Rowan Students Travel to Foreign Countries to Provide Aid

Rowan University text logoWhat are you doing for New Years? If you are one of ten students at Rowan University, your answer might be going to El Salvador or The Gambia to participate in Engineers Without Borders.

Sarah Gettings and Gemma Peebles are two juniors who are going on these trips and who will play important roles in the success of the projects. Gettings is the project lead for the group heading to El Salvador and Peebles will be the web master and clinic team lead for those going to The Gambia.

Rowan students have already traveled to El Salvador twice already: in January and June 2011. The Rowan EWB students have been working with a city in El Salvador, La Ceiba, since 2007.

“The river and wells in the community are all contaminated with unhealthy levels of coliform,” said Gettings. “This contamination causes high incidence of diarrhea and parasites among community members, resulting int eh death of many children. …The final solution, which was affordable for both the chapter and the community, sustainable and practical overall, was to install biosand filters in each of the 150 homes of La Ceiba. ..So far, the filters have been successful in removing contamination from the water. A team of Rowan students and a professional mentor will be traveling this January to install 15 more filters and continue to monitor filters that have already been installed.”

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Harvard Students Provide Homeless Shelter for Community

Prestigious Harvard University not only boasts some of the U.S.’s most elite lawyers, doctors and business people, but Harvard students who want to serve their community can also be added to the list.

The prestigious school provides the only student-ran homeless shelter in the country.

“When I got on campus, I saw a really strong juxtaposition between the wealth, prestige and power of the university compared with the plight of so many people in the square,” said Jonathan Warsh, a senior from Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and co-administrative director for the shelter. “It’s too easy to get trapped in the ivory tower.”

The shelter, which opened its doors to the homeless in 1983, serves the community every night from Nov. 15 to April 15. The shelter is located at University Lutheran Church. The church is not affiliated with Harvard, and it rents out the space to the university for a small fee.

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How to Survive Valentine’s Day Single

Are heart-shaped chocolate boxes and overly-stuffed teddy bears making you sick to your stomach? Maybe it’s because you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day and you’re dreading spending the whole day alone. However, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day of misery for the relationship challenged.

Here are five ways to rock Valentine’s Day without a significant other:

Volunteer: Spend some time at a nursing home or a soup kitchen. Spending the day volunteering with others who need your help will make you feel good inside and less crappy about being alone.

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College Students Volunteer to Help Autistic Children

What do most college kids do on the weekend? At my school, a typical Friday night is composed of dinner out with your friends, a few drinks at a local bar, or maybe a trip to the movie theater to see what your favorite actors have been working on. It certainly doesn’t involve volunteering to help autistic children learn social skills and have fun.

However, that is exactly what the Friday Knights do. The Friday Knights are a group of 140 students from the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, who volunteer their Friday evenings to play with autistic children, helping them with crafts projects, and giving the children’s parents a little time to themselves.

“I think it’s a natural passion that I have,” said Rachel, a graduate student who volunteers at Friday Knights. “I love children and children with special needs, like they’re just the kids that I’m drawn to.”

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Fun and Unique Activities for Halloween 2010

halloweenThere’s a chill in the air, there are way too many scary movies coming to theaters, and I am suddenly craving candy corn like there’s no tomorrow. You know what this must mean….Halloween is almost here!

What are you going to do this Halloween? You could get dressed up as your favorite pop culture icon and go to the coolest party on campus. Or this year, you could choose to do something a little more creative with your All Hallows Eve.

Go Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund and works for children’s rights and the protection of children around the world. It really is a very noble charity and for years now, trick-or-treaters have collected donations instead of candy on Halloween to benefit this foundation. So, grab your BFF, get all dressed up, and go collect donations instead of candy this Halloween. In addition to helping others, you will help yourself avoid the freshmen 15, which can still plague you long after your freshman year, sadly enough. Read the rest of this entry »

Miss USA Rima Fakih’s Education Background

Rima FakihSome say that beauty pageant contestants aren’t exactly the smartest girls in the world, but Rima Fakih, the 2010 Miss USA, easily proves them wrong.

Fakih immigrated to Queens, New York in 1993 with her family when she was seven years old from Sour, Lebanon. She attended St. John’s Preparatory School and graduated in 2003, when she was only 17 years old.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

Girl Reading In ParkIf you’re sleeping in until 1 p.m. or spending your evenings watching the television, you’re probably wasting away summer break. The first day of school will be here before you know it. So instead of staying home to watch your favorite daytime talk show, try to be productive, and do the things you didn’t have time to do during the school year.

Here’s a list of activities that will help you make the most out of your summer:

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Students Donate Hair to Help with Gulf Oil Spill

Hair nets collected by Matter of Trust for the Gulf oil spill rescue efforts.

Hair nets collected by Matter of Trust for the Gulf oil spill rescue efforts.

After I wrote the blog about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, it seemed appropriate to find out how students all across the nation are lending their support to the rescue efforts.

There has been a national campaign by established by Matter of Trust that sends human hair to Louisiana to be combined with nylons – yes,  like panty hose-  to create nets of hair that will essentially sop up the oil in the Gulf.

At Grand Blanc’s Brendel Elementary, the Bulldogs have started their “Save the Sea” program and have transformed their gym into a hair salon, where students, teachers and staff are donating anywhere from one to 14 inches of hair.

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Help Students Learn on DonorsChoose.org

donorschooseSometimes I get a really strong urge to help others. The problem is, I don’t always know how to go about doing it. Sometimes I volunteer in my community, but other times I simply make a donation.

How to choose which organization to donate to though? That’s another problem. Man, who thought trying to do a little good in the world could be so difficult?

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Volunteer to Improve Your Community

salvation armyThe holiday season is a great time to help make a difference in your community. More people volunteer during this time of the year than during any other time. So why not jump on that bandwagon?

There are many ways you can improve the lives of members of your community. And of course, if you like volunteering during the holiday season, some of these nice practices can be continued throughout the year.

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