Union Ruling Deems Catholic College Not Religious

New York catholic collegeThe National Labor Relation Board ruled that part-time faculty at Manhattan College are allowed to unionize. The ruling’s implications mean more than potentially higher costs, because the underlying reason for the ruling stated that the college isn’t religious enough to qualify for a labor law exemption. Manhattan is repealing the ruling, arguing that it’s an infringement of religious freedom.

The Council of Independent Colleges reports that one in four teachers at member colleges have adjunct status. Hiring adjunct professors gives colleges flexibility in their course offerings and helps to keep costs down. Of course, these part-time professors do not enjoy the same benefits as their tenured colleagues.

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NYC Teachers Are Paid to Sit in Rubber Rooms

legal actionAs an employer, would you ever consider paying an employee their full salary for up to ten years when they were not working?

What if they were not working because they had been put on suspension for “excessive lateness or absence, sexual misconduct with a [minor], physical abuse, incompetence or use of drugs or alcohol?”

You would never do that right? Well, you obviously are not the New York City teachers’ union.

The New York Public School System has been paying teachers their full salary to sit in “rubber rooms,” Monday through Friday, during school hours. These teachers are under observation and told to “do whatever they like, so long as it has nothing to do with teaching.” This is costing the city of New York at least $30 million dollars a year.

What is going on here?

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