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College Conduit is an online resource that enables both research into institutions of higher learning and the opportunity to explore its necessary components, such as financial aid, testing, etc. College Conduit has devised an easy-to-use and interactive site that will assist you through your exploration without having to navigate enormous college websites, which can sometimes be a challenge.

Besides the easy-to-use referral system, College Conduit provides valuable information concerning
– Career Training
– Financial Aid
– Tutorials regarding “Going to College”
– Test Prep and Essays help
– Scholarship Search
– Student Loan Consolidation information
– Free Career Assessment tool

When you register online and choose your area of interest, you will be able to click on a wide array of schools that offer courses in your area.  At this time, it appears most featured colleges offer a combination of campus and online courses.  Surprisingly, clicking on another field of interest will provide viable schools that might not have appeared on your first query.

It is an easy matter, once you have located likely institutions, to fill out your contact information so that you and the schools you are considering can begin to explore the perameters of your educational goals.

– Free service.
– Easily links to educational institutions in your area who offer the degreed program you are seeking.
– Support pages and articles that answer many questions about the college experience and prepare you to better understand the process.
– Easy to explore more than one area of interest, for those who have not yet made up their mind.

– No direct information available from this site concerning the types of courses and number of work-load hours necessary to obtain the degree or certificate.

This service is free.

Currently College Conduit sorts queries for Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees. The colleges profiled offer both campus and online opportunities in the areas of
– Arts & Science
– Criminal Justice
– Education
– Business/Finance
– IT & Technology
– Nursing
– Legal Studies
– General Studies

Four colleges and universities are featured. However, a click on an area of interest, with the assistance of your ZIP code, produces a much wider search results. The featured institutions are: AIU Online, Bryant & Stratton, Kaplan University and Everest College.

In order to provide a comprehensive service, College Conduit features a section called “College Life.”  This link is full of informative articles that will help you navigate the unknown components of campus life.  For example, they offer an article called, “Is the Greek Life for You?”  It explores the option of pledging to a fraternity or sorority. Other issues covered include those of choosing roommates, taking a break, and dress issues. Other topics include, Life, Reflections, and Relationships.

College Conduit is a valuable resource for sorting through those institutions who offer degree programs within your community, for your area of interest.  Furthermore, because they offer a free assessment, those of us who have not yet decided on a career course, can get a better idea of where our interests truly lie.  Finally, with the great resources concerning financial aid, career training, test prep, etc., this site can truly be a valuable tool in determining the next step.

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