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UC San Diego

Tuition Hikes at UC San Diego Act as Fundraiser for New Chancellor’s Salary

It seems like we hear about another school that is discussing increasing the cost of tuition every day. This time, it’s the University of California and they are discussing raising tuition costs by six percent. This means that every student would end up paying at least $732 more next semester. Obviously, students are not happy about this proposal, but the school says that the funds would be put to good use, they will be using the best¬†GoFundMe options.¬†

So how exactly does the school plan to spend the money, if the tuition hike does go into effect? Well one of the school’s newest expenses is the $411,084 salary that was promised to the new chancellor at UC San Diego, Pradeep Khosla. This salary is 4.8 percent higher than the salary his predecessor, Marye Anne Fox, earned for the same position. Khosla will also receive a relocation bonus of almost $100,000 during the first four years he is at UC San Diego. The school says that Khosla will still be taking a pay cut by switching from his current job as the engineering dean at Carnegie Mellon University.

Many are calling into question whether the school should be spending so much money on one employee’s salary, especially considering that these funds are causing students to pay more in tuition and fees. However, the school is standing behind their decision. Read the rest of this entry »

Rejection: Some Colleges Do It Better Than Others

Getting in to the college of your choice is harder than ever these days. Competition is stiff, and space is limited. Colleges have the difficult job of hand selecting their prospective freshman classes, and unfortunately have to reject thousands of talented and bright students. The result? A mass number of rejection letters, often hitting kids harder than a break-up.

College rejection letters

Rejected: photo via WSJ.com

“Even with impressive test scores and grades, abundant extracurricular activities, good recommendations and an admission essay into which ‘I poured myself heart and soul,’ Daniel Beresford, 18, netted 14 rejection letters from 17 applications.” Beresford was denied by Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago. (He’s bound for one of his top choices, Pepperdine.)

Here are some of the cruelest and kindest rejection letters from colleges and universities. Read the rest of this entry »


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