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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A. C. “Kate” & Leo Joseph Merlone Scholarship (member) Varies 2
A.L. Cosgrove Student Service Award 500 2
ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corporation Scholarship Varies Varies
Addicott, Mercer, & Wisda Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert A. Carretta Scholarship 2500 Varies
Alice Marie & Anne Clare Ruddy Scholarship Varies 1
Allen A. Staub Prize Fund Varies Varies
Alumni Grant 1000 Varies
Alverno Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Anna Balley Scholarship Varies Varies
Anne Sturrock Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Anthony J. LaBella Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Archdiocesan Scholarship Varies Varies
Archdiocesan Scholarship Varies Varies
Arnold & Porter Scholarship 4000 Varies
Arthur John Keeffe Scholarship 13500 Varies
Aurora Central Catholic High School Scholarships 3000 Varies
Bernard & Mary Brusin Scholarship 4500 3
Bishop Charles P. Greco Graduate Fellowships 1000 Varies
Bishop Hoch Deanery Scholarship 1000 6
Bishop Thomas V. Daily Scholarship Fund Varies 11
Booth-Bricker Scholarship Varies Varies
Broering Scholarship 1000 1
C.B. & Anita Branch Scholarship Varies Varies
Capuchin Scholarship Varies Varies
Catherine Aileen Smith-Jones Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Catherine McAuley Scholarship 4000 Varies
Catholic College-University Scholarship Varies 2
Catholic Foundation of Oklahoma Medical Scholarship 1000 2
Catholic High School Award 1500 1
Catholic High School Grant Varies Varies
Catholic High School Scholarship 2500 Varies
Catholic Scholarship 2000 Varies
Catholic School Scholarlship 1000 Varies
Catholic Schools Grant (CSG) 2500 Varies
Christ the King Church Varies Varies
Christian Leadership Program-Corpus Christi University Parish Scholarship 2000 Varies
Clara Drobka Scholarship Varies Varies
College Scholarship Program (A) 1000 200
Communications Law Scholarships 6000 2
Crowshaw Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
CUA Grants Varies Varies
Daniel Clifford Nolan Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Diversity Scholarship for Lay Students Varies Varies
Donald R. MacLeod Scholarship Varies 1
Edward Siwik Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Eleanore Dulin & James Clanton Haynes Memorial Law & Public Policy Scholarship 13500 Varies
Elena J. Accinno Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Elizabeth Guhring Scholarship 13500 Varies
Emerald Society Scholarship 1500 4
Fanning Labor Law Scholarship 13500 Varies
Father Amos Gaudette Memorial College Scholarship 1500 2
Father Michael J. McGivney Vocations Scholarships 2500 34
Florida Organization of Jamaicans of South Florida 1000 Varies
Fourth Degree Pro Deo & Pro Patria Scholarships (college) 1500 12
Fourth Degree Pro Deo & Pro Patria Scholarships (college) 1500 12
Fourth Degree Pro Deo & Pro Patria Scholarships (general) 1500 50
Francis P. Matthews & John E. Swift Educational Trust Scholarships Varies Varies
Francis X. Gallagher Scholarship 13500 Varies
Frank L. Goularte Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Frank Thomas Groff Scholarship Fund 1750 1
George P. & Anna M. Flynn Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry & Anna Lister Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Irving R.M. Panzer & Sue Stokley Burnett Panzer Memorial Scholarship 13500 Varies
James R. & Geraldine F. Bertelsen 5000 3
Jesuit Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Jody Freshman Nurik Memorial Scholarship 13500 Varies
John Code Mowbray & Kathlyn Hammes Mowbray Scholarship 1000 Varies
John F. Kennedy High School Scholarship 10000 1
John J. & Anna C. Witmer Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
John Philip & Margaret Coleman Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
John Vanderbilt Fulk Scholarship 1250 Varies
John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships (general) 1500 36
John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships (college) 1500 36
John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships (college) 1500 36
Kiernan-Fallon Scholarship Varies Varies
LaSalette Scholarship Varies Varies
Law School Memorial Scholarship 20000 Varies
Lawrence M. Rost Scholarship Varies Varies
Leahy Scholarship 20000 Varies
Linda Harris Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship 20000 Varies
Maine Parish Scholarship 2000 Varies
Mark Douglas Sawyer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin Luther King Scholarship 20000 Varies
Mary & John Buckley Memorial Scholarship 950 1
Mary Moyles Ruddy & John J. Ruddy Scholarship Varies 1
Mater Dolorosa Kaycee Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael A. Vivirito ’48 Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Miriam Theresa Rooney Scholarship 13500 Varies
Monsignor William F. Sauer College Scholarship 1500 2
Montana Catholic Parish Scholarship 500 Varies
Newman Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Norma J. Cornell Memorial St. Vincent de Paul Education Fund Varies Varies
Otis M. Smith Scholarship 2000 4
Parish Scholarship 3000 Varies
Parish Scholarship 300 Varies
Parish Scholarship 3000 Varies
Pastors’ Scholarship 500 Varies
Paul & Jackie Greer Scholarship 1000 3
Percy J. Johnson Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Varies Varies
Potvin Scholarship Varies Varies
Priesthood Scholarship Varies Varies
Ralph J. Rohner Scholarship 13500 Varies
Reverend Edwin O’Brien Scholarship 750 2
Reverend John F. Brady Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert C. Graff & Helen D. Graff Memorial Scholarship 20000 Varies
Sacred Heart Scholarship Fund for Post Secondary Education Varies Varies
Sandra Lynn Nobili Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Sarah T. Burke Scholarship 3000 Varies
Scholarship 1000 1
Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Scholarships 1000 12
Scholarships 800 23
Scholarships 5000 4
Scholarships 500 30
Scholarships 400 15
Scholarships 3500 15
Silver Anniversary Grant for Excellence (SAGE) 13500 Varies
Snee Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
St. Francis & St. Clare Scholarship Varies Varies
St. John the Baptist Scholarship 10000 Varies
St. Mary’s Extended Education 2500 Varies
St. Mary’s Parish of Houlton Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
St. Paul the Apostle Church Ladies Guild Scholarship Varies Varies
St. Stanislaus Knights of Columbus Scholarship (Church Membership) 500 1
Thomas Francis Meagher Hibernian Scholarship 750 2
Thurgood Marshall Memorial Scholarship 20000 Varies
Trustees Scholarships Varies Varies
Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) 4000 Varies
University Scholarships Varies Varies
Vernon X. Miller Scholarship 13500 Varies
Victor & Ruth Habersetzer Scholarship Varies Varies
Wallace E. Pavlick Scholarship Fund 500 10
William & Marion Tittel Scholarship Varies Varies
William Cherek Scholarship Fund (Members) Varies Varies
William Hobart Little & Wilma Kyle Cox Little Memorial Fund 13500 Varies
William J. & Hildreth C. Braunlich Scholarship Varies Varies
Zolp Scholarships Varies Varies


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