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Admissions Consultants is staffed by college professionals who previously worked within the admissions programs at prestigious universities. Their forum and blog contains valuable information that can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls and their articles provide valuable tips for entering college. But when the need arises for a more professional approach, when you are soliciting colleges who receive packages from thousands of applicants, Admissions Consultants can come to your aid.

It could be that you are weak in writing your essay, in pulling together a CV concerning your accomplishments, interests and goals. Perhaps you are applying to a post-graduate program at an elite university. Your specialty might be law or medicine, where the competition is keen. Admissions Consultants has the tools and approaches that will aid you in your quest.

Their fee-based service is contracted on either hourly or packaged rates. Many undergraduate applicants prefer the hourly rate, so that the consultant can concentrate on whatever component of the application process the student feels the least comfortable completing.

They will provide you a “comprehensive analysis of your candidacy” and even walk you through a mock interview so that you can hone your skills.

– Site-driven tutorials, blogs and forums
– Experience in post-graduate applications
– Information on testing and its relevance to the application process
– College admissions professionals on staff
– Mock interviews
– Forums are divided into specialties

– Consulting service by either hourly or package rates

Admissions Consultants charges an average hourly rate of $125. This can be of great value, considering the depth and one-on-one consulting they offered.

Admissions Consultants addresses 4-year undergraduate programs, graduate programs as well as advanced degrees including Medical, Law and MBA.

This service is best applied to schools where acceptance is highly competitive. However, Admissions Consultants also addresses the components high school students need to concentrate on as Sophomores and Juniors, in order to be considered credible candidates for acceptance at their choice schools.

Campus life is not a focus of concern on this site.

Don’t navigate college entrance on your own if you don’t have to. Admissions Consultants give you personalized attention to help you with testing, essays, applications, interview preparation and so much more for all levels of four-year degrees and beyond. You’ll especially have an edge if you’re using them for entrance into a more elite university, or trying to break into the cut-throat degree programs of medicine or law. While the price tag can be expensive, the value is of no question when Admissions Consultants takes you above and beyond what typical college search programs offer.

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