Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Uggs Boots in the Middle of Winter

bootsMiddle school students at Pottsdam Middle School in Pennsylvania can now add Uggs boots to the list of clothing items that may not be worn to school. It’s common knowledge that many schools have dress codes which prevent the wearing of some articles of clothing, such as baseball caps and extremely baggy pants, but I have never heard of a school banning a particular brand of shoes before.

According to the school, the shoes were causing problems…or more appropriately, it was the items that students were bringing into the school – hidden inside their shoes – that was causing the problems. Many students were hiding their cell phones in their furry boots and then texting during class. After several students were caught in the act, the school decided to ban the shoes in order to address the issue.

Some parents are quite upset about this new banned article of clothing. In addition to the ban being “totally ridiculous,” according to a Facebook post by a parent, some people are saying that the Ugg-ban is sexist against girls, who are the main wearers of the shoes.

“Pockets, bras, socks, what’s next?” one parent wrote on Facebook.

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Best Winter Colleges

university building in the snowWhile January has some students dreading chapped lips and icy sidewalks, winter enthusiasts can’t wait to hit the slopes in these college towns.

Whether you like to ski or snowboard, these campuses come complete with their own winter wonderland.

University of Colorado (Boulder, Co.): This college presents some of the country’s best slopes. Eldora Mountain Resort is a mere 30-minute drive from campus, which boasts 53 trails and 12 lifts.

Montana State University(Bozeman, Mont.): Students in this college town spend their winter months making the most out of the cold weather.

“The winter recreation available to students around the Bozeman area ranges from downhill skiing, to Nordic skiing, to ice climbing, to backcountry skiing, to ice fishing, and I could go on and on,” said Tracy Ellig, a university spokesperson. “Within a 60 minute drive from town, there are three remarkable ski areas, [and] there’s a world-class, ice-climbing region that’s 40 minutes outside of town.”

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Many Schools Extend Early Admissions Deadline After Freak Winter Storm

College Common Application LogoWhen an unseasonal snow storm swept through the Northeast last week, many families were left without electricity. This means no heaters, no warm water, and the worst thing for high school seniors: no computers or internet to use to submit their early applications for college acceptance.

The deadline for many colleges for early application was November 1, 2011. For many students who wanted to apply early to their choice schools, the lack of power in their homes forced them to flock to local coffee shops, bookstores, and other public places that still had electricity to charge their laptops and working Internet connections in order to submit their applications.

“I actually had a nervous breakdown, said Victoria Ngo, a high school student who wanted to apply early admission to Villanova University. Ngo found herself without power and was unable to complete her personal statement, which was saved on her laptop, because the computer’s battery had died. Luckily, Ngo was able to go to her cousin’s home in another city where she could charge her computer and finish her personal statement on time.

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The Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

School, work and personal-life stresses have a way of piling up at the worst times; in the dead of winter when you’re faced with short days and little-to-no sunlight. Depression that recurs each year, in the fall or winter months, is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is caused by a lack of sunlight and other external factors. The following questions can help you decide if you might have SAD. Keep in mind that many of these symptoms can be caused by normal emotions. It’s important to trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right.

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Winter Fashion Trend Report For Girls

Made on Polyvore! Click the image to shop the looks!

Winter can be a very expensive time for the fashionistas roaming the northern college campuses across America, but a great opportunity to buy some trendy, staple pieces that will get you through the cold gloomy days. Here is the EDU In Review winter trend report for women:

Girls’ nails are short, square, shimmering and not fake, because acrylic is so last season. Pick up some dark, bold colors and a little secret to success is dry oil, two minute dry time and you’re out the door.

Sequin shorts (layered over tights) and shirts are a must have for the season. Don’t underestimate the power of sparkling: shining bright is not reserved solely for New Years Eve parties any longer.

Combining silver and gold for your jewelry pieces is a great way to get a better bang for your buck because the combination pieces will match every look.

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How to Fight Off the Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

winter-collegeSeasonal Affective Disorder, with the apt acronym SAD, is a form of depression that occurs only during a certain time of year. Most often occurring in the winter months, SAD has been linked to the shorter duration of sunlight. It’s believed that fewer daylight hours cause the brain to produce less serotonin. Research indicates that lower levels of serotonin are more likely in persons who suffer from all kinds of depression, but many of the links between brain chemistry and mood are unknown. Some experts also think that melatonin, a hormone key to sleep, may also impact SAD. People typically begin to suffer from SAD in their mid-teens. As you age, your likelihood of being affected by the condition decreases.

Because SAD is linked to a lack of sunlight, light therapy is the most common course of treatment. There are two types of light therapy: bright light treatment or dawn simulation. Bright light treatment requires the patient to sit in front of a “light box” for a period of time each day, usually in the morning. Dawn simulation is used during sleep. It consists of a low-intensity light that is timed to turn on at a certain time in the morning before you awake, and gradually brightens. Most people find dawn simulation more convenient, however studies have show that bright light therapy is more effective.

It may take up to two weeks for light therapy to take effect. The therapy must be continued throughout the winter, or else relapses in depression are likely to occur.

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Tips for Driving on Winter Roads

winter drivingThe winter solstice officially started on December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere. If you live in the northern half of the world, that means winter is here. And this past holiday weather that took much of the country by storm is a subtle reminder of just how powerful Jack Frost can be this time of year.

Winter is a time for building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, bundling up in big puffy jackets, and unfortunately, driving on icy roads. Driving conditions can become quite hazardous during the winter, when black ice and snow drifts plague city streets and highways.

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