vocational training

vocational training

White House Rebuts Santorum’s ‘Snob’ Remark Regarding College Education

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., spoke out against President Obama this weekend. The conservative senator ridiculed Obama for his hope that all Americans pursue a  higher education, alleging that his ideas were elitist.

“President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college,” Santorum said. “What a snob. There are good decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor to try to indoctrinate them. Oh, I understand why he wants you to go to college he wants to remake you in his image.”

He is referring to a speech Obama gave in 2009 that was addressed to a joint session of congress, in which the president gave his statement on higher education. Here is what the president actually said:

“And so tonight, I ask every American to commit to at least one year or more of higher education or career training. This can be community college or a four-year school; vocational training or an apprenticeship. But whatever the training may be, every American will need to get more than a high school diploma. And dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It’s not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country — and this country needs and values the talents of every American.” Read the rest of this entry »


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