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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A. Jackson & Sally K. Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Adrian Vandeverde, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in the Sciences 300 1
Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Andrew Ellicott Douglass Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Anna Catherine Ryan Scholarship Varies 1
ARCS Scholarship 15000 Varies
Arek Dieterie Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Art Merit Scholarships Varies Varies
Astronomy & Physics Fellowship-Scholarship Varies Varies
Astronomy Graduate Student-NASA Scholarship Varies 1
Awona Harrington Astronomy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bailey M. Wade Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Balmer Hill Jr. Science & Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Barry A. Fish Undergraduate Symposium Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernice Black Durand Undergraduate Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Betty J. Lapp Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Bill Wiley Opportunity Scholarship 1500 1
Boeing Endowed Scholarship for Underrepresented Undergraduate Students in Science Varies Varies
Boeing Outstanding Undergraduate Students in Science Varies Varies
Boeing Scholars in Science Varies Varies
Bowman Scholarship Varies 2
C. Richard Quade Scholarship 1600 1
C.V. Wolfe Natural Sciences Scholarship Varies Varies
Capital Campaign-College of Natural Science Faculty-Staff Distinguished Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl D., Peggy J. & Kathleen Pursell Scholarship (A) Varies Varies
Catherine Melissa Loomis Scholarship 1500 2
Charles Drew Laboratory Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Vincent & Heidi Cole McLaughlin Scholarship 1000 50
Charles Wert Scholarship 1500 Varies
Clarence T. Jones Prize in Astronomy Varies Varies
CLAS Dean’s Scholarship 1000 1
Cliff E. Smith & Ruth Kinnell Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
Clifford Tompson Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Arts & Sciences Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
College of Natural Science Undergraduate Research Support Program Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Science-Munson Science Scholarship 300 Varies
College Scholars-College of Arts & Sciences Scholarship 1000 Varies
College Scholarships 300 5
College Scholarships 1000 Varies
Cuba & Ted Webb Scholarship 1600 1
Dale & Olive Mae Dibble Liberty Bell High School Scholarship Varies Varies
Dallas J. Chapin Endowed Scholarship in the College of Natural Science Varies Varies
Danielson Awards Varies Varies
Dean’s Circle-Physics & Astronomy Scholarship 1000 1
Dean’s Scholars Program Varies Varies
Denise Jackson Scholarship in Physics & Astronomy Varies Varies
Douglas A. Kostal Memorial Scholarship for Future Science Teachers Varies Varies
Downing Science Scholarship 2000 Varies
Dr. Benjamin H. Pringle-College of Natural Science Alumni Association Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Dr. Charles & Martha Vincent MSU Black Alumni Natural Science Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Edward R. Meyer Scholarship 1500 9
Dr. Karel Hujer Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Larry R. Krupka Teaching Excellence Award Varies Varies
Dr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Fellowships in Science Varies Varies
Dr. Paul E. Basye Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Ebba Alm Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward B. Nelson Scholarship 1000 1
Edward D. Ebert Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward Lewis Sisson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward Shapiro Fund for English Composition II-Two-yer Scholarship for A&S; Non-Transfer First Year Student Varies Varies
Elgin C. Brooks Memorial Astronomy Scholarship Varies Varies
Eli Stuart & Nola Anderson Haynes Scholarship Varies Varies
Ellen Hauge Abelson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Elmer R. & Gertrude M. Brigham Scholarship-Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Elsie M. Jackson Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Erdean Teague Patterson Scholarship 450 Varies
Ernest A. Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Ernest W. Landen Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Eugene B. Hensley Scholarship in Physics Varies Varies
Eugene M. Shoemaker Impact Cratering Award Varies Varies
Farrell Scholarship for Deserving Students-Department of Biology Varies Varies
Florence George Handy Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships for Minorities 21000 35
Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships for Minorities 40000 20
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships for Minorities 17000 60
France Stone Foundation College of Arts & Sciences Scholarship Varies Varies
Francis R. Conn, M.D. Premed Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred E. & Mary G. Tatum Premed Scholarship Varies Varies
G.W. Catt Scholarships Varies Varies
Galileo Circle Scholarships Varies Varies
Genesee Power Station Citizens Advisory Committee Scholarship Fund 1000 6
George C. Moore Physics Scholarship Varies Varies
George H. Lauff Scholarship Varies Varies
George S. Schaeffer Scholarships 1500 6
God At The Speed Of Light Scholarship Varies Varies
Goldwater Scholarships 7000 Varies
Gorenberg Family Undergraduate Award 1000 1
Gott Gold Tooth Scholarship 500 1
Graduate Awards 1000 10
Graduate Fellowships in the Physical Sciences Varies Varies
GRAM Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Grant Program 1000 9
Greenwood Family Sciences Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Guy Schupp Scholarship Varies Varies
H.J. & Signe Bonnevie Memorial Scholarship 2500 Varies
Halas-Sayers Scholarship Varies 1
Hanson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry E. Hamber Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry E. Hammond Scholarship in Physics Varies 1
Hazen E. Nutter Scholarship 1000 20
Hedda & Thomas Smithson Mathematics-Science Scholarship 1000 1
Henry J. Neusse Endowed Scholarship 2000 11
Herbert & Edith Peterson Scholarship 1000 1
Herbert T. Graham Scholarship Varies Varies
Hoku Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
International Space University Scholarships 12000 2
J. Clarence Karcher Scholarship 1400 20
J. Michael Young Opportunity Fund 300 30
J. Peter Sones Scholarship 1000 3
Jack & Roger Graham Scholarship in Physics & Astronomy Varies Varies
James & Carolyn Greer Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
James A. Van Allen Award Varies Varies
James T. Shipman Physics Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Jamieson Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
Jason Fulton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jay Eggleston Scholarship Varies 1
Jenna Ruth Birks & Florence Esther Birks Scholarship Funds Varies Varies
Jim Bean Athletic Endowment Varies Varies
John & Richard Jacob Scholarship for Undergraduate Research Varies Varies
John Dryden Davenport Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
Joyce & Lou Friedersdorff Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Kathryn H. & David J. Brewer Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Katie’s Gift Scholarship Varies 1
Kenneth Sterne Term Endowed Scholarship 200 Varies
Lather Stefan Memorial Scholarship 6000 5
Laura Vernon Scholar Scholarship 50 Varies
Len Cargan Endowed Fund for Returning Students 1000 Varies
Leo V. Standeford Scholarship 300 1
Leona Blum & Howard Schmadeke Scholarship Varies Varies
Leroy Augenstein Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lindsay McCauley Kirkley Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Lionel A. Gravel Sr. Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics Varies Varies
Local Chapter Scholarships Varies Varies
Lois Arender Drain Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Lorena DeSanctis McDuff Memorial Scholarship 3500 Varies
Lorry & Judy McCroskey Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Lumsden-Valrance Scholarship Varies Varies
Lusk Scholarship in Arts & Sciences 500 Varies
Marie Dye Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary S. Noren Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Melvin & Hazel Cant Scholarship Varies Varies
Meredith Scholar Award 8000 1
Michael Aschoff Dissertation Fellowship Award Fund Varies Varies
Midwest Student Exchange Program Varies 35
Milton J. Lindner Memorial Scholarship 1200 Varies
NASA Space Grant Varies Varies
National Science & Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grant 4000 Varies
Nelson-MacLellan Endowed Scholarship in the College of Natural Science Varies Varies
Newell S. Gingrich Physics & Astronomy Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Newell S. Gingrich Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
O.M. Stewart Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
O.M. Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Oscar Edwin Olson Scholarship Varies Varies
Otto F. & Jenny H. Krauss Charitable Foundation Distinguished Fellowship Varies Varies
Pamela Ann Merry Endowed Scholarship in Lyman Briggs Varies Varies
Paul Auburn (PA) Ross Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Pauline Vonnegut Eck Scholarship Varies Varies
Physical Science Scholarships 7000 75
Physics & Astronomy Department Scholarship Varies Varies
Physics and Astronomy Chair’s Scholarship 200 4
Physics and Astronomy Department Scholarships 200 1
Physics Department Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Physics Department Scholarship Varies Varies
Physics Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Planetary Society College Scholarships 1000 2
Pre-Engineering – Engineering Physics Scholarship Varies 1
R.G. Stoner Scholarship Varies Varies
Research Work Grant-College of Natural & Applied Sciences Scholarship Varies 1
Richard Albrecht Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard G. Stoner Scholarship Varies 1
Richard Garcia Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Richard J. Benefiel Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert & Noreen Stollberg Award Fund Varies Varies
Robert G. Seiferlein Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Robin & Jean Gibson Fellowship Endowment Varies Varies
Ronald E. Goldsberry Family MSU Black Alumni Natural Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronald W. Collins Memorial for Undergraduate Symposium Participants Scholarship Varies Varies
Rosa Healy Hester & William E. Hester, Jr., Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Russell Corporation Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
S.C.O.P. Latino Scholarship Varies Varies
Samar EL-OKDI Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Samuel H. Graf & Violet F. Graf Scholarship Varies Varies
SAO Predoctoral Fellowships Varies Varies
Scholarships 1000 2
Scholarships 2000 Varies
Scholarships (High School Graduates) Varies Varies
Scholarships (Residency) Varies Varies
Science Scholarships Awards Program 5000 10
Sean Healey Memorial Award for Honors Writing Scholarship Varies Varies
Shirley Williamson Endowed Memorial Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Stonewall Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Strayer-Rairden Scholarship in Physics 1000 1
Summer Internships 3000 Varies
Summer Research Assistant in Astronomy 4200 4
Susan Hitzler Schell Scholarship 1000 1
Suzye & Steve Doblin Science & Technology Academic Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas & Mary Krigas Endowed Scholarship Fund in the College of Natural Science Varies Varies
Threadgill Scholarship Program Fund Varies Varies
University Scholarships Varies Varies
Van Allen Research Grant Varies Varies
Vernon Lantis Scholarship 400 Varies
Vesto M. Slipher Scholarship Varies 1
W.W. Massey Sr. Presidential Scholarship 1000 10
Waldo Edward & Martha Althaus Smith Memorial Award-Physics & Astronomy Varies 1
Walter C. Connolly Award Varies Varies
Warren Scholarship Varies Varies
Wells Scholarship in Science 28000 Varies
William A. Sells, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
William Carleton Scholarship 1000 1
William F. Goenner IV Scholarship Varies Varies
William F. Lucas San Diego Astronomy Association Memorial Scholarship 6000 Varies
William G. “Bill” & Zelda Keck Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Women in Science Scholarship Varies 2
Women’s Club Scholarships Varies Varies


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