Freshman 15 Doesn’t Compare to Senior Surge

Gaining weight during college is a fairly common occurrence. So much so that there is a term for the average weight a freshmen gains called the Freshman 15. Typically a student may put on 15 pounds or more in their first year of college due to less activity involvement or poor eating habits. Although gaining weight isn’t true of every student, a new study has shown that the Freshman 15 pales in comparison to the weight gain students may experience as they progress through college.

A study done at Indiana University has revealed that college students become less active physically and gain more weight as they go into their junior and senior years. One possibility for the lack of physical activity can be related to increased stress and the workload that comes with being an upperclassman.

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Study: Why a Heavy Roommate Keeps You Thin

college-girls-pizza-partyIf your having a hard time choosing a roommate, look for one that is heavier than you. That is, if you don’t want to gain a lot of weight in college, according to one study.

A new study conducted by the University of Michigan found that freshmen women with heavier roommates are less likely to pack on pounds than those with roommates with a normal weight.

Kandice Kapinos, an assistant research scientist at the institute, said she thinks that one of the possible reasons that may have contributed to these findings is that heavier women are more apt to diet, exercise and take diet pills, and being influenced by one’s roommate, a person may also pick up on these weight-loss habits.

“It’s not really the weight of your roommate that’s important, but the behaviors your roommate engages in,” she said. “These behaviors are what may really be contagious.” Read the rest of this entry »

Pennsylvania School District Combats Childhood Obesity

kids exerciseChildhood obesity is on the rise and a new study has even shown that kids whose parents are overweight are more likely to become overweight themselves.

This is becoming a very serious public health issue, since being overweight or obese can cause a whole slew of health complications, such as high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and many more.

What can we do to help kids stay healthy and avoid all of these problems?

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