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Dance degrees are associated with the area of the performance art and universities normally offer a Dancerscombination of lecture and performance classes with a specialized production nearing graduation. Most dancer majors will have begun training between the ages of 5 and 15 years old and are expected to begin professionally auditioning professionally by age 17. The dance industry is extremely competitive resulting in only the most talented choreographers and dancers finding success.

Common Specialized Degree Programs

  • Artistic Direction
  • Choreography
  • Classical Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Dance Education
  • Hip-Hop
  • Historical Studies of Dance
  • Jazz
  • Performance Art
  • Tap
  • Theatre

Average Salary

Entry level $21,000 to $43,000 mid-career

Degree Programs

A certificate of completion, which take about eight weeks to a year to complete, or a 60 credit hour of study associate’s degree is satisfactory for entry-level work, however a bachelor’s degree is preferred for mid-level work from a completion of between 120 and 128 credit hours depending on the university. Master’s degree and doctoral degrees are preferred for educational teaching.

Top Dance Colleges
(according to online reports, 2010)

New York University
Adelphi University
Butler University

University of Washington

Main Courses of Study in College

Performance Art, History of Dance

Recommended High School AP Courses

  • Music Theory
  • Psychology

Careers Obtained with Education Degrees

  • Arts Administrator
  • Arts Council Director
  • Booking Agent
  • Broadway Star
  • Choreographer
  • Coach
  • College Professor
  • Dance Company Grants Specialist
  • Dance Company Personnel Manager
  • Dance Company Press Agent
  • Dance Company Pubic Relations Manager
  • Dance Company Rehearsal Director
  • Dance Designer
  • Dance Studio Manager
  • Dance Teacher
  • Dance Therapist
  • Leisure and Recreation Instructor
  • Pilates Conditioning Instructor
  • Private Tutor
  • Professional Cheerleader
  • Professional Dancer

Notable Dance ProfessionalsFred Astaore Dance Professional

  • Alvin Ailey, Notable Dance Educator
  • Audrey Hepburn, Ballerina and Actress
  • Fred Astaire, Dancer, Singer, Choreographer and Actor
  • Gene Kelly, Dancer, Choreographer, Singer, Actor and Director
  • Ginger Rogers, Dancer, Singer, Actress
  • Mia Michaels, Emmy Winning Choreographer and Television Personality
  • Napoleon D'umo, Teacher, Choreographer, Creative Director, Television Personality
  • Tabitha D’umo, Teacher, Choreographer, Creative Director, Television Personality
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