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Bill Clinton Education Background

bill-clintonWilliam Jefferson Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946. His biological father died in a car accident just three months before his birth. His mother remarried Roger Clinton when Bill was four, after which he took his stepfather’s name.

Clinton attended high school in Hot Springs, Arkansas and excelled as a saxophone player. He wanted to be a professional musician until, while serving as a Boys Nation delegate, he met President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden at the White House, where his political aspirations catalyzed.

Clinton graduated from Georgetown University in 1968 before earning a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. He went on to receive a degree in law from Yale in 1973 before entering Arkansas politics. He lost his first campaign to become a congressman in the third district of Arkansas in 1974. Read the rest of this entry »

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Educational Background

During the presidential campaign, we ran a series of posts highlighting the educational background of the presidential and vice presidential candidates.  So now that Barack Obama is choosing members of his cabinet, we’ll be doing the same, starting with his surprising pick for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Rodham graduated from Wellesley College, a prestigious all-women’s college in Massachusetts, in 1969 with a degree in political science. Although her GPA is not available, she graduated with honors. Like many college students, her years in school strongly influenced her political opinions.  She came to college as a conservative, and even served as the president of the College Republicans. By the time she left, she was the author of an honor’s thesis about a left-wing political organizer.  Along the way, she was very active in campus politics, and became so much of a leader that she was asked to give the commencement address.  After Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968, an event that moved her deeply, Rodham organized a two-day student strike.

After leaving Wellesley, Rodham went to Yale Law School, where she graduated in 1973.  Rodham served on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action.  Her studies and related volunteer work focused largely on underprivileged children.  In 1971, she began dating fellow student Bill Clinton, whom she met at the library.  They married in 1975.


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