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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A. Quincy Jones Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
A.M.D.G. Scholarship 1300 2
ACI-W. R. Grace Scholarship 3000 1
AIA New Jersey Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Varies Varies
AIA Ohio Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
AIA/AAF Scholarship Varies Varies
AIGA Scholarship Varies Varies
Alan Salzman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Alan Wayne Thompkins Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert Lee Hawes Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert O Halse Memorial Award 2500 Varies
Alfred & Joy Berghell Scholarship Varies Varies
Alfred I., Catharine J. & Eleanor G. Switzer College Scholarship Varies Varies
Alfred T. Granger Student Art Fund 5000 6
Alice C. Loh Scholarship Recognizing Women’s Contributions in Environmental Design Varies Varies
Alpha Rho Chi Medal Scholarship Varies 1
Altoon & Porter Architects Scholarship Varies 1
Alumni Association Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Alumni Faculty Development Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Scholarship 1000 1
Alvan C. Nye Grant 1500 Varies
American Institute of Architects (AIA)-Redwood Empire Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
American Institute of Architects Professional Degree Scholarship 2500 1
American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Dayton Architectural Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Amy C. Koe Endowed Scholarship Fund 1500 Varies
Andrew D. Jarrett Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Anthony A. Marnell II-Architectural Guild Scholarship Varies 1
Archer Daniels Midland Company Scholarship 2500 Varies
Architects League Scholastic Achievement Award 2500 Varies
Architectural Guild Scholarships Varies 2
Architectural Guild Traveling Scholarship Varies Varies
Architecture Class of 1984 Scholarship Varies Varies
Architecture Traveling Fellowships 15000 2
Archon Fellowship in Architecture 5000 Varies
Art Direction-Production Design Internship 4000 Varies
Arthur Blenn Anderson Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Arthur C. Eckner Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur Frank Beckum, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur Williams Trust Scholarship 1500 Varies
ARTS Scholarship 6000 Varies
Athletic Grants-in-Aid Scholarships Varies Varies
Avi Efraim Gesundheit Traveling Scholarship Varies Varies
Barcus Technology Scholarship Varies 1
Baxter Hodell Donnelly Preston, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
BB&T; Endowed Scholarship 4000 1
Ben C. Morris Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ben Tucker Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Benjamin C. Warner Grant 1500 Varies
Benjamin Goldberger Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Betty Anderson Endowed Scholarship 500 1
bfgc Architects Planners, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Bhide Scholarship Varies Varies
Blue Ridge Masonry Association Competition Varies Varies
Blurock Family Scholarships Varies Varies
Blythe Family Scholarship Varies Varies
BMK, PC, Architects Scholarship 1500 Varies
Board of Trustees Scholarship 15000 Varies
Board of Visitors Scholarship 500 1
Board of Visitors Scholarship 20000 1
Board of Visitors Scholarship II 13000 1
Boora Minority Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Brian Boxall Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Brownell Frasier Interior Architecture Scholarship Varies Varies
Bruce Scott Scholarship Varies Varies
Buckey Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Bug Away Scpecialists Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
C. Franklin Edminster Scholarship 1500 Varies
Cannon Design Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Carey K. Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Carl Christian, Nevada Susan Friedrich-Dorothy Friedrich Rose Scholarship Varies 1
Carl Strauss & Raymond Roush Scholarship Varies Varies
Carlos Diniz Scholarship in Drawing Varies 1
Carmen Marrero Memorial Scholarship 1250 1
Carol Ann Roberson Williams-Dr. Kate Ellen Rogers Scholarship Varies Varies
Carson Company Scholarship 2500 1
Central Florida Builders’ Exchange Frank W. Reed Scholarship Fund 2000 6
Central Wisconsin Home Builders Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles DuBose Scholarship 10000 2
Charlie & Marie Pepe Scholarship 2500 1
Chase L. Leavitt Traveling Scholarship Varies Varies
Chicago Area Architects Scholarship Varies 1
Christopher N. Coppola Scholarship Fund 2500 Varies
Clair B. Watson Design Scholarship 1000 1
Clarence Tabor Memorial Scholarship 2500 Varies
Clyde Lincoln Rounseville Scholarship Fund 1500 Varies
Colin MacDonald Betsch Memorial Award Varies Varies
College of Architecture & Planning Scholarships Varies Varies
College of Engineering Architecture & Technology Dean’s Office Scholarships 2000 37
Community Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Construction Trades Scholarship 2000 30
CoraBelle Reoch Scholarship Varies Varies
Corbin Les Flowers Scholarship 500 1
Corporate Co-Branded Scholarships-Outback Steakhouse 4000 Varies
CRCA Scholarship Awards Program 3000 1
Cristina Nazario Scholarship 2000 Varies
Crossman Communities Scholarship Fund for the Kokomo Schools & Taylor Schools Varies Varies
Crown Scholarship Varies Varies
D&A; Florida Scholarship 10000 1
D. Steward Kerr Scholarship Varies Varies
DAAP Alumni Association & Pella Scholarship Varies Varies
Danielian Family Scholarship Varies 2
David & Floyd, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean’s Architecture Scholarship 500 2
Della & Harry MacDonald Scholarship Varies Varies
Dennis Bowman Scholarship 500 1
Department of Architecture Scholastic Achievement Scholarship Varies 1
Design Council Scholarships 500 2
Design Traveling Fellowship 7500 1
Dimitri J. Ververelli Memorial Scholarship for Architecture-Engineering 2000 Varies
Don & Caryl Koberg Architecture History Scholarship Varies Varies
Don A. Halperin Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald D. Glower Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Donna V. Sundberg Architecture Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorothy Dyer Vanek Endowment 1000 1
Dorothy S. Blessington Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Doug Pride Memorial Scholarship 2000 4
Douglas James Martin Scholarship 250 Varies
Douglas W. Butzbach Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Fred Block & Hugo Block Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Glenn G. McRae Internship Varies Varies
Dr. Howard B. Leighton Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Durrant Foundation Scholarship 1000 1
DWL Architecture Scholarship 1000 Varies
E. Richard Quible Scholarship Varies Varies
Earl Reeder Scholarship in Architecture Varies 1
Earls Family Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce, Houston, International Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward C. Burgess Fund Varies Varies
Edward M. Strauss, Jr. Scholarship for International Study Varies 1
Edward Segel Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Edwin L. Tyson Memorial Award Varies 1
Elizabeth Reed Annis Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Ellen M. Pennell Scholarships Varies Varies
Ellison S. McKissick, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Enid W. & Bernard B. Spigel Architectural Scholarship 6000 Varies
European Travel Scholarship Varies 1
Evelyn C. & Rumsey C. Billings Scholarships Varies Varies
F. Louis & May Jean Wolff Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
F. Louis Wolff Scholarship Varies Varies
Falkanger Architecture Scholarship Varies Varies
Fanning & Howey Presidential Scholarship Varies 1
Female Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Employee) 400 Varies
Female Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Residency) 400 Varies
Ferendino Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Ferguson, Glascow, Schuster Award Varies Varies
Florida North Chapter-AIA Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology (FIRST) Award 2500 10
Foundation Studies Scholarship 500 1
Fox River Valley Contractors Association Scholarship (Association) 1000 Varies
Fox River Valley Contractors Association Scholarship (High Schools) 1000 Varies
Frances Larkin McCommon Scholarship 15000 Varies
Francis Seaman Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Frank J. Sindelar Scholarship Fund 7000 Varies
Frank N. Meilan Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Frank O. Price Scholarship 1500 Varies
Franz Herding Memorial Fellowship Scholarships Varies Varies
Fred Kaufmann Memorial Scholarship 1500 2
Fred Schmid & Richard Flambert Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Frederick Charles Baker Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick County Agriculture Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Frederick K. Bell Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick Peter Young Scholarship 500 Varies
Freeman House Scholar in Residence Fellowship Varies 1
Friends of the Gamble House Scholar in Residence Fellowships Varies 2
Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
G. Ed Hudgins Scholarship 2500 Varies
G. Stacey Bennett Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Gar Day Ding Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Garcia Brenner Stromberg Architecture Scholarship Varies Varies
Generation III Scholarship 1000 1
Gensler Family Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Gensler-USC Architectural Guild Scholarship Varies Varies
George & Geraldine D. Andrews Scholarship Varies Varies
George D. Bartlett Grant 1500 Varies
George Fabe Scholarship Varies Varies
George Frederick Jewett Foundation Architecture Scholarship Varies Varies
George H. Mayr Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
George H. Mayr Foundation Traveling Scholarship Varies 1
George Morgan Spencer Scholarship Varies 2
George S. Demcak Facilities Engineering Excellence Award Varies Varies
George W. Catt College of Design Scholarship 500 1
Gerald D. & Jane B. Matson Scholarship – Architecture 2000 Varies
Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture Scholarship Varies Varies
Geralyn Lambson Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Gihei & Sato Takeuchi Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund 1500 Varies
Gilbane Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Gilbane Scholarship Program (New Jersey) 5000 Varies
GinWong Scholarship Varies 1
Goizueta Scholarship Varies 1
Gould Turner, PC Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Graduate College Fellowships 20806 Varies
Graduate Registration Scholarships (GRS) 6544 Varies
Graduate Scholarships 5500 Varies
Graduate Teaching & Research Fellowships Varies Varies
Graduate Thesis Award for Excellence in Architecture Varies Varies
Graduate Tuition Scholarship (GTS) 10806 Varies
Graham Erskine Memorial Scholarship (A) 2000 Varies
Graham Erskine Memorial Scholarship (B) 2000 Varies
Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce Career Academy Scholarship Fund 8000 Varies
Gulfstream Employee Endowed Scholarship 20000 1
Gulfstream Scholar Endowed Scholarship 15000 1
Gust K. Newberg Scholarship Fund 3000 4
Gustav Eiffel Research & Publication Scholarship Varies 1
Guy C. Fulton Endowed Scholarship Fund in Architecture 1000 Varies
Gwinner Student Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
H. Bascom Funchess Jr. Memorial Scholarship 3400 2
Harris Forusz & Ido deGroot Scholarship Varies Varies
Harvard Jolly Clees Toppe Architects, P.A., Scholarship Varies Varies
Hazel-Pruitt Scholarship in the College of Architecture & Urban Studies Varies Varies
Heidi Hoenig Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
Henningson, Durham & Richardson Architecture Award 1000 1
Henry L. Parkhurst Grant 1500 Varies
Herb Hodgman Scholarship Varies 1
Herbert Lewis Smith Scholarship 1500 Varies
Higgins Scholarship 500 1
High School Scholarships 500 2
HIXSON Architecture Engineering Interiors Scholarship Fund in Honor of Harry J. Bothwell 2500 Varies
HLM Design Scholarship 1000 1
HOK Endowed Scholarship in Sustainable Design Varies Varies
HOK Sport, Venue, Event Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Home-Residence AIA Chapters Opportunities Scholarship Varies Varies
Homestead Capital Housing Scholarship Varies Varies
Horatio Alger Scholar Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard Brown Rickard Scholarship 3000 Varies
Howard E. Gartner Architecture Scholarship Varies 1
Hunter MacLean Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Hyde Park Art Show Scholarship 2000 Varies
IFMA Scholarship Varies Varies
Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)-Camras Scholarship Varies Varies
Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)-Heald Scholarship 12000 Varies
Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)-International Student Scholarship 12000 Varies
Innovation Centre Scholarship Varies Varies
International Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Internship Program Varies Varies
Ion Lewis Scholarship Varies Varies
Iowa Chapter AIA Scholarship 500 1
J. Binford Walford Scholarship 1500 5
J. Binford Walford Scholarship in Architecture & Related Areas 4342 Varies
J. Clifford McDaniel Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Gerald Phelan Award 1500 Varies
J. Judson Rowland Scholarship Varies Varies
J.B. Walford Travel Scholarship in Architecture & Related Areas Varies Varies
Jack C. Webb President’s Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack E. & Arline G. Ouzts Scholarship Varies 1
Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships Varies Varies
James & Charlotte Patterson in Urban Design 500 1
James Bowden Addy Scholarship Varies Varies
James Branch Scholarship Varies Varies
James F. McLean, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James Gamble Rogers Award (RLF Arch) 5000 Varies
James H. & M. Suanne Stange Scholarship 1000 1
James Russell Tuten Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane & Philip Foster Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane Thompson Award Varies 1
Jason Andler Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Jeffrey J. Pilling Architecture Scholarship 1000 1
Jeffrey W. Burquest Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Jerry Floyd Memorial Scholarship Varies 11
JMA Architecture Studios Scholarship 3500 1
Jo Ann & Delbert La Viqne Scholarship Varies Varies
Joan C. Rieveschl Scholarship in Honor of John Senhauser & David Niland Varies Varies
Joe & Jayne Buskuhl Scholarship 1000 4
John & Norma H. Richards Scholarships Varies Varies
John A. & Joyce K. Caddell-Caddell Construction Co. Scholarship Varies Varies
John Ames Steffian Scholarship Varies Varies
John C. Absmeier International Student Travel Scholarship Varies 1
John Evan Kelley Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John Houston Wear, Jr. Award in Architecture Varies Varies
John J. & Margaret M.(O’Brien) Flatley Scholarship(b) Varies Varies
John L. & Margaret M.(O’Brien) Flatley Scholarship(a) Varies Varies
John L.E. Boardman Scholarship Varies Varies
John Lee-Rick Bullis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John M. & Mary A. Shanley Memorial Scholarship 5000 Varies
John P. & Ann S. Jensen Scholarship Fund 1000 1
John Parkinson Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
John R. Hollingsworth Drawing Scholarship Varies 1
John S. Madzula Scholarship Varies Varies
John S. Sabatino Endowed Scholarship Fund for Architecutal Students Varies Varies
John W. Stovall Memorial Scholarship Fund 5000 Varies
John William Sandeford Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jon Adams Jerde Traveling Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph & Deanne Daverman Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph & Rosemary Madl Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph L. & Vivian E. Steele Architecture Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Joseph Stein Fund 1000 Varies
Joyce L. Franke Memorial Scholarship 3000 Varies
Judith Seymour Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kacher-Bloom Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship Varies 3
Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship Varies Varies
Kawneer Industrial Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Kell Munoz Fellowship 10000 1
Kelley Family Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Kerns Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Knoll, Inc. & Contract Interiors of Cincinnati Scholarship 1000 1
L. Anthony Greenberg Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
L. Philip Trutter Scholarship Varies Varies
L.C. Holloway Scholarship Fund 3000 Varies
Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) Arthur Cola & R..P. Vinall Scholarship Fund 2500 Varies
Lacoste Board of Trustees Travel Scholarship 900 1
LAF-CLASS Fund Landscape Architecture Scholarship Program 500 10
Lake Michigan Post S.A.M.E. Scholarship 500 Varies
Land Economics Foundation Scholarship 3000 1
Landers-Atkins Planners Award 1200 Varies
Landscape Architecture Scholarships & Awards Varies Varies
Langdon Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Lee Buckley Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Lee-Bullis Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Legacy Scholars Scholarship-College of Design 10000 Varies
Leland R. Dahlgren Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Len Casanova Student Travel Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard G. Jackson Annual Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Lewis Franklin Palmer & Marjorie Stewart Palmer Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Lidia Abello Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Linda Jane Messerschmid Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Local Chapter Scholarships Varies Varies
Louis C. Rosenburg Traveling Schoolhouses Scholarship Varies 1
Louis W. Feldmann Scholarship 1500 Varies
Lovisa Card Catlin Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Lowell S. Pidgeon Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lucinda Veikos Endowed Scholarship 1500 Varies
Ludwig & Anna Woseczek Scholarship Varies Varies
Luzerne Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Lyle P. Bartholomew Scholarships Varies Varies
M. & A. Berger Scholarship Varies Varies
Mabel Mayforth Scholarship 1000 1
Maggie Grounds Scholarship Varies Varies
Major General Frank Barnes Scholarship 1500 Varies
Marc Goldstein Emeritus Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret M. Widmer Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Marilyn McCarron Urmstron Scholarship Varies 1
Marthame Sanders Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin Gundersen, Sr., Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Alice Hutchins-FAIA Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Alice Hutchins-FCSI Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary D. Coles Foundation Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Maurice T. Cherry Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
McCollum Architectural-Engineering Scholarships 1500 4
McCoy-Shipley Scholarship Varies Varies
McMillan H. Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
Mel Farris Scholarship 2000 8
Michael & Mary Mahaffey Scholarship 1000 1
Michael & Penny Wilkes Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael & Stacy Koehn Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael I. Greenlee Architecture Scholarship 1000 1
Michael Koizumi APWA Scholarship Program 2000 2
Michael Koizumi APWA Scholarship Program 2000 2
Michael R. & Cara Shimkus Hall Architecture Scholarship 500 1
Mildred Zurbrick Bishop Scholarship Varies 1
Milton & Gladys Meisner Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Minority Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Employee) 400 Varies
Minority-Disadvantaged Scholarship 2500 20
Minto Communities Scholarship Varies Varies
MOCA Internship Scholarship Varies 1
Morrison, Kattman, Menze, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Billmeyer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Multicultural Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy N. Lewis Scholarship 5000 1
Navy Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) Collegiate Program 10000 Varies
Neely Elizabeth Toohill Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
NEWH Scholarship Varies Varies
Newton Tebow Scholarship Varies Varies
Nissan-UNCF 10000 10
Notrica Family Scholarship 3000 1
O’Brien-Atkins Associates, PA Architectural Drafting Scholarship 600 1
Oklahoma Ready Mixed Concrete Association Scholarship 500 1
Oltmans Construction Company Scholarships for Design Excellence Varies Varies
OPN Architecture Scholarship 1000 1
Orange County Trojan League Internship at California Science Center Varies 1
Otis A. Skinner Scholarship 3500 Varies
Otto D. Grove, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2500 Varies
Pardee Community Building Scholarship 1500 20
Parents’ Association Scholarship Endowment 500 Varies
Parker’s Companies Scholarship 500 1
Patricia L. Eidson Scholarship in Interior Architecture Varies Varies
Patrick Corvo Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Pella Prize Varies Varies
Philip J. Daniel Scholarship Varies 2
Pierre Koenig FAIA Scholarship Varies Varies
Pilgrim’s Progress Preservation Services Scholarship 700 Varies
Plan-NH Scholarship 5000 5
Plumb Scholarship Varies Varies
Potter-Maxfield-Wertz Architectural Design Scholarship Varies 1
Pratt Senior Intern Award & Program 1500 15
Preston Award Varies Varies
Professional Architects Scholarship 1000 Varies
Professor John V. Mutlow Scholarship in Housing Varies 1
Professors Clayton Baldwin & Raymond Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Pulgram Paris Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Raymond Hellmann Memorial Scholarship (A) 1000 Varies
Raymond Hellmann Memorial Scholarship (B) 1000 Varies
Raymond S. Kennedy Scholarship Varies 1
Raymond W. & Evelyn J. McIlvain Architecture Scholarship Varies 1
Regents Professional Opportunity Scholarship 5000 100
Research Assistantship (RA) 19758 Varies
Resource Fee Scholarships Varies Varies
Reza Ali Khazeni Memorial Scholarship in Humanities 3000 Varies
RIBA-Dagata Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard A. Campbell Traveling Scholarship 5000 1
Richard Cecil Hicks Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard H. & Leila Hentzen Smith-Architecture Scholarship Varies 1
Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship 600 Varies
Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship Funds Varies Varies
Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship Funds for Westfield-Washington Schools Varies Varies
Richard Helmick Design with Digital Media Graduate Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard L. Allen Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Richard Lee Fischer Memorial Scholarship 3000 Varies
Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship 25000 Varies
Rick & Nancy Muth Scholarship Varies 1
RISD Scholarships 27500 Varies
Robert & Diane Miller Scholarship 1500 Varies
Robert & Elizabeth Carlson Scholarship Varies 1
Robert A. Kennard Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Robert Allen Rogaff Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Delineation Varies 1
Robert Andrew Devries Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Robert Daniel Betzel, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert E. Reuter Endowment for the Industrial Design Program Scholarship Fund Prize Varies Varies
Robert Hifumi Odo Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert L. Mills Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert P. Madison Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert S. Harris Scholarship for Study of Architecture Varies 1
Robert Schreck Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Robert, Rose & Stan Alan Sackley Architectural Scholarship Varies 1
Rockefeller-Hricak Scholarship Varies 1
Rohrbach Associates P.C. Scholarship Varies 1
Roma Design Fellowship Scholarship Varies Varies
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts 20000 2
Rome Scholarship 500 1
Romeo E. Short Memorial Scholarship 1400 10
Rotch Travelling Scholarship 35000 1
RTKL Traveling Fellowship 2500 1
Ruben Delgado Memorial Scholarship in Hispanic Students 1500 Varies
Rudolph Frankel Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Ruth Elaine Reed Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
S. Kenneth Johnson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Sally Kress Tompkins Scholarship 10000 1
Salvatore Merendino Scholarship Varies 1
Sam Pine Scholarship 2000 1
SAME Engineer-Architect Scholarship 1000 2
Sanford B. Friedman Scholarship Varies 1
Sanford Goin Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) Scholarship Varies Varies
SCAD Scholars Scholarship 15000 Varies
SCAD Style Scholarship Varies 1
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 500 Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 1000 Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 4000 3
Scholarship 2500 Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship (Members) 2000 3
Scholarship (ROTC) 2000 3
Scholarship Award 2000 Varies
Scholarship Award Program 5000 3
Scholarship Awards (CA School) 2500 3
Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies
Scholarship Gala Scholarship 3750 1
Scholarship Program 12000 5
Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Scholarship Program 250 Varies
Scholarship Program (employee) 2500 3
Scholarship Program (member) 2500 3
Scholarships Varies 900
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 2000 7
Scholarships 700 Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Awards (Residents) 2500 3
Scholastic Scholarships 6000 1
School of Architecture Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
School of Architecture Scholarships Varies 18
Science Scholarships Awards Program 5000 10
Scribner, Messer, Brady & Wade, PC Scholarships Varies Varies
Sean Moran Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Seasongood Summer Internship Varies Varies
Selected Professions Fellowships 12000 Varies
Sequoyah Heritage Award 1200 Varies
Sheila K. Rydell Memorial Award Varies Varies
Sibyl & Fred Lawton Harrison, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Sidney Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund 1500 Varies
Silver Scholarship 500 1
Smith-Wildermuth-Winkler Scholarships Varies Varies
Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Graduate Scholarship 2500 Varies
Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Oklahoma City Post Scholarship Program 500 2
Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Undergraduate Scholarship 2500 Varies
Southland Concrete Scholarship 1000 2
Stage Front Presentation Systems Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Stang & Newdow Endowment Varies Varies
Stephen O. Anderson Memorial Scholarship (A&ED;) Varies Varies
Sterling Cook Scholarship Varies 1
Steve Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
STH Architectural Group Scholarship Varies Varies
STOA International Scholarship Varies Varies
Stuart L. Noderer Scholarship 1000 1
Student Scholarships 3000 Varies
Susan & Harry Frampton Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
Suzanne Lovell, Inc. Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
T. George Hayakawa Commemorative Scholarship Varies 1
T.A. Carter & Jeanette W. Carter Fund for Architectural Education Varies Varies
Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund 10000 55
Teaching Assistantship (TA) 19758 Varies
Ternstrom Scholarship Varies Varies
Texas Architectural Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Third Year Design Competition Varies Varies
Thomas A. Roszak Scholarship 5000 Varies
Thomas B. Kendrick Jr. Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Thomas J. Lehnen & Patricia A. Lehnan Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas O. Byerts Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Thor Gulbrand, A.I.A. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Three Arts Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Timothy A. Curtis Scholarship 1500 Varies
Tom Browne Scholarship (HS Graduates) Varies Varies
Tom Browne Scholarship (Residency) Varies Varies
Travel Scholarships Varies Varies
Trus Joist Macmillian Scholarship 500 1
Trustee Scholarships 5000 5
Tulsa Graduate Scholarship 250 1
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Scholarship 5000 1
UC Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Undergraduate Scholarship 2000 30
Universal Reproductions Mark Gerson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
UNM Performing Arts & Creative Practice Scholars’ Program Scholarship 4640 Varies
Urban Design Traveling Fellowship 7500 1
URS Consultants Scholarship Varies 1
URS Corporation Scholarship 500 Varies
Valle Scholarship & Scandinavian Exchange Program Varies Varies
Vashti Swan DAAP Minority Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Veikos Travel Scholarship for Architectural Study & Travel 1500 Varies
Verle & Elizabeth Annis Lectures in Architecture Varies Varies
Verle & Elizabeth Annis Scholarship Varies 1
Verle L. Annis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Victor Regnier Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Victor S. Sauer Scholarship Varies Varies
Villager Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Vincent A. Stabile Endowed Scholarship 1500 Varies
Virgil D. Goodrich Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
W. Wyatt & Annette M. Hibbs Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Wabash County Solid Waste Management District Environmental Scholarship 1000 Varies
Wachovia Scholars Scholarship 2500 2
Walter Butke Endowed Scholarship for Architects Varies Varies
Walter C. Pfeiffer Architecture Scholarship Varies 1
Walter G. Brown, Jr. Student Study & Travel Scholarship 5000 1
Walter H. Kidd-Engineering Dean’s Award 3000 Varies
Walter W.S. Cook Fellowship Varies Varies
Warren & Nancy Howard Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Warren Ludvigsen Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Weld County Builders Scholarship 500 2
Widom, Wein, Cohen, O’Leary, Terasawa Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
William & Idella Elder Foundation Scholarship 1500 Varies
William Landworth Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship 7500 1
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship for Opportunity 1500 Varies
Winifred T. Stockwell Scholarship Varies Varies
Winterthur Research Fellowships Varies Varies
Women in Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship 5000 Varies
YWCA Scholarships 750 2
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architectural Scholarship Fund Varies Varies


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