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Sigma Phi Epsilon is a fraternity that was founded in 1901 at Richmond College, which is now the University of Richmond. Sigma Phi Epsilon, also known as SigEp, currently has the highest undergraduate membership of any fraternity in the country. SigEp was founded by Carter Ashton Jenkens, Benjamin Gaw, William Carter, William Wallace, Thomas Wright and William Phillips when their request for a charter of the Chi Phi fraternity was refused. The founding members joined with six other men looking for campus fellowship and were added to the list of founders. Those men were Lucian Cox, Richard Owens, Edgar Allen, Robert McFarland, Franklin Kerfoot and Thomas McCaul. All 12 members were listed on the original printed roster of the SigEp fraternity.

The SigEp fraternity was determined to be set apart. The fraternity is based on a love of God and the principle of peace through brotherhood. The decision was made to turn SigEp into a national fraternity in order to preserve its life in 1902. After five years as a fraternity, SigEp had grown to 14 chapters in nine different states.

Sigma Phi Epsilon has adopted YouthAids as their official philanthropy. SigEp also had all of their nationwide chapters donate to the relief fund after Hurricane Katrina.

“Virtue, Diligence & Brotherly Love”


Balanced Man program implemented in 1991 to eliminate pledging; based on the three cardinal principles
Sound mind and body tracks members workout hours and study hours
The Leadership Continuum — series of award winning leadership opportunities reinforcing SigEp values
Fraternity colors are purple and red
Fraternity flowers are the red rose and purple violet
SigEp Coat-of-Arms is made of the components of a ducal crown, shield and a scroll with the fraternity name written in Greek

Nickname is SigEp
SigEp was the first fraternity to charter a chapter in all 50 states
SigEp was the first national fraternity to have a national GPA over 3.0 in 2005
SigEp was the first national fraternity to give financial assistance to brothers for graduate school expensesjames naismith

Andy Richter (Actor)
Carroll O’Connor (Actor)
Dave Thomas (Wendy’s founder)
James Naismith (Inventor of basketball)
Cecil H. Underwood (Governor of West Virginia)

Common Misspellings

SigEp, Sig Ep, Signa Phi Epsilon, Sigma Pi Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epslon, Sig Phi Ep

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