High School Students are Spending Thousands of Dollars on Private Tutors

It is not uncommon for high school students to need a tutor to help them get through their most difficult subjects. Some parents hire tutors to help their students prepare for the SAT, while other parents hire a tutor to help their students throughout the entire semester. According to The New York Times, private tutors have been standard practice at many NYC private schools for a generation. Although this trend is certainly not new, there is something unusual about it: the cost of hiring a private tutor.

“There’s no family that gets through private school without an SAT tutor,” said Sandy Bass, the founder of the newsletter Private School Insider. “increasingly, it’s impossible to get through private school without at least one subject tutor.

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Save Money for College During the Summer

Worried about how you’ll pay for next semester’s tuition bill? Summer may be the only free time you have to make the big bucks, but you’ll also want to spend your time off from school relaxing. This may sound like a major dilemma, but if you look at the following suggestions, you’ll be able to have a blast while bringing home some cold, hard cash.

Here are four jobs that will pay the bills and give you time for summer fun:

Bartender: Talk about making the big bucks; they can bring home $250 a night. Though you won’t have your nights free, you’ll have plenty of time to lounge at the pool during the day.

Movie theaters: I worked at a movie theater for three years and loved every minute of it. I got to see free movies on my day off and eat free popcorn on my break. Friday and Saturday evenings were always hectic, but the rest of the week was stress-free. Though you’ll likely have to work a lot of weekends, you may be able work less than 15 hours per week. That will give you plenty of time to hang out with your buds.

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Taft High School Soars to Success

A Taft student gets one on one attention

Taft Information Technology High School in Cincinnati seemed to be a high school doomed with a bleak future. With a graduation rate of 18 percent, Taft held a reputation full of crime, and failing students. That was ten years ago. Principal Anthony Smith and a committed group of teachers and community members have managed to turn Taft’s story around.

Anthony Smith was appointed Principal of Taft 9 years ago, and immediately began to access the dismal situation. To combat the failing school, Smith entertained the idea of getting rid of all the teachers. His mind was changed when he realized that the teachers were not unmotivated, but under supported and working hard in the wrong direction. A plan of action was developed, including daily meetings to identify problems in the school.

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ICouldBe Bringing e-Mentors to Your School with Your Help

Young adulthood is full of challenges and difficult decisions. Without the proper support, it’s easy for kids to drop out of high school, get depressed and lead a mediocre existence. From the economy to the crime rates, a poorly-educated population affects everyone. Providing support to teenagers is a critical step in improving our world because, after all, our future is in their hands. One campaign matches virtual mentors with high school and middle school students who need them. The e-mentors on icouldbe.org provide assistance with academics, applying to colleges and finding jobs.

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How to Quickly Raise Your Grades

a-gradeFinals are a little less than six weeks away, and if your grades are in the dumps, you’re probably ready to pull out your hair. But, there’s still hope on the horizon. There’s still time to turn that C into a B or B into an A.

Here are some tips on how to boost your grades by the end of the semester:

Turn in missing assignments: This one is kind of a no-brainer, but some students forget to ask instructors what’s causing their low grades. You may have missed a day and didn’t realize you had homework, or you may have simply forgotten to turn in work. While some professors have strict rules about taking late assignments, others will give credit even if the assignment is a couple of weeks late. Read the rest of this entry »

Learning Specialists and Academic Coaches Replace Regular Tutors

learning specialist academic coachThe days of a fellow smart student acting as your after school tutor to prepare you for a really challenging Spanish test are long gone. Students, teachers and parents are utilizing a new form of educational training: learning specialists and academic coaches.

With college degrees becoming more of a society norm, students are recognizing they need to continuously increase their academic pursuits by any means necessary to achieve their goals.

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Find Online Tutors With WyzAnt’s Matching Service

Finding the right tutor is like finding a personal trainer – there are countless to choose from but finding one that you connect with can be an arduous task.

wyzant tutors onlineLikewise for tutors, letting students know about your areas of expertise, rates and services is akin to running your own small business.

But for tutors and tutees alike, this process just got easier. A lot easier.

The online resource WyzAnt is tutor-student matching service that offers in-home, private instruction in academics, test prep, music and more. With a database of more than 16,000 tutors from all around the country, all you simply do is search for tutors available in your ZIP code, contact the potential tutors via email, purchase your lessons online and have your first lesson with WyzAnt’s 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed policy. Read the rest of this entry »

EduFire Offers Online Video Classes

Going online for college courses is an increasingly popular medium for attending class. It’s convenient, self-paced, and best of all, affordable!edufire

EduFire is another to join the ranks of the online class providers. This week they announced the receipt of $1.3 million in funding to increase their offerings to students.

There are currently a number of courses students can follow. It was originally a platform for learning languages – thus the robust offerings in that category. There are about 50 language courses, including American Sign Langauge, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Read the rest of this entry »


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