Life is a series of tests. Just when you think you are done with all the major ones, POW!, another one comes flying in. One of the biggest tests one will ever take in their life is the SAT or ACT. These college entrance exams will determine the basic direction of ones future. Depending on your score you will either go to one college or another, possibly sending your life in a whole new and exciting direction. That’s why courses like ePrep are a necessary part of taking these exams.

Eprep.com offers a clear difference over traditional SAT and ACT prep courses. It shows you real problems from real tests and then presents a logical way to solve them through instructional videos. There are no written explanations, just a pencil, announcer and the problem as it looks like on the test. This is exactly what you will encounter on test day. The methods show the user the thought process on how to solve these problems with out having to guess through the proper methodology.

They call this solution “Show” vs. “Tell”. The ePrep process is four steps: 1. Practice booklets, 2. Analytic Grading, 3. Review Videos, and 4. Repeat. The course offers SAT, PSAT, ACT and Vocabulary courses. If you are going to take thesee exams, definitely check out ePrep to maximize your score.

– Hands on approach to learning
– Teaches learning strategy, not just memorization
– SAT, PSAT, ACT and Vocabulary products
– Free Trial
– Multiple subscription options
– Blogs allowing students to share their thoughts
– Parents and Student Guides
– Learning via video

– No immediate feedback in contrast to a classroom setting
– No live support


– Express: $69
– Basic: $149
– Scholar: $399
– Annual Standard Subscription: $399
– Annual Premium Subscription: $599


– SAT prep
– PSAT prep
– ACT prep
– Vocabulary prep


– All instruction is via CDs and online.

ePrep is a great resource for anyone about to take the SAT or ACT. These college entrance exams require previous knowledge of how to take the exams. If you do not prepare beforehand you will not do well. The in-depth and interactive learning style makes ePrep hard to beat. However, there is no live person to teach you and get immediate feed back from.

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