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University of Washington’s Foreign Student Population Might Be Too Large

University of washingtonIf you are a current freshman at the University of Washington, you could be paying $28,059 for your annual tuition, or you might get a free ride. What determines which students are lucky and which have to foot the bill? It is not academic or athletic based, nor is it need-based. Instead, the students who pay the higher amount are from foreign countries and those who are paying nothing for their education are from low-income families in Washington.

These foreign students who paying a hefty sum for their education compose about 18 percent of the school’s freshmen class; 11 percent are from China. The school recently needed to raise funds after state financing was cut by more than 50 percent in the past three years, and it did so by offering more admissions offers to students who live in foreign countries. This also means that there are less spots available for students who live in the state.

Michael K. Young, the school’s president, feel that by increasing the school’s international population, the school will be setting itself up for success in the future. He is not at all concerned with the fact that the population of students who are from another country is higher than the population of students who are from another state.

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The University of Washington Receives Fines for Animal Abuse in Medical Research Labs

University of Washington SealMany medical schools use monkeys every year as test subjects in their labs as part of an effort to advance medical knowledge. The Department of Agriculture inspects these facilities every year to prevent problems from occurring, and when problems do occur, they have to power to take action.

One school that seems to be having a lot of interventions from the Department of Agriculture is the University of Washington. Within the past five years, one monkey has died of malnutrition and two others were kept in cages that were too small for them. A scientist at the school was also fined because he performed too many surgeries on the same monkeys. In total, the school had to pay $10,893 in fines this year, and if there are repeat violations, the school will face much stricter fines.

“[The Department of Agriculture] finally got along to levying a fine which is $10,000 and the University gets millions of dollars in research money, so this is just a little drop in their bucket,” said Rachel Bjork of the Northwest Animal Rights Network. “They like to say they are doing groundbreaking research. They like to say they’re saving lives but I’m trying to understand the connection between sticking coils in a monkey’s eyes and saving a human life.”

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Harry Potter’s Quidditch Game Comes to Life

I love Harry Potter. I know that the Ministry of Magic has been infiltrated by Lord Voldemort. I know who Dobby is and I know all about the Triwizard Tournament. I admit all of this and yet, I must say that I am still shocked to learn that hundreds, thousands of real-life Muggle Quidditch teams have been assembled across the world.

College and high school students are taking the wildly popular world of Harry Potter out of the conventions and out of the libraries and they are taking over college campuses. If you don’t know what Quidditch is, then I’m going to have to point you in the direction of Amazon, where you can purchase the full Harry Potter series. Read it, maybe even watch the movie, and then come back because I can’t possibly tell you everything there is to know in one post!

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College Football Stunner: Buckeyes Blitzed

Now things are getting interesting.

After seven weeks of college football, the two teams most thought would meet for the national championship, Alabama and Ohio State, have both lost. As a result, the race to Glendale is wide open. Here’s a look at the significant games from Week 7:ohio state

1. Rocked at Camp Randall: After suffering from coverage team breakdowns all season, the Wisconsin Badgers finally got to experience the other side of the coin. David Gilreath took the opening kickoff back 97 yards for a touchdown to put Ohio State behind the 8-ball, and the Badgers jumped out to a 21-0 lead en route to a 31-18 victory over the top-ranked Buckeyes. The win was Wisconsin Head Coach Bert Bielema’s first against a top 10 team, and keeps Wisconsin’s hopes alive for a Rose Bowl. The Buckeyes national title hopes are effectively dashed, as they now sit fourth in the Big 10. Read the rest of this entry »

Robots to Teach Children with Developmental Problems

Remember the Jetsons? The futuristic-cartoon sitcom, complete with a robot maid and flying car, was supposed to take place in the year 2062. It’s only 2010, and while we haven’t totally caught up with the whole flying-car thing, The University of Southern California is testing a robot that can teach.rosie jetsons

These teaching robots stand three feet tall and can maintain eye contact with its student. This recent technology has been proven to be most successful in children with developmental problems. Currently, it can only teach simple skills like vocabulary and household tasks.

Right now, these robots have mostly been used in experimental settings, and they’re directed by artificial intelligence software including speech recognition and motion tracking.

These “teacher’s aids” seem to be best used in settings that require the most repetition like foreign language or for teaching autistic children. Read the rest of this entry »

Early Heisman Odds From Vegas

Even though college football is months away, it’s never too early to discuss the Heisman Trophy. Vegas NCAA football odds makers have released a list of 26 candidates for college football’s top honor, and Alabama running back Mark Ingram, last year’s winner, is the favorite. heisman-trophy

You can find the full list here. And here are my thoughts:

Tyrelle Pryor at number two seems way high on the list. Yes, he finally seemed to hit all of his potential in the Rose Bowl, and maybe Jim Tressel has finally figured out a way to utilize Pryor’s amazing potential.

But consider that Pryor was ranked 62nd in the country’s quarterback rating last season, and 85th in completion percentage. Or the fact that he had as many games (four) with under 100 yards passing as he did games with over 200. Read the rest of this entry »


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