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Obama Making Affordable College Education a Priority

Here’s what’s perhaps most unusual about President Obama‘s big budget proposals for higher education: That he’s thinking about higher education at all.

Delineated in a handful of brash proposals Thursday, Obama’s plan to make college more affordable and within reach of more students represents a break from the approach that President Bush took — he focused much of his energy from Day 1 on improving K-12 education, most notably with his signature No Child Left Behind law.

“It was unusual for President Bush to make higher education a significant part of his budget,” said Terry Hartle of the American Council on Education, a lobbying group for college presidents. “President Obama has made this a very substantial part of his first budget.”

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“Work Hard. Be Nice.” Introduces America to KIPP

KIPP students at Ujima Village Academy in Baltimore.

KIPP students at Ujima Village Academy in Baltimore.

Have you met “the hardest-working kids in the country”? Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Bill Gates, Oprah and many others are counting themselves lucky for saying they have. They’re all big fans of the KIPP, Knowledge is Power Program, a low-income urban education program.

Justice Breyer met them by happenstance while heading in to his office one day while the students were on a somewhat disappointing field trip to Washington, D.C. After a teacher begged him to take a moment to say hello to them, he was intrigued when one student asked about his participation in the landmark case Miranda v. Arizona. Taken back, he said it was before his time, and became engaged. He’s been involved with KIPP ever since. Read the rest of this entry »


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