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I have always wanted to learn how to arrange flowers. I know, it’s kind of a strange thing to want to learn, but it is something that just really appeals to me. Maybe there’s something random that also appeals to you. Something like learning how to use Photoshop, or how to speak in public, or even how to make fancy chocolates. Now, you can learn about just about anything, thanks to

Skillshare allows professionals and experts in your community to advertise the classes they would like to teach. Other people in the community will then see these upcoming classes and can sign up to learn. Classes run the gamete from how to organize your office space to how to ask for a raise and how to bake the perfect dessert. The possibilities of classes are endless because SkillShare depends on creative individuals in each community to create the classes.

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Free Math Program from TenMarks Now Available for Teachers

tenmarksThe online math program TenMarks announced yesterday that they will now offer a free online program to schools. TenMarks is an online educational service that allows students to learn math at their won pace with a customized curriculum. Founded in 2009, TenMarks offers problems sets, hints and tips for when students get stuck, and video lessons for learning and revision.

Teachers can sign up for the new free TenMarks program online, and use its materials to supplement their curriculum. “TenMarks is excited about opening up our offering to schools and bringing quality supplemental math learning to the masses,” said Rohit Agarwal and Andrew Joseph, co-founders of TenMarks in a press release. “The free offering for schools was a result of feedback from many of the 6000 teachers who use our math video lessons—they said a practice environment would be a perfect complement to the videos. We believe we’ve designed a program that is super-easy to use for teachers and students, and delivers immense value.”

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Engrade Offers Free Educational Services

engrade-logoNot to be outdone by LearnBoost‘s newly integrated “freemium” service, Engrade, the free online classroom management system, is now offering a Wiki feature that will allow teachers to share lesson plans and collaborate on projects. Engrade announced the new application yesterday, in addition to new email organization options and faster interface speeds.

Engrade’s free web-based tools offer educators an integrated system that includes a messaging service, attendance book, grading books, document organization system for lesson planning, homework calendars, and the ability to created grade reports. The system can be adapted to any grade level, and is used by teachers of elementary school, high school and college professors.

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Campus Dibs Offers Deals for College Students

campus-dibs-logoMost college students consider themselves to be pretty broke, between the cost of tuition, textbooks and necessary electronics. But there’s a new way to find student discounts on stuff you need, like dorm furniture, or stuff you want, like cool book bags.

If you’ve ever used Groupon or a similar daily deal site, you already know how Campus Dibs works. You sign up using a college email address to get access to the daily deal. If you’re interested in it, you purchase it. Then, tell your friends and convince them to buy in too. If enough people buy in, you all get the discount.

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Make the Most Out of Your Dorm Space with

design-your-dorm-dotcomFiguring out how to fit your things, and all your roommates’ things into a tiny dorm room can be stressful. But there’s an online tool that can help you make the most of your space, and collaborate with your roomie: lets you find a 3-Dimensional model of your room, arrange the furniture, and add items that you’ll be bringing with you to see if it all fits. Then, you can shop for new items, from mini fridges to posters and electronics. All purchases will be shipped right to your dorm, so you avoid worrying about how all your gear will fit into your parents’ station wagon. It also helps you avoid bringing or buying duplicates of things your future roommate already has.

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Are You Going to Get Good Grades? How Much Are You Willing to Bet?

website-for-gambling-on-gradesThe website is raising the stakes on good grades, literally. The website sets odd on students’ grades, just like a traditional bookie. The most money can be won for A’s, less for more probable B’s. There’s even “grade insurance” for students who want to bet that they’ll fail a class.

But CEO Steven Wolf wouldn’t call it online CSGO gambling, which is illegal in the U.S. “Other people’s stuff you bet on — your own stuff you invest in,” he said. He points out that the students who make the wagers on his site have control over the outcome. “I’m just trying to say that the underlying concept is a little bit more than just making a bet — it’s actually an incentive.” Read the rest of this entry »


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