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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A.J. Sr. & Mabel Fore Stricklin Memorial 2000 13
Abigail T. Houck Scholarship Varies Varies
Academic Scholarship 500 Varies
Acteen Scholarships 300 Varies
American Baptist Church Award 500 Varies
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Asian American Grants 500 Varies
AWANA Citation Scholarship 1500 Varies
B. Laverne Anderson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Baptist Church Matching Scholarship 1000 Varies
Baptist Leadership Awards 1000 62
Baptist National Merit Finalist Scholarship 4000 Varies
Baptist Student Award 1000 Varies
Baptist Student Scholarships 300 Varies
Baptist Youth Leader Awards 500 Varies
Baptist Youth Speakers’ Tournament Sholarships 800 10
BBC Achievement Scholarship 3000 Varies
BBC Flat-rate Tuition Benefit Scholarship 1500 Varies
BBC Grant 3000 Varies
BBC Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bryan Hopper Scholarship 1000 2
C.B. Lucas Endowment Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Cage Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Canadian Tuition Assistance Grant Varies Varies
Chaplain’s Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles S. (Blackie) & Rose H. Paulin Scholarship 1180 Varies
Christian Worker’s Tuition Grant Varies Varies
Church Related Vocation (CRV) Scholarship 800 Varies
Columbus Baptist Pastors’ Conference Educational Fund Varies Varies
Coy Muckle Scholarship Varies Varies
CRV Dependent Student Scholarships 500 Varies
CRV Scholarships 5000 Varies
David & Sadie Blomberg Scholarship 500 Varies
Dean’s Scholarship 500 Varies
Degenring Scholarship Varies Varies
Doctoral Grant 3000 Varies
Dorothy Rapp Music Scholarship 196 Varies
Dr. Herman Arnold Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Drama Scholarships 2000 Varies
Early Acceptance Scholarship 500 Varies
Early Deposit Scholarship 500 Varies
Elder J.M. & Melissa Thomas Stuart Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Essay Contest 1000 3
Eva W. Mack, 1st Black Mayor of West Palm Beach, Scholarship Fund 2500 Varies
Family Grant 500 Varies
Fellowship Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank Leo Coomer-Preston S. Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
GARBC Talents for Christ Scholarship 5000 Varies
Georgia Baptist Heritage Grant Varies Varies
Gertrude McDaris Ruskin & Sidney H. Ruskin Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gladys York Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Grace Sellers Chain Scholarship Varies Varies
Graduate Study Scholarships Varies Varies
Heritage Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Hickey Scholarship Varies Varies
High School Baptist Young Men Scholarships 300 5
Holman & Hazel Smitha Scholarships Varies Varies
Homer L. & Jessie F. Jordan Scholarship Varies Varies
Individual Seminarian Grants 750 Varies
J.E. Kuykendall Scholarship 400 1
Jack & Barbara Holt Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James Bennett Willis Scholarship Varies Varies
Jersey Baptist Church Scholarship 500 Varies
Joshua & Gwennie Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
L. H. Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
Leon & Helen Ennis Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mary Keokee Monroe Scholarship Varies Varies
Millard Brelsford Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Minister’s Kin Scholarships 2000 Varies
Ministry Scholarships 3500 Varies
Missionary Kid’s Scholarships Varies 1
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
National Merit-National Achievement Scholarship 6000 Varies
North Carolina Baptist Grant Varies Varies
North Carolina Baptist Scholarships 1000 Varies
Ollie Mae Hammond Scholarship Varies Varies
Partners in Education 350 Varies
Pastor’s Scholarship 500 Varies
Presidential Denominational Scholarship 5000 Varies
Regional ABC Award 500 Varies
Reverend Cecil A. & Mrs. Edna M. (Doll) Lightbourn Scholarship Varies Varies
Reverend Henry Hudson Bobbitt Scholarship Varies 1
Robert D. Ashworth Fund 1500 5
Roscoe Pinkett-Mt. Pleasant Baptist Varies Varies
Rubye D. Wetterer Seminary Scholarship Varies Varies
Rudolph & Kathryn Schnitz Memorial Scholarship 280 1
Sara & Ernie Spriggs Christian Scholarship 500 Varies
Scholarships 500 Varies
Scholarships 2000 Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scott B. Williams Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Seminarian Scholarships Varies Varies
Seminarian Support Program (SSP) 1000 Varies
Sheridan Hills Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Smith County Baptist Ministers Scholarship Varies Varies
Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stephen Lowe Memorial Scholarship Fund (Church) 2000 Varies
Student Nursing (Forgiveable) Loans Varies Varies
Texas Black Baptist Scholarship Program 800 Varies
Training Timothys Scholarship 4000 Varies
Trugen Beard Ministerial Scholarship Varies Varies
Undergraduate Scholarships Varies Varies
US Chaplain Candidate Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Veteran’s-Military Educational Benefits Scholarship Varies Varies
Vienna Baptist Church Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Virginia Baptist Pastors Scholarships 500 Varies
William G. & Margaret B. Frasier Charitable Foundation Varies Varies
William Hensdale Shipp Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William Louis Poteat Scholarship 10700 18
Women’s Missionary Union Scholarship 700 8
Word of Life Children’s Stedfast Award & Student Ministry’s Cre8tive Discipleship Award 1500 Varies
Word of Life Scholarship 3500 Varies


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