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The National Center for Education Statistics is a part of the U.S. Department of Education and has traditionally provided data about education in the United States- including demographics, spending and student academic.

The National Center for Education Statistics with the The Institute of Education Sciences now has a website to assist you in your college search. You can choose search criteria according to the following examples:
– State
– Type of degree
– Type of institution
– Minimum and maximum tuition
– Housing needs
– Geographic setting type of setting

After the results are generated, you can export them into a spreadsheet, or build a list by clicking “add to favorites.” Each subsequent session can be saved for later access. Internal links provide the name and address of the school and the degree programs it offers.

– Easily access the best matched colleges and universities for your interests
– Exporting and saving tools make additional searches easier
– More detailed information about institutions than other college finders provide
– Service is free
– Organization a part of the U.S. Department of Education
– There is no need to register to receive this information

– Programs/Majors are listed without course requirements
– Data takes statistical approach

There is no fee associated with this college search service provided by The National Center for Education Statistics.

No matter which level degree you’re pursuing, The National Center for Education Statistics college finder lets you search for Certificates, Associates, 2-year, 4-year and more.

Schools vary according to search criteria which is sorted first, by state. From your search results, you can access additional information about  the colleges, including the following. This is much more in-depth than most college finders share.
– Estimated Student Expenses
– Financial Aid
– Enrollment and Admissions
– Retention/Graduation Rate
– Programs/Majors
– Varsity Sports Teams
– Accreditation
– Campus Security

As a part of the U.S. Department of Education, The National Center for Education Statistics is able to provide a more thorough glance at prospective colleges and universities than most college finders. While most of these services are free, you still want to get the most value for your time. The NCES college finder is also nice because it enables you to save the results of a search and return to look at it later. The statistics help provide a picture of how many students receive aid, whether they are full time or part time and how many students were enrolled the previous year, and give an overall greater impression of each school.

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