tuition increase

tuition increase

Quebec Students Protest Tuition Hikes but Don’t Really Understand How Expensive it Could Be

On March 29, 2012, 200 students in Quebec went on strike to protest increases in tuition. The students gathered outside the largest courthouse in Montreal and blocked access to it during the early morning. Later in the day, the students had plans to march from four separate locations and meet in the downtown area of Quebec. These marches promised to cause traffic delays in the busy city and around 1:00pm, police used stun grenades and tear gas to get the rowdy students under control.

This is not the first time that student groups have gone on strike in Quebec due to proposed tuition hikes. There have already been several protests that caused the police to intervene and break up the protest; several dozen people have been arrested.

So these tuition hikes must be quite a large amount of money, right? The proposed increases will raise current tuition costs by 75 percent, making the yearly cost for attending college in Quebec $3,793 instead of the current $2,168.

Whoa, wait a second? Less than $5,000 to attend college for a year? That sounds fantastic to me! However, for around 130,000 students who have walked out of their classes, having a cheap and affordable education is a matter of principle.

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DePaul University Students Occupy President’s Office in Protest Against Tuition Increases

You’ve heard of Occupy Wall Street, but have you heard of Occupy Rev. Holtschneider’s Office? Well, if you are a student at DePaul University, you might have, but if not, you are about to learn all about it.

Last Thursday night, around 20 students occupied the office of their school’s president, Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, in order to show their displeasure about the proposed tuition increase the school is facing. For the 2012-2013 school year, DePaul University has proposed increasing tuition by 2.2 percent for the entire student body, and incoming freshmen will be charged 5 percent more than this year’s freshmen.

The students who are against this proposed tuition increase staged their occupy movement in order to ask the school to postpone voting on this issue until after a public forum could be held on the subject.

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