College Student’s Guide to Cheap Wedding Gifts

Spring weddings are right around the corner, and you may think you can’t afford anything the engaged couple has put on their gift registry. Before you decide to give up and arrive empty-handed, check these tips that will help you find a frugal and thoughtful gift.

All gifts are $50 or less and are sure to give you the creative edge in gift-giving:

Frame the invitation ($10-$30): The newlyweds can cherish their wedding day and put art on their wall with this gift. Take the invitation to a craft store, and matte it with a color that really shows off the invitation. You can use white chair covers for weddings multiple times with different styles and accessories to give your special events a whole new enchanting aura every time!

Pay for a date ($40): Weddings are so expensive these days that most couples forgo the honeymoon. If you know they won’t be able to get away after the wedding, purchase them a $20 gift card to a restaurant and a $20 gift card to the movies.

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EDUinReview’s Guide to Perfect Wedding Etiquette

In honor of the royal wedding coming up this April, I thought I would compile a guide to proper wedding etiquette, so you can get ready for all of the up and coming spring nuptials. As young college students, you may be attending your first wedding without Mom and Dad. You might not be sure what’s proper behavior and what’s not. Don’t fret. Read these tips, and you’ll be the most well-mannered guest the happy couple has ever seen.

RSVP: And do it as soon as possible. The bride and groom need to know how much food to request from the caterer and how many chairs to set out for the ceremony, so they can set their reception hall accordingly. Do them a favor, and let them know with a simple yay or nay.

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Prince William’s St. Andrews a Known Matchmaking University

St. Andrews University

The place where Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton met is said to be one of the top matchmaking universities in Britain. They announced their engagement last week, and the University of St. Andrews proudly boasts its part in the young couple’s relationship.

A news release by the university, located in the county of Fife in Scotland, claims that 10 percent of its 5,000 graduates are currently married to each other, though Stephen Magee, vice principal of external relations for St. Andrews, said he wasn’t quite sure how ten percent matched up with other universities.

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College Grads More Likely to Get Married

weddingIf you’re looking to settle down and get married, you might want to get a degree before looking for your soul mate.

A recent study released by the Pew Research Center reported that adults are more likely to get married by the age of 30 if they have a bachelor’s degree than young adults that do not obtained one.

“There’s a double whammy going on for the people who aren’t college-educated,” said Richard Fry, from the research center. “They are facing difficult employment, and they are less likely to enter into marriage and receive the economic benefits marriage provides.”

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