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ScholarshipsUnique Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Alza Corporation Scholarship 5000 1
Amgen Scholarship 5000 1
Ashley Tamburri Scholarship 1000 2
Barbara Palo Foster Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
Brian Schultz Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Bristol Myers-Squibb Oncology – Immunology Scholarship 5000 1
Cheryl Grimmel Award 5000 1
Childhood Cancer Survior Scholarships-High Plains Division 1500 Varies
Genetech BioOncology Scholarship 5000 1
Geraldine F. Lavin Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Harriette & Bernyce Berman Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Indiana Breast Cancer Legacy Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
James W. Ellis, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Kate Shafer & Charles Rankin Scholarship 5000 1
Kathryn Ann Levering Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Laurie Wile Memorial Scholarship 550 1
Manne Family Foundation Scholarship 5000 4
Marilyn Yetso Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
Maryland Community Cancer Scholarship 2500 1
Matt Stauffer Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
Nathan Fullerton Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Nexell’s Chance for Success Award 5000 1
Novartis Oncology Survivorship Fund 5000 1
Pacific West Cancer Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul Bailey Pizzitola Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies 1
R.O.C.K. College Scholarship Program-Florida Division 3000 Varies
Rease Henry McDaniel Memorial Scholarship (unique) Varies Varies
Sandra M. Glazier Scholarship 5000 1
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
SuperSibs Achievement Scholarships 1000 10
Survivors of Cancer or other Catastrophic Diseases Scholarship 750 1
Timothy Randall Brandt Scholarship Varies Varies
US Oncology Scholarship 5000 1
Vera Yip Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
William Jackson Hawley Scholarship Varies 1
Young Cancer Survior Scholarship Program-California Division 7500 Varies
Young Cancer Survior Scholarship Program-Great West Division 2500 Varies
Young Cancer Survior Scholarship Program-Mid-South Division 1000 Varies
Young Cancer Survior Scholarship Program-Midwest Division Varies Varies
Young Cancer Survior Scholarship Program-Ohio Division 1000 111
Young Cancer Survior Scholarship Program-South Atlantic Division 2500 Varies
Young Cancer Survivor Scholarship Program-Great Lakes Division 1000 Varies


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