Central Scholarships

ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
CCSU Foundation-Book Scholarship 100 Varies
Out-of-State Scholatship 1000 Varies
Scholarships 1000 2
CCSU Foundation-Dependent Children Scholarship 1000 Varies
Danville Rotary John M. Camenisch, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Central State University-SAE Engineering Scholarship 1000 3
Erica Alexis Bell Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bernice & Sis Beck Union State Bank Music Endowment 1000 1
Chancellor's Endowed Scholarship 1000 6
Single Mothers Endowed Scholarship 1000 5
Dykstra Scholarship 11500 Varies
Presidential Scholarship 11500 Varies
Pella Rolscreen Scholarship 14000 Varies
Stephen E. Gorman Memorial Scholarship 1500 1
Dayton Chapter of the Links, Inc. Endowment Fund 1500 Varies
Hathaway Scholarship Program 1600 Varies
Albert C. Gauna Memorial Endowed Scholarship 180 1
Hathaway Need-Based Scholarship 1800 Varies
Amy & Henry Campbell Endowed Scholarship 200 1
Four Winds Intertribal Society (FWIS) Paula Brock Memorial Endowed Scholarship 200 1
Tammy Lynn Schamberger, R.N. Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship 200 1
Tolly & Florence Moore Endowed Scholarship 200 1
Art Scholarship 2000 Varies
Communications Studies Scholarship 2000 Varies
Environmental Science Scholarship 2000 Varies
Modern Language Scholarship (French, German, Spanish) 2000 Varies
Music Scholarships 2000 Varies
Pre-Ministerial Scholarships 2000 Varies
Theatre Scholarships 2000 Varies
Quality Child Care Education Scholarship 2000 Varies
Gen. & Mrs. Robert Shoemaker Endowed Scholarship 2000 4
TNLA Education & Research Foundation Awards 2000 Varies
Doug Pride Memorial Scholarship 2000 4
Heritage Scholarship 2100 Varies
Honors Scholarship 2414 24
Carl C. Gawart Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Colley Kane Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship 250 1
Dr. Charles E. Patterson Quasi Endowment Scholarship 250 1
Eloyse Perry Freeman Memorial Endowed Scholarship 250 1
Selma Helfgott & Gladys Vinlove Paralegal, Legal Assistant Scholarship Fund 250 2
Sgt. Audie Murphy Club Scholarship 250 2
Smith & Carlson, P.C. Paralegal/Legal Assistant Scholarship Fund 250 2
Texas Firefighters Foundation Scholarship Fund 250 6
Edward S. Roth Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship 2500 1
Educational Opportunity Grant 2500 Varies
First Texas Bank Endowed Scholarship 280 1
Lewis C. & Margie E. Shine Family Business Administration 280 1
Rudolph & Kathryn Schnitz Memorial Scholarship 280 1
Sallie Mae Education Trust Endowed Scholarship 290 1
AAUW Lea Ledger Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Agriculture Department Academic Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Agriculture Department Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Annabell R. Aldrich Memorial Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Bernice M. Beck Memorial Banking & Accounting Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Betty Smothers Broadhurst Memorial Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Catherine Mason & CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship 300 1
CTC Student Nurses Association Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Dennis & Kandace Eakin Endowed Scholarship 300 2
Dr. James R. & Lois A. Anderson Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Dr. Stephen & Lydia Vancura Endowed Scholarship 300 2
Dr. W. A. & Mrs. Joyce Roach Endowed Scholarship in Nursing 300 5
Eugene Rorie Memorial Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Genevieve K. Shemwell Memorial Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Gilmore Senior Citizens Center Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Gordon D. Bacon Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Professions 300 1
Helga Shelton Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Hord-Johnson Endowed Scholarship in Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Drafting-Design & Industrial Technology 300 1
Major Andrea A. Nielsen, USAF (Retired) Endowed Scholarship for Women 300 1
Moon-Young Song Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics 300 1
Phyllis Allen Barron Endowed Nursing Scholarship 300 2
Reba & Murl Hennigen Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Roy Jason Crawford Endowed Memorial Scholarship 300 1
Sherene Brewer & CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship 300 1
Weldon & Nancy Whitis Endowed Technology Scholarship 300 1
Wickersham-Thomason Memorial Endowed Scholarship 300 1
William A. Crawford Endowed Memorial Scholarship 300 1
William Chris Wilson Memorial Endowed Scholarship 300 2
Computer Science & Math Scholarship 3125 Varies
Central Texas Rodders Endowed Scholarship 350 1
Heart O' Texas Federal Credit Union-Juanita C. Williams Endowed Scholarship 350 1
Horace Grace African-American Studies & Research Endowed Scholarship 350 2
Lott, Vernon & Co., P.C. Endowed Scholarship 350 2
Iowa Tuition Scholarship 3900 Varies
Charles F. Haug Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship 400 1
Col. Ret. Thomas "Tiny" & Nora Wesson Memorial Endowed Scholarship 400 1
Eugene Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship 400 2
Jane & Sid Wieser Vocational-Technical Endowed Scholarship 400 8
Marvin & Dorothy Mickan Endowed Scholarship 400 1
Agnes Haug Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship 450 1
CTC Foundation Endowed Humanities Scholarship 450 2
CTC Foundation Endowed Law, Business, & Office Service Scholarship 450 2
CTC Foundation Endowed Media & Technology Scholarship 450 2
CTC Foundation Endowed Science Scholarship 450 2
CTC Retiree Association Endowed Scholarship 450 1
Golden Deeds Recipients Endowed Scholarship 450 2
Michael Davidson Alexander Memorial Scholarship 480 1
Jim Ayre Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Tri-City Council for Dietetic Education Scholarship 500 1
Central Missouri State University-Automotive Technology-SAE Engineering Scholarship 500 1
Al Ornstein Memorial Endowed Scholarship 500 3
Beth Cheatham Office Administration Scholarship Fund 500 1
Betsy & Kyle Hilliard Endowed Scholarship 500 4
Central Texas College Staff Scholarship Fund 500 1
Christmas Affair's Committee Scholarship 500 1
Criminal Justice Department Chair's Scholarship 500 1
CTC Alumni & Friends Association Scholarship 500 1
CTC Faculty Senate Competency Based Skill Center Endowed Scholarship 500 1
E. H. & Lorette Rhode Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Frankie Baggett Endowed Fine Arts Scholarship 500 1
Henderson Garrett Scholarship for Nursing Student 500 1
James R. & Bernice Lindley Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Killeen Evening Lions Club Scholarship 500 1
Killeen Garden Club Endowed Academic Scholarship 500 1
Ralph A. Cadwallader Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Roy & Valta Reynolds Endowed Scholarship 500 6
University of Central Texas Endowed Scholarship for Central Texas College & Tarleton State University Central Texas 500 5
Leonard E. Meyer Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Pacific Far East Campus Scholarship 500 1
Douvas Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Minority Teacher Incentive Grant 5000 Varies
Weisman Scholarship 5000 Varies
Undergraduate Scholarship 5000 1
Edward B. Jasuta, Jr. Endowed Scholarship for Radio, Television & Telecommunications 550 1
Local Heros Endowed Scholarship 550 1
Lovett Ledger Memorial Endowed Scholarship 550 1
Students In Free Enterprise Endowed Scholarship 550 2
Central Community College Foundation Scholarship 600 1
Helen Bigham Memorial Endowed Scholarship 600 5
John Edward (J.E.) Alexander Memorial Endowed Scholarship 600 3
Roy J. Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship 600 1
Central-Transfer Student Scholarship 6000 Varies
Guinn & Darlene Fergus Memorial Endowment 650 2
Metroplex Hospital Endowed Scholarship 650 4
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship 6500 Varies
Presidential Community College Scholarship 6500 Varies
David O'Neall Memorial Endowed Scholarship 700 1
Dr. Ray Stanley Laney & Dr. Billie Johnson Laney Memorial Endowed Scholarship 700 1
Joyce Wright Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate 700 4
Rena Pearce Coston Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Nursing Students 700 1
Cornerstone Scholarship 7000 Varies
Mu Phi Epsilon Scholarship Fund in Memory of Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter 750 Varies
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Cal Lynn Crawford Scholarship Fund 750 Varies
CTC Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship 750 1
O'Connell Robertson Endowed Scholarship 800 1
Frank W. Mayborn Endowed Scholarship in Journalism & Telecommunicatoins 850 5
Dean's Scholarship 9000 Varies
Kuyper Scholarship Varies Varies
Multicultural Scholarship Varies Varies
Jim & Norma Merrick Scholarship Varies Varies
Abraham F. Kotkin Scholarship Varies 1
Adolfo Chavarro-Latin American Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Alexander J. Federowicz Scholarship Varies 1
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Scholarship Varies 1
Alpha Phi Omega Scholarship Varies Varies
Alvin B. Wood Scholarship Varies Varies
Ann C. Denault Scholarship Varies 1
Anna Bubser-Judd Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur & Catherine Kevorkian Scholarship Varies 1
Blake Scholarship Varies Varies
Brenda A. Reilly Scholarship Varies Varies
Business Education Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
C.J. Huang Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
C.R. Klewin-Michael J. D'Amato Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl Krein Scholarship Varies Varies
Carmine J. Abate Scholarship Varies Varies
CBA Construction Law Scholarship Varies Varies
CCSU Accounting Society Scholarship Varies 1
CCSU Alumni Association Scholarship Varies Varies
CCSU New Britain Chapter NAACP Clifford J. Willis, Sr. Scholarship Varies 1
Charles "Chick" Klett Golf Scholarship Varies Varies
Class of 1940 Scholarship Varies 1
Class of 1953 Scholarship Varies 1
Class of 1954 Scholarship Varies 1
Class of 1971 Scholarship Varies Varies
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)-Hartford Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
CSEA-Chapter 31 Scholarship Varies Varies
Cynthia Guertin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David DeNuccio Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
David Ross Scholarship Varies 1
David T. Rybczyk Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Helen Garabedian Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Patricia Hall Scholarship Varies Varies
Duffy Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Educational Support Services Scholarship Varies Varies
Elizabeth Walden Scholarship Varies Varies
Emily Pirog Scholarship Varies 1
Esther M. Clarke-Mildred L. Clark Scholarship Varies Varies
Esther Murray Clarke Scholarship Varies 1
F. & L. Holland Scholarship Varies Varies
Florence Widger Lohse Scholarship Varies 1
Foundation Scholars Scholarship Varies Varies
Francis J. Rio Scholarship Varies 1
Frank D. Cannata Scholarship Varies 1
Frank Marietta Scholarship Varies Varies
Friends of New Britain High School Football Scholarship Varies Varies
G. Wesley Ketcham Scholarship Varies 1
Geary Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
George R. Muirhead Scholarship Varies Varies
Grace Hirst Creed & Dr. Harold Bingham Scholarship Varies Varies
Graduate Academic Awards Varies Varies
Graduate Student Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Grzyb Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
H.G. Peter Wallach Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry W. Majlinger Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Herbert D. Welte Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Thomas Gugerty Scholarship Varies 1
J.D. Arute Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack Arute, Sr. Scholarship Varies 1
Jack Suydam Scholarship Varies Varies
James A. & Mary Hayes Lord Scholarship Varies 1
James-Hauser International Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Jerome Vigdor Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
John Huntington Athletic Training Scholarship Varies 1
John Zubretsky, Sr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph Bellomo Scholarship Varies Varies
Justus Beach Scholarship Varies Varies
Karen Beyard Scholarship Varies 1
Ki Hoon Kim Scholarship Varies Varies
Koh Scholarship Varies Varies
Kwang Lim & Hesung Chun Koh Scholarship Varies Varies
Lester Levine Scholarship Varies 1
Lincoln Mongillo Scholarship Varies 1
Litton Industries Scholarship Varies 1
M. DeLott Garber Scholarship Varies 1
Martin & Sophie Grzyb Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Miano Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael D'Amico-Class of 1998 Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael J. Witty Scholarship Varies Varies
Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Scholarships Varies Varies
Norman Gerber Scholarship Varies Varies
OKAY Industries Scholarship Varies Varies
Outstanding Scholar Award Varies Varies
Paul Hochstim German Scholar Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul Vouras Scholarship Varies 1
Pauline M. Alt Teacher Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Pauline M. Alt Women's Re-Entry Scholarship Varies Varies
Pettinico Family Scholarship Varies 1
Polish Invitational Golf Committee Scholarship Varies Varies
Polish Summer School Scholarship Varies 1
Raymond D. & Ellen N. Martinsen Scholarship Varies 1
Reverand Robert Lord Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard L. Judd Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert Lord Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Rowland-Reflexite Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Ruth Boyea Scholarship Varies 1
Ruth Schlichting Kossyta Scholarship Varies Varies
SGA Scholarship Varies 1
Stella Willins Scholarship Varies Varies
Stephen & Marie Burg & Family Scholarship Varies 1
Ted Owen Track & Field Scholarship Varies Varies
Thaddeus Torp Scholarship Varies 1
Thomas F. Martucci Scholarship Varies Varies
Unity Lodge-New Britain Freemasons Scholarship Varies 1
Valle P. Lattanzio Scholarship Varies 1
Virginia Wicks Vidich Scholarship Varies Varies
W. Terry Owens-Ann Murtha Scholarship Fund Varies 1
William Chatfield Scholarship Varies 1
William Detrick Basketball Scholarship Varies Varies
William McInerney-Class of '38 Scholarship Varies 1
WKND Scholarship Initiative Scholarship Varies Varies
Yoko Niibo Scholarship Varies Varies
Lakeside Lawn & Landscape-Landsburg Landscape Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert O. & Lillian Rathke Educational Scholarship Varies 4
Citizens Bank of Bay City Educational Scholarship (college) Varies 1
Melbourne & Alice E. Frontjes Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas R. Shaw Scholarship (College) Varies 1
Tina Turner Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Leon I. Lock & Barbara R. Lock Scholarship Fund (College) Varies 1
McInroy-Sheffer Prople Trust Fund Varies Varies
C.L. Robbins Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Cadmus Communications Corporation Graphics Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Law Enforcement Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Woodinville Rotary Scholarship in Viticulture-Enology Studies Varies Varies
Tykeson Foundation #1 Varies 1


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