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When applying to college, perhaps the one part of the application that stands out and really tells the admissions committee who you are is the college admissions essay. Unfortunately, many young people do not know how to write a college admissions essay that will get them essay

Typically, the question in the college’s admissions essay is some version of “Who are you?”. Choosing a subject for your essay that tells about something important to you and why it matters will come through in your enthusiastic tone as you write.

Be Thorough and Concise.

Before deciding what to write, carefully read the application question and be sure that your essay actually answers their question. Be sure to limit your word count and space to what the application requires. The admissions committee reads hundreds of essays, and the limitations help them. In fact, if given a choice, a compelling shorter essay will get their attention.

Be Yourself.

Be sure to let your character and values come through in your writing. You want the reader to hear the real tone of your convictions and feel like they know you better after reading your essay. It is also appropriate to allow your emotions to show through within limits.

Be Anecdotal.

When answering the essay question, be sure to point out how an event or person changed you or made you question some of your previous values. What did this mean to you, and why do you think it is important to write about? Finding something unique about a person, place, or thing that seems commonplace can be quite interesting, and tells a lot about you and your sense of observation of the world around you. “Even though she was destitute and lived in Central Park, spending a few minutes hearing her story changed my outlook on homeless people forever.”

Don’t be Cheesy.

When writing your essay, there are a few things you should also avoid. Try not to take on too large a subject. Try to keep it interesting and avoid any negativity. Don’t try to use clichés or gimmicks or try to be funny; you don’t know if they’ll find it so amusing. Here are some informative speech samples to help you out.

Be Customized.

One really important thing: when learning how to write a college admissions essay, don’t try to make one essay fit every college application, but rather rework them for a more focused approach.

By Denise Gabbard

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