6 Ways to Have the Best Time in College

Those four years fly by fast, and college is a time in your life where you’ll have the least responsibility with the most independence. The best way to utilize that time is to have as much fun as possible. Additionally, you should learn as much as you can both inside and outside of the classroom. Take an actual interest in your classes, try new things and meet new people.

Here are six things you must do before you graduate:

Take a random class: Sure, yoga and ceramics may not get you any closer to graduation day, but if it is a class that sounds like lots of fun, then go for it. Even if you’ve gained all of your elective credits, any class that looks like it could relieve your stress and expand your mind will only benefit you.

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Yoga for the Dorm

yogaThere is a little secret about getting in shape: despite the multi-billion dollar diet industry, staying fit and healthy doesn’t cost that much money, nor does it require a lot of space.

If there is one thing students have experience in, it is lack of space and money, so if you’re looking to get into shape in school or reduce stress, look no further than the four walls of your dorm room and the 5,000-year old Indian tradition of yoga.

What you’ll need:

Fight the Freshman 15 with Yoga

If you thought yoga is only about gentle postures and chanting Om in an incense-filled room, you may be in for quite a surprise during your first yoga yoga

While there are many forms of yoga, some, like Ashtanga yoga, can produce quite a caloric burn. In fact, given yoga’s ability to increase metabolism and tone and strengthen the body, it can be a great way to fight the freshman 15. But yoga’s physical benefits are just as important as its mental benefits in helping you avoid weight gain.

Here is what you need to know about yoga and your health.

Yoga and weight loss

Yoga can be such an effective workout to avoid the dreaded freshman 15 because it does more than just give you a cardiovascular workout and produce lean and toned muscles. When it comes to weight loss and health, yoga’s real gold star comes from its ability to produce body awareness. In doing so, it has a near magical way of making you much more aware of the reasons for choosing certain foods over others, controlling portion sizes and clueing you into why you are eating. Read the rest of this entry »

Pole Dancing at the University of Cambridge Relieves Student Stress

Image Via

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With final exams looming, many students’ stress levels are unavoidably increasing and the need for relieving that unwanted stress has caused one female Union member of the Cambridge University Society to request a pole-dancing exercise class to Juan de Francisco, a Union Ents Officer.

De Francisco took her request to the Ents Committee and was granted an approval for the class, which will take place in the Blue Room of the notably historic Union building. The Blue Room is more commonly used for debates, including in the past Winston Churchill, former Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

But now, starting April 25, 2010, for a nominal fee of two Euros, you can take a private pole-dancing lesson in the Blue Room, provided you’re a member of the Union.

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