Elementary School Teachers Tie the Knot in Front of Students

Photo Credit: Carlos Avila Gonzalez for The San Francisco Chronicle

Photo Credit: Carlos Avila Gonzalez for The San Francisco Chronicle

It is fairly common for you to hear that teachers devote their whole lives to teaching, students and the schools they work for, but when two teachers decided to have their wedding at the school they teach at, many people where shocked.

The wedding ceremony itself was a complete surprise to the students at Hillcrest Elementary School in Oakland, who heard the sound of the wedding march in June on their last day of school. Students were then shuffled into the schoolyard to see first grade teacher Candace Chang in a wedding dress and the school’s physical education teacher Jesse Inclan for the first time in a suit and tie, and not his typical gym class attire. Read the rest of this entry »

Engaged and Underage: Student Engagements on the Rise

Young Bride and GroomIt seems every time I log into Facebook, another one of my sorority sisters is engaged. Maybe I missed this trend, but it seems that more and more college undergraduate students are walking around campus with huge diamonds on their left ring fingers.

Studies have shown that over the last 20 years it seemed that most heterosexual American couples got engaged between the ages of 24-28 and since 2010 the average age has dropped to 22-26. An interesting comparison: during the 1960s and 1970s the average age was 18-24, proving the time-old tale of every trend skips a generation.

With many students being high school sweethearts, some parents are worried their children are settling down too fast without seeing what other fish are in the sea. But their concerns are not universal nor necessarily reflect the opinions of those who actually are engaged. Read the rest of this entry »


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