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Who hasn’t dreamed of leaving everything behind and moving to another country? The exotic locations and interesting cultures are enough to say goodbye to the conventionalism of everyday life forever. The problem with living in another country lies within the logistics. Obtaining visas, employment or education and overcoming monetary, cultural and language barriers can put a stop to the dream of overseas excitement.

BB Career and Educational Services or BBCES is a professional organization that works closely with WWICS, IDP, Thomas Cook and Money Gram International to help workers and students fit comfortably in their new overseas surroundings. BBCES offers immigration, employment and educational services in foreign countries. The company also offers travel assistance, cultural and language classes and financial assistance programs. The application process is different with every case but usually an individual will take a battery of tests and applications in order to match a personality with a specific country.

Although the website does not contain any pricing information, BBCES claims that the process is affordable on any budget. For more information about pricing one should contact the company directly.

– Assistance in relocation program
– Great resource for information
– Assistance in job relocation
– Financial assistance
– Assistance for immigration
– Assistance for educational travel
– Many degree programs and universities
– Many countries to choose from
– Testimonials on website
– Cultural and language classes

– Not all jobs available in some countries
– Not all degrees available in some countries
– No pricing information available on the website

– Price will vary depending on country and program
– No pricing information on website
– Users are encouraged to contact company for specific pricing details

The degrees offered will vary by country and university, but BB will work to connect you with the right placement for you. Popular degrees available include:
– Architecture
– Planning & Environmental Management
– Business Management
– International Business
– Accounting & Finance
– Human Resource
– Public Relations
– Marketing
– Transport & Logistics
– Retail & Service Management
– Information Technology
– Automotive Technology
– Mechanical Engineering
– Computer Science

BB can help to secure your placement to study abroad in the following locations:
– Australia
– UK
– Canada
– Ireland
– Cyprus
– Switzerland
– Romania

BB Career and Educational Services is a great resource for anyone thinking of working or studying abroad. The service offers a plethora of information about the programs offered and the requirements each individual must adhere to. Although, there is very little pricing information individuals should contact the company for more in-depth information. Definitely do your homework before making any decision to travel abroad.

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