramer is a high school student, aspiring to attend the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, who is inviting you into the real world of teenage girls. Allison has a video blog on her YouTube channel, Ally Baley, where she shares makeup, shopping and fashion advice while giving you an inside look at the actual life of the American teenager.

Today, more and more teenagers are getting piercings and tattoos as a form of self-expression.

As far as piercings, many teenage girls are getting their noses, belly buttons, lips, tongues and eyebrows pierced. Although, most girls get their ears pierced when they are 1-2 years old by a doctor. Guys are piercing their eyebrows, tongues and lips, as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Silly Bandz Banned From Schools But Endorsed By Justin Bieber

Silly BandsIn the past it has been baseball cards, pogs, U.S. state coins, Ty Beanie Babies, and now the latest trend to consume children’s allowance is the Silly Bandz, also known as Zany Bandz.

Similar to prior phenomenon, these rubberband-type bracelets are bought, traded, given away and collected and kids are stacking them from the wrists to their elbows.

They resemble ordinary brightly colored rubber bracelets when they’re on children’s wrists, although even adults and teenagers are rockin’ the craze, but when you take them off, the bracelets pop back into their original shapes.

Forms of the bracelets range from fun shapes to animals to flowers to toys. Even professional sports teams like the New York Yankees have a line of the bands that they sell at their stadium of their logos and baseball-related shapes.

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