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Sociology degrees are associated with the area of applied sciences and also arts and humanities, depending on the university. Students majoring in sociology study human behavior and how it pertains to interaction within the setup of an established or emerging organizational structure, and how human development is influenced and governed by religious, social, and legal guidelines.Sociology Degree Profile

Common Specialized Degree Programs

Community Relations
Criminal Justice
Environmental Studies
Health Care Studies
Human Services
Organizational Management
Social Science
Social Science Research
Sociology for Business
Sociology for Education
Sociology for Government
Average Salary

Entry level $36,000 to $62,000 mid-career

Degree Programs

A bachelor’s degree is preferred for entry-level work from a completion of between 120 and 128 credit hours depending on the university. Master’s degree and doctoral degrees are preferred for mid-level work entry.

Best Sociology Programs
(According to U.S. News, 200)

University of California Berkeley
University of Wisconsin Madison
Princeton University
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Harvard University

College Couses: Psychology

Reccomended High School AP Courses: Psychology

Careers Obtained with Sociology Degrees

Administrative Assistant
College Professor
Corrections Officer
Demography Consultant
Director of Industrial Relations
Director of International Business Relations
Director of Non-Profit Organization
Director of Personnel Relations
Director of Waste Management
Environmental Periodical Publisher
Environmental Periodical Writer
Government Relations Specialist
Health Agency Representative
Judiciary Advisor
Law Enforcement Officer
Market Researcher
Mental Health Advisor
Political Advocate
Private Tutor
Rehabilitation Specialist
Social Services Administrator
Social Services Programer
Social Services Recreational Director
Social Worker
Sociology Consultant
Training Specialist
Notable Sociology MajorsMartin Luter King Jr. Sociology Degree

Alonzo Mourning, National Basketball Association Player for the Miami Heat
Bobby Taylor, National Football League Player for the Philadelphia Eagles
Brian Jordan, Major League Baseball Player for the Atlanta Braves
Bryant Stith, National Basketball Association Player for the Boston Celtics
Cardinal Theordore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington DC
Emily Balch, 1946 Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Eric Bjornson, National Football League Player for the Dallas Cowboys
Michelle Obama, wife of President Barack Obama
Paul Shaffer, Bandleader on David Letterman Show
Regis Philbin, Television Host
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King
Reverend Jesse Jackson
Robin Williams, Actor/Comedian
Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States
Roy Wilkins, former head of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Ruth Westheimer, Notable Sex Doctor
Saul Alinsky, Father of community organizing
Saul Bellow, Novelist

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