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It can be the difference between an acceptance or a rejection letter. .

College Confidential is a full-service, fee-based, college counseling service. By utilizing their “Stats Evaluation” you will understand your chances for attending the colleges and universities you prefer. They will advise you as to how to improve your current standing and answer any additional questions that might arise.

College Confidential provides this resource because the competition to get into qualified universities, especially Ivy League schools, is so intense. By analyzing current admission trends and attending to a student’s need to present their entire profile in the best light possible, they increase your chances of being accepted.

Offering a professional essay service, College Confidential enables the applicant to present the best and most positive information about themselves in a way that makes them seem an interesting candidate. Dave Berry, noted columnist, works directly with applicants “to find the most pertinent and meaningful topic, and follows through… to the completion of a cogent, winning essay.”

– Professional college application service
– Increase chance to be a candidate for your preferred college
– Detailed statistical evaluation of each student’s academics and outside interests
– Professional and highly-qualified counselors
– Assistance finding financial aid

– Can be time consuming
– Service is not free and can be expensive

There are three packages available from College Confidential:
– The “Stat Eval” costs $89
– The “Essay Service” costs $250
– The “Essay Service” for post-graduate programs costs $450

College Confidential specializes in 4-year degree programs and post-graduate work.

You’re likely to be working closely with the more elite, highly-ranked and Ivy-League schools with College Confidential.

Due to the number of students who apply and the cut-throat nature of application to the more elite universities, a service like College Confidential can mean that a student’s profile raises from the bottom of the pack, to the top. They provide case studies that attest to the difference between a well-conceived application and a poorly-conceived one. Additionally, they have researched college trends, so that they can afford the applicant the best information available in order to ensure they will be seriously considered by the college of their choice. While this college search is not free, you’re going to receive a more personalized and valuable experience from College Confidential.

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