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My Footpath is an education based site that addresses every aspect of the college experience. It not only provides information regarding your interests, but helps you define them in more realistic terms. For example, on the Graphics Design page, it asks the following questions: “Have you ever though about what it takes to create your favorite magazine cover?” “What about the packaging of your iPod?”

It is attention to these kinds of details that sets this My Footpath apart from many other college finder sites. Besides offering information concerning program interests and college profiles, the site covers college funding, jobs, careers, developing experience and experiences (studying abroad, volunteering, taking a gap year, etc.), as well as discussing military and vocational options.

Additionally, the site has a section for parents only, so that they too can become more familiar with the process of locating and funding a higher education endeavor. My Footpath also offers a fun-filled newsletter that they claim is a genuine time-waster. It is an email that takes about 30 seconds to view and often contains funny videos, amusing polls, revealing quizzes or bizarre tales.

– User friendly site
– Resources point to funding, colleges, degreed and non-degreed programs and campus and volunteer opportunities
– Online counselor to assist you with any questions or concerns
– The ability to comment about or ask questions about online articles

– Some of the resources will navigate you away from the site.
– Newsletter provides no information of value
– Does not provide list of schools in its database

There is no charge for this service at My Footpath.

Associates, Bachelors, Certificates, Masters, MBA, PhD

My Footpath does not list the colleges it may refer you to (according to your interests and location), but it does advise you to sort your criteria according to a list of questions that will help you narrow your choices:

– “What do I want to study?”
– “Where do I want to live?”
– “How much will it cost?”
– “What kind of school do I want to attend?”
– “What are the job possibilities?”
– “What degree do I need for the job I want?”

My Footpath then provides information regarding the differences between community colleges, vocational schools, liberal arts colleges, and regular colleges and universities.

This is a comprehensive site that is designed to provide both basic and advanced information to students and parents as they begin their search for an appropriate school. My Footpath offers plenty of support and the subject of higher education is approached in a light-hearted way that helps alleviate some of the fears that present themselves during this time of your life.

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