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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
“Helping Hand” from Rice Family Scholarships! 500 2
“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” Scholarship 500 2
“Ride the Sun” Scholarship 500 Varies
A Love of Aviation (ALOA) Scholarship 250 Varies
A&P; Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
A. Verville Fellowship 45000 Varies
AAAE Foundation Scholarship 1000 10
Abaris Training Scholarships 3190 3
Adele Dunne Scholarship Varies Varies
Aeronautics Scholarship Varies 1
Airbus A320 Type Rating Certificate Scholarships 31000 2
Airbus Leadership Grant 5000 1
Aircraft Electronics Association Aviation Maintenance Scholarship 1500 Varies
Airline Dispatcher’s Federation Scholarships Varies 1
Airline Ground Schools, Inc. Scholarship 3000 1
Alaska Support Industry Alliance Scholarship Varies Varies
ALCOA Pre-College ECI Scholarship Varies Varies
Amelia Earhart Fellowship Awards 6000 35
Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship 1000 20
American Eurocopter Flight Training Scholarship Varies 1
Amos Joe Alter-ASCE Section Alaska Section Scholarship Varies Varies
AOM Flight Training Scholarship 500 Varies
Archie C. Towle Aviation Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Archie Trammel Scholarship in Aviation 1000 1
Arnold Palmer Scholarship Varies Varies
Avfuel Michigan Business Aviation Scholarship 500 1
Aviation Appreciation Scholarship 300 Varies
Aviation Maintenance Specialist Scholarship 400 2
Aviation Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Aviation Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
AYA Scholarship Program 2500 Varies
Bell Helicopter Scholarship Varies 1
Bendix-King Avionics Scholarship 1000 Varies
Benson Foundation 950 1
Bernard LaBonte Scholarship Varies Varies
Bill & Nell Biggs Scholarship Varies Varies
Bill Sanderson Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Scholarship 1600 5
Blue Goose First Generation Flight Scholarship 250 Varies
Bobby Phill’s Educational Awareness Foundation Book Scholarship Varies Varies
Boeing Company Career Enhancement Scholarship 2500 1
Brian L. Moody Memorial Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Bruce Winter Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Brunswick Naval Air Station Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bud & Katherine Rae Aviation Scholarship Varies 1
Bud Glover Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Burton D. Morgan Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Business Aviation FBO Internship Varies Varies
CAE SimuFlite Citation Corporate Aircraft Training Scholarship Varies Varies
CAE SimuFlite Maintenance Scholarship Varies 1
CAP General Aviation Flight Scholarships Varies Varies
Captain Bill Pilot Aviation Safety Scholarship Varies Varies
Captain Rick & Dick Lane Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Cessna “Earn a Private Pilot’s Certificate” Scholarship 5000 1
Cessna Scholarship for Citation Encore Type Rating 18800 Varies
Charlie Wells Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Chicago Area Business Aviation Association (CABAA) Scholarship 2500 6
Chief M.K.O. Abiola Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Children of Air Traffic Control Specialist Scholarships Varies Varies
Chris “Kit” Ore Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Christiansen Aviation Scholarship 750 1
Chuck Peacock Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Cisco President’s Scholar Award Varies Varies
Claire Shirey Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Claudia F. Pleasants Scholarship Endowment 1000 Varies
Clay Lacy Professional Pilot Scholarship 12500 4
Cobro Maintenance Science Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Engineering Sciences, Technology, & Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
Colonel Lawrence H. Golberg Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Columbia Crew Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Commercial Airline Pilot Advance Training-Airline-Jet Transition Course Scholarship 22495 1
Commercial Helicopter Rating Scholarships 5000 4
Commissioners Committee Scholarship 5000 3
Continental Airlines 737 Flight Training Scholarships 8000 2
Continuing Education Scholarship 1000 Varies
Cooper Industries Scholarship Varies Varies
Corporate Aviation Management Scholarship 830 Varies
CPCU Finance-Insurance Scholarship Varies Varies
Dale Pistsch Memorial Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Dan L. Meisinger, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
Daniel Alksne Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Daniel L.Peduzzi Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Darren Lindal Memorial Aviation Scholarship 700 Varies
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation Scholarship 1000 1
David A. Brown Lab Fellowship Varies Varies
David Arver Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
David G. Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
David G. Plasch Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
David Hoover Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David O’Neall Memorial Endowed Scholarship 700 1
Del Roskam Scholarship Varies Varies
Delta Air Lines Aircraft Maintenance Technology Scholarship 5000 1
Delta Air Lines Aviation Maintenance Management-Aviation Business Management Scholarship 6000 1
Delta Air Lines Boeing B737-800 Type Rating Certificate Scholarships 35000 2
Delta Air Lines Scholarship Varies Varies
Delta Connection Academy Scholarship 5000 1
Dennis J. Hunter Memorial Scholarship 400 1
Diamond Power Specialty Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Ditmore Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Diversity in Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald A. Baldwin Sr. Business Aviation Management Scholarship 1025 1
Donald Burnside Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Donald D. Glower Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Doris Mullen Scholarship 4500 1
Douglas Chambers Memorial Scholarship 400 2
Doyle T. Smith Jr. Memorial Scholarship 1200 1
Dr. Harold S. Wood Award for Excellence 1000 Varies
Duke Harrah Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Dutch & Ginger Arver Scholarship 1000 Varies
E.R.H. Phi Delta Theta Endowment Fund for Graduate Student Support Scholarship Varies Varies
EAA Achievement in Aviation Scholarship 500 2
EAA Young Eagles Flight Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ebony & Ivory Scholarship Varies Varies
EDS Women in Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward J. & Margaret Crane Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward W. Stimpson “Aviation Excellence” Award 500 Varies
Elbert & Virginia Clark Scholarship Varies Varies
Electrical Engineering Center of Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Electrical Engineering IEEE Student Branch Scholarship Varies Varies
Electronic Engineering Technology Scholarship 750 1
Elisha Hall Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Engineering & Technology Dupont Grant Varies Varies
Engineering & Technology Goodyear Tire Scholarship Varies Varies
Engineering & Technology Miscellaneous Scholarships Varies Varies
Engineering Architectural-McKissack Scholarship Varies Varies
Engineering AT&T; Pre-College Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Engineering Faculty Development Scholarship Varies Varies
Engineering Faculty Excellence Awards Varies Varies
Engineering Ford Motor Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Engineering General Scholarship Varies Varies
Epsilon Pi Tau-Chester G. Taylor Scholarship Varies 1
Era Aviation, Inc. Scholarship 5000 2
Eugene S. Kropf Scholarship 500 1
ExxonMobil Aviation & the Avitats International Operators Scholarship Varies Varies
FAA Air Traffic Control Internship Varies 1
FAA-FSDO Internship Varies 3
Federal Aviation Administration Asian American-Pacific Islander & Native American-Alaskan Native Internship Scholarship Varies Varies
FedEx Express Flight Scholarship 2500 1
FedEx Express Technical Operations Scholarship 2500 1
Field Aviation Company, Inc. Scholarship 1000 Varies
Flight Attendant-Flight Technician Scholarship Varies 36
Flight Safety International Instrument Refresher Course Scholarship Varies 1
Flight Training Scholarship for Women Rated in Aircraft Other than Helicopters 4500 1
FlightSafety International’s “Principles of Troubleshooting” Varies Varies
For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology (FIRST) Award 2500 10
Forrest Jones Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Foundation Scholarship for Native Americans 1000 10
Francis B. Fuller Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank E. & Patricia A. Bailey Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank R. Antosh Scholarship Varies 1
Franklin E. Whitmore Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred & Marjorie Staples Scholarship 2000 Varies
Fritz & Dolores Russ Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Frosty & Muriel Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Full-Time Employee Scholarships Varies Varies
Full-Time Employee Scholarships Varies Varies
Gabe A. Hartl Scholarship Varies Varies
Garmin Scholarship 2000 Varies
GAT Wings to the Future Management Scholarship 2500 1
George T. Baker Scholarship Varies Varies
George W. Martyn, Jr. Scholarship Fund (College) Varies Varies
George W. Martyn, Jr. Scholarship Fund (Residency) Varies Varies
Girard Aviation Maintenance Technician School Scholarship 500 1
Gordon F. & Nadine Brunner Scholarship Varies Varies
Grace Grosvenor Shepard Sesquicentennial Scholarship Varies Varies
Grant Program 1000 9
Greater St. Louis Flight Scholarship Varies Varies
Gretchen Lynnette Cumberledge Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Guggenheim Fellowship 30000 Varies
H. P. ‘Bud’ Milligan Aviation Scholarship 1000 1
Harland D. Fowler Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold Wayne “Tuffy” Sanders Scholarship Varies Varies
Harriet Quimby Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry E. Tope Aviation Memorial Scholarship 1500 1
Harry T. Barrick Scholarship 200 1
Herbert D. & Mark Ian Myers Memorial Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Herbert L. Cox Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Herman Linder Award 500 Varies
Honda-OSU Partnership Scholarship 2500 12
Honorable State Representative Dominic J. Jacobetti Scholarship 500 Varies
Horizon Air Technical Training Scholarship Varies Varies
Hoyt E. Walkup Scholarship 500 1
HSI Scholarship 5000 1
Intel Scholarship Varies Varies
International Sourdough Reunion Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Internships Varies Varies
ISU Women’s Club (technology) Varies 3
Jacobetti Skill Center Scholarship 200 2
Jane Cuthbert Burhans Scholarship for Women in Engineering Varies Varies
Jean Ross Howard Phelan Memorial Flight Training Scholarship 2500 1
JetBlue Maintenance Scholarships Varies Varies
Joan Mace Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Joe Carnes Scholarship Varies Varies
Joe Coulter Aviation Scholarship 500 2
John A. Culkar Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John A. Merritt Memorial Scholarship 300 1
John E. Godwin, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
John M. Shepherd Scholarship Varies Varies
John W. ‘Reds’ Macfarlane Scholarship Varies Varies
Johnny Davis Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship 2000 2
Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
JRH-P International Whirly Girls Flight Training Scholarship 4500 1
Kaemmerien Scholarship Varies Varies
Kathy K. Hodgkins Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Keep Flying Scholarship 3000 1
Kenneth & Margaret Wiggins Aviation Endowed Scholarship Varies 2
Kenneth Papkoff Memorial Scholarship in Aviation 750 1
Kern Family Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Kittyhawk Scholarship 300 1
Kruse Insurance Scholarship Varies Varies
L-3 Avionics Systems Scholarship 2500 Varies
Lakehead Pipe Line Company 250 12
Lawless Estate Parks Scholarship Varies Varies
Lawrence Ginocchio Aviation Scholarship 5000 5
Lawrence M. Snyder Rotary-Wing Scholarship Varies Varies
Lee Tarbox Memorial Scholarship 2500 Varies
Leon Harris-Les Nichols Memorial Scholarship to Spartan School of Aeronautics Varies Varies
Leonard V. Battistone Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Linda Hall-Daschle Scholarship for Aviation Excellence 1000 1
Lockheed Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis “John” Brandis Memorial Scholarship 600 Varies
Lowell Gaylor Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Lt. Col. Robert E. Ring Memorial Award Varies Varies
Lt. Leonard P. Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
Mager Family Scholarship 1000 2
Maintenance Technical Reward & Career Scholarship (TRACS) (a) Varies Varies
Maintenance Technical Reward & Career Scholarship (TRACS) (a) Varies Varies
Maintenance Technical Reward & Career Scholarship (TRACS) (b) Varies Varies
Maintenance Technicial Scholarships 2500 7
Major General Lucas V. Beau Flight Scholarships 2100 5
Major Henry Schmaltz, USAF, Endowed Scholarship for Aviation Sciences Varies Varies
Margaret J. Wuller Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin Marietta Scholarship Varies Varies
McAllister Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
McFarland Electrical Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Memorial Scholarship 500 1
MESA Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael M. Field Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Michelle North Scholarship for Safety Varies Varies
Mid-Continent Instrument Scholarship 1000 Varies
Minority Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Introduction to Engineering (MITE) Scholarships Varies Varies
Montana 99’s Flight Scholarship 400 Varies
Montana Antique Aircraft Association (MAAA) Scholarship 500 Varies
Montana Pilots Association Junior Pilot Award 500 1
Monte R. Mitchell Global Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Fuller Memorial Scholarship 100 1
Nancy Smith Maiden Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
NASA Scholarships Varies Varies
NATA Business Scholarship 2500 1
New Horizons Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Novak Scholarship Varies Varies
Oliver C. & N. Eleze Bolleau Scholarship Varies Varies
ONR Scholarships Varies Varies
Parks College Scholarship Varies Varies
Parrott Family Scholarship 1000 Varies
Paul A. Whelan Aviation Scholarship 3000 1
Paula G. Branstetter Aviation Scholarship Fund 600 1
Pioneers of Flight 1000 2
Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics Scholarship Varies 4
Plane & Pilot Magazine-Garmin Scholarship 2000 Varies
Pratt & Whitney Maintenance Scholarships 3200 6
Pratt & Whitney Training Scholarship Varies 6
Private Pilot Magazine Scholarship 1000 Varies
Procter & Gamble Black Managers Leadership Team Engineering Fund Varies Varies
Professional Piloting Endowed Scholarship 600 1
Quentin R. Beecher Memorial Scholarship in Aviation 285 1
Ralph Yetka Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Raymond D. Hammond Chemical Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Recruitment Scholarship 3000 Varies
Richard & Eleanora Robe Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard H. Bauer Memorial Scholarship for Aviation Maintenance Technician Varies Varies
Robert D. & Margaret M. Walter Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert N. McCloskey Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Robinson Helicopter R22-R44 Safety Course Scholarship Varies 2
Ron & Rita Spellhaug Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Ron Berry Business Administration Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronald L. Patrick Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Rose Delong-Bolyard in Aviation Technology Scholarship at Purdue University Varies Varies
Russell W. Adams Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
S.S. Devgan Research Award 250 1
SAMA-SECAAE Scholarship Varies Varies
Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarship 10000 Varies
Schedulers & Dispatchers Training Scholarship Varies Varies
Schedulers & Dispatchers Training Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 5000 1
Scholarship 2500 Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Scholarship Program 5000 4
Scholarships Varies Varies
Shell Canada Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarship 5000 Varies
Shotwell (Joe) Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
SLU-Parks Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Solectron Scholars Scholarship Varies Varies
Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber Scholarship 1000 2
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Type Rating Scholarships Varies 2
Southwest Airlines Maintenance Training Scholarships Varies 3
Spaatz Association-Aerospace Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Spartan School of Aeronautics Aviation Explorer Scholarship Program 2000 4
Spirit of Aviation Scholarship 1200 1
Sporty’s Pilot Shop Aviation Explorer Scholarship 1000 2
Sporty’s Pilot Shop-Cincinnati Avionics 2000 Varies
Springfield Air Rendezvous, Aviation Management or Mechanics Scholarship 1500 3
Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Systems Research Lab Ohio University EFO Scholarship Varies Varies
Technology Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ted Moll Flight Scholarship Fund 353 1
The Florida Harbor Pilots’ Scholarship Program 3000 2
Thomas A. Utsey, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Thomas Dunne Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas E. Leonard Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas J. Slocum Memorial Scholarships to Westwood College of Aviation Technology 6000 3
Tom Taylor Memorial Scholarship to Spartan School of Aeronautics Varies Varies
Tools Beneath Your Wings Scholarship 500 Varies
UAA Janice K. Barden Aviation Scholarship 1000 5
USAIG-PDP Scholarship 1000 1
Vail Valley Jet Center Scholarship Varies Varies
Varian Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Vertical Flight Foundation Engineering Scholarships 2000 8
Veteran Motor Car Club of America-Tri City Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
Vic Jackson Scholarship 2000 Varies
Victor Bergenthal Scholarship Varies Varies
Vincent E. Morine Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Vincent Voccia Vocational Award Varies 5
Vortex Helicopter Scholarship 3000 1
W. “Joe” Rogers Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
WAI Washington State Chapter Scholarship 1000 Varies
Walter C. Benzing Fellowship Varies Varies
Walter E. O’Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Walter H. Johnson, Jr. Scholarship Award 25000 1
Walter H. Kidd-Engineering Dean’s Award 3000 Varies
Walter Peters, Jr. Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter Urbigkit Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Walter W. Barrick Scholarship Varies Varies
Ward Sims Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Weber Scholarship Varies Varies
Wilfred M. ‘Wiley’ Post Scholarship Varies Varies
William E. Jackson Award 2000 1
William J. Kozel Endowed Scholarship Fund for Aviation Sciences Varies Varies
William L. Roberts Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William M. Fanning Maintenance Scholarship 2500 2
William M. Fridley Scholarship Varies Varies
William S. Wilson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Women in Aviation Management Scholarship 1000 1
Women in Aviation, International Achievement Award 750 2
Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarship 2000 1
Women in Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Women Military Aviators-Dream of Flight Scholarship 25000 1


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