u.s. presidents

u.s. presidents

Barack Obama Voted One of Nation’s Best Presidents

barack-obamaDespite what the political pundits, disgruntled Democrats and enraged Republicans may say about President Barack Obama, according to 238 of the nation’s foremost scholars, he is one of the country’s best presidents – ever.

The analysis was conducted by Siena College Research Institute Poll. The scholars ranked the presidents on personal attributes such as integrity, intelligence, leadership and willingness to take risks as well as things they have little control over, like luck.

The aggregate data once again rated Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the best president ever and Obama ranked 15th. Obama earned high marks for intelligence, ability to communicate and imagination, but his score was hindered by his lack of experience and family background.

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Alma Maters of U.S. Presidents

So where did the U.S. presidents attend college?  As you might expect, the big name schools have attracted many future Commander in Chiefs. Yale University alumni outnumber Harvard University alumni 7-6 (when counting both undergraduate and law school admission). However, if Barack Obama becomes president, the core will be even, as he graduated from Harvard School of Law.

As for public universities?  Only three presidents actually had undergraduate degrees from state universities — Gerald Ford from the University of Michigan, Lyndon Johnson from Texas State University – San Marcos, and James Polk from the University of North Carolina. Two presidents have degrees from the United States Military Academy (Ulysses Grant and Dwight Eisenhower) and one has a degree from the United States Naval Academy (Jimmy Carter — who will be joined by John McCain, if he wins the election).

As for advanced degrees, the presidents have had surprisingly few. Eight former presidents have law degrees — nine, if Obama is elected.  Only one president earned a PhD — Woodrow Wilson. Seven presidents did not go to college.

Here’s a list of the presidents and where they went to college.

  1. George Washington — did not attend college but received a surveyor’s license from the College of William and Mary
  2. John Adams — Harvard College (which later became a part of Harvard University)
  3. Thomas Jefferson —  College of William and Mary
  4. James Madison — College of New Jersey (which is now Princeton University)
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