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College students are expected to choose a major no later than the end of their Sophomore year of college. At that stage, many are still riding the fence. provides assistance that is valuable to both the second-year college student and the high school senior who needs to choose carefully, so that they can most suitably plan their academic career.

My Majors asks students to answer questions about their values and experiences. After it analyzes this data, it suggests five majors that match their interests and academic experience. The information provided, includes areas of study and career opportunities for these majors. It is as thorough as possible, in order to help students further make a more educated determination.

The result of all this hard work is that they can obtain an advisement report with the recommendations. It’s great for sharing with college advisors, guidance counselors or parents. If the results do not line up with your interests, then return to My Majors to complete a new advisement report.

– Professionally designed questionnaire helps match your likes and dislikes with appropriate college majors
– This information can be used at  any number of schools
– Simplifies the decision process
– Access to professional advisors, for a fee

– Charges a fee for the advisement report and professional advisors

The My Majors advisement report will cost $15. However, if you view the sample advisement, you will see that it is a thourough document that is a valuable assessment tool that you can use to evaluate and re-evalute both academic proficiency in the courses that would be required and the reassessment of the subjects that were enjoyed or disliked.

Even without the advisement report, the list of majors generated from the questionaire will be explorable.

My Major will help you find appropriate information for any 4-year institution. It also invites any two-year colleges to offer links to their majors for high school students considering vocational education.

Not only can students obtain information through the My Majors questionnaire, but with the Major Information Pages they can explore more detailed facts about specific majors like:

– “What is ___ (for example, accounting)?”
– “What are some specializations within this subject?”
– “What kinds of students major in this subject?”
– “Which courses are involved?
– “What Types of Positions are available after college?”
– “Related Links”
– “University Departments to consider.”
– “Two-Year College Curriculum to consider.”
– “Interesting Books about subject.”

My Majors offers valuable diagnostic tools for any student wanting to explore their options when deciding a college major. By presenting questions that help the student sort through their varied interests, goals, likes and dislikes, it helps clarify the direction they might want to proceed in their careers. Furthermore, by providing links to specific majors that allow the student to explore, in depth, areas they are considering, the boundaries become clarified.

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