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College Source Online is a one-stop source for not only college catalogs, but for college course outlines as well.  It currently offers 39,565 catalogs and 33,200 course descriptions.  Additionally, it provides tools to determine equivalency requirements and to weigh them against degree outlines.

This site will allow you a free trial, wherein you can utilize their service to view three catalogs, researched by either school name, an alphabetical index, catalog full text search, country search, criteria search, or geographic search.

In order to access the Course Catalog, (you will have received a temporary user name and password), you will be directed to their TES system. In it you can find information on:

– Course Finder
– Course List Report
– Equivalency report
– Equivalency manager

This thorough approach to a wide array of schools may be exactly the kind of information you need to narrow the prospective schools you are considering.

– Well organized information that allows you to determine course hours and educational criteria at any given school
– Searching areas of interest will allow you to omit offerings from schools who do not focus on that specialty

– There is no subscription price listed on site, insofar as access differs between school, business and personal use

There is a charge for this program, and it differs between the type of user, (school, business, personal).  The subscription is purchased in 30 day increments and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

It appears this database is one of the largest of its kind.  Because schools both contribute and utilize the service, it is one of the most complete resources of its kind available for both Canadian and American schools.

Campus information is available on this site, as is funding information and tuition costs.

This is an advanced tool that can even calculate credits applied when transferring to another school.  It can be utilized from many differing angles, thus enabling, for example the after-graduate student who has moved across country, to locate an appropriate institution from which to obtain their Masters or Phd; while just as easily assisting the high school student who is investigating colleges.

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