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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A. Jeffrey Weinper Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing Varies Varies
Albert L. Walker Excellence-in-English Awards 350 3
Alfonso Biggs Scholarships Varies Varies
Anita & Larry Jones Scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Anna & John Allen-Waller Scholarships 3000 Varies
Anne Lillis Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Anneka McMillan Creative Arts Scholarship 1000 2
Barbara J. Lannin Memorial Creative Writing Scholarship Varies Varies
Benck Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarships for Migrant Farmworkers 2500 Varies
Bill & Grace Calder Scholarship Varies Varies
Bill & Jane Spain Scholarship Varies Varies
Bill Bernbach Minority Scholarship 5000 5
Bill Waller Awards Varies Varies
Bonita M. Cox Award for Classical & Medieval Studies Varies Varies
Brand English Department Award Varies Varies
Brand Senior Scholarship Varies Varies
Caroline Heath Tunstall-Elizabeth Calvert Page Dabney Scholarship Varies Varies
Cecil A. Blue Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Vincent & Heidi Cole McLaughlin Scholarship 1000 50
Cheryl Ann Reis Memorial Scholarship Fund 750 1
Chris Lin Memorial Scholarship 835 1
CLAS Dean’s Scholarship 1000 1
College of Liberal Arts Legacy Awards 3000 Varies
Coulter Emerging Poets & Writers Prize Varies Varies
Creative Writing Activity Grant Varies Varies
Creative Writing Awards 2500 Varies
Creative Writing Scholarships Varies 3
Creative Writing Scholarships 2500 Varies
Creative Writing-Chestatee Review Scholarship Varies Varies
Critical Writing Award 50 Varies
David D. Anderson Award for the Best Freshman Essay in American Thought & Language Varies Varies
David Evans & Lucille Collins Nutt Scholarship Varies Varies
David R. Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund 2000 1
David Scott Sutelan Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean’s Scholar Awards 5000 Varies
Dorothy C. Evans Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorothy Pritchard Wright Children’s Literature Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorrit A. Sibley Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Deborah G. Haynes & Dr. R. Larry Beamer Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Karen Pelz Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Louis A. “Andy” Doyle Memorial Scholarship for the English Literature in Ireland Program Varies Varies
Drewry Faculty Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Earl & Alice McCaslin Scholarship Varies Varies
Elaine L. Wojenski Memorial Literary Scholarship Varies Varies
Elaine O. Mann Endowed Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Emma Lou Fielder Scholarship in Literature Varies Varies
Emma McAllister Novel Scholarship 1000 2
Eugene G. Coombs Scholarship Varies Varies
Eulalia “Sister” Bourne Scholarship Varies Varies
Eva Benson Buck Awards 3000 Varies
Evans Harrington Creative Writing Award Varies Varies
Felix Morley Memorial Journalism Competition 2500 6
Fern R. Kalmbach Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies 2
Film & Fiction Scholarships 10000 Varies
George B. Lawson Prize Essay Scholarship Varies Varies
Gipsy H. Clarke Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing Varies Varies
Gloria Goldstein Howton Scholarship Varies Varies
Gorenberg Family Undergraduate Award 1000 1
H.M. “Jimmie” Hayes & May Clayton Hayes Prize for Creative Writing Varies Varies
Harold & Eva Weimer Grafton Scholarship Varies Varies
Harvey Birenbaum Prize Scholarship Varies Varies
Hattie Greene Lockett Excellence Award in Poetry 500 Varies
Hazen E. Nutter Scholarship 1000 20
Helen K. Fairall Endowment Scholarship 4000 3
Herbert & Edith Peterson Scholarship 1000 1
Ida Faye Sachs Ludwig Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Imagine America Military Award Program (MAP) 1000 10
Isabel & Mary Neff Scholarship Varies 2
J. Peter Sones Scholarship 1000 3
James & Rachel Lowrie Award 100 Varies
James A. Michener Creative Writing Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane Hartman Memorial Writing Scholarship Varies Varies
Janet Weis Writer’s Institute Scholarship 2500 Varies
Jim Wayne Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
John & Ruth Yunck Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
John C. McGalliard Medieval Essay Prize 100 1
John Foster West Writing Award Varies Varies
John G. & Barbara McCune Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
John K. & Elise Lampert Fesler-Waller Awards 3000 Varies
John Schultz & Betty Shiflett Story Workshop Scholarship 2500 Varies
John Weston Scholarship in Creative Writing Varies Varies
Joseph Sr. & Sundina Miniace Scholarship Varies Varies
Josephine A. Stabler Scholarship Varies Varies
Judy Burton Awards 3000 Varies
Katherine Spessard Fund Fellowships 1000 Varies
Kay & John Morse Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Kelly Foundation Scholarship Fund for the English Literature in Ireland Program Varies Varies
Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Alumni Scholarships Varies 10
Knight-Wilhelm Scholarship Varies Varies
Kurt Moody Creative Writing Award 500 Varies
Laurence Fairall Endowment Scholarship 4000 5
Lawrence A. Sanders Scholarship for Creative Writing 2500 Varies
Lawrence A. Sanders Scholarship for Creative Writing 2000 1
Lois King Thore English Scholarship Varies Varies
Lois Renouf Nelson Memorial Scholarship in English 500 1
Loughead-Eldredge Endowed Fund in Creative Writing Varies Varies
Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts Varies Varies
Lyla Hoffine Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
M. Andrew May Scholarship Varies Varies
M. Margaret Foster Scholarship Varies Varies
Marcia E. Platt & Douglas L. Ruble Scholarship Varies Varies
Marian Coe Scholarship in Creative Writing Varies Varies
Marie Padgett Hamilton Award in English 500 Varies
Marion Kurtz Croak Memorial Scholarship in English Varies Varies
Marjorie A. Pastor Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Marjorie McLaughlin Folendorf Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Marjorie McMahon Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Hartwell Catherwood Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Helen Richardson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
MFA Creative Writing Scholarship 700 Varies
Michael Aschoff Dissertation Fellowship Award Fund Varies Varies
Michele S. Fabrizi Woman of Spirit Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Nicholas Meyer Playwriting Scholarship Varies 1
Olive Baker Nease Scholarship Varies Varies
Operation Jumpstart III Scholarships 10000 Varies
Owen Milton Broyles Scholarship Varies Varies
Parker M. & Virginia Y. Howell Scholarship (College) 500 3
Parker M. & Virginia Y. Howell Scholarship (HS Senior) 500 3
Part of a Literary Community Scholarship Varies Varies
Pearl Hogrefe Grants-In-Aid for Creative Writing 250 Varies
Phelan Awards Varies Varies
Pittsburgh Advertising Federation Scholarship Fund 1000 5
Poetry Scholarship 1500 Varies
Presidential Scholarship in the Arts 10000 Varies
Professor Jack E. Fink & Maxine Hunt Fink Humanities Honors Endowment Varies Varies
Quentin Johnson Award 100 Varies
R.D. Brown Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Rebecca Elizabeth Porter Creative Writing Fellowship 1000 Varies
Richard R. Wright Award 200 Varies
Robert & Minnie M. Torrance Scholarship in Creative Writing Varies Varies
Robert H. Woodward Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Robin & Jean Gibson Fellowship Endowment Varies Varies
Russell Corporation Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Schiff Fellowships Varies Varies
Scholarship 300 Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 1000 Varies
Shelby E. Sweeny Beowulf Prize Varies Varies
Society for the Fine Arts (SFA) Scholarships in Creative Writing 1500 Varies
Stephen H.Tudor Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing Varies Varies
Susan Hitzler Schell Scholarship 1000 1
T. Walter Herbert Fellowship Fund 1000 Varies
Tampa Writing Scholars Scholarship Varies 15
Thomas Burnett Swann Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas E. Dunn Fund for Creative Writing Varies Varies
Thomas H. & Sarah Jane McIntosh Fund No. 1 Varies Varies
Threadgill Scholarship Program Fund Varies Varies
Truman Capote Literary Trust Scholarship for Creative Writing Varies Varies
UNM Performing Arts & Creative Practice Scholars’ Program Scholarship 4640 Varies
Van de Verde Memorial Scholarship in Humanities Varies Varies
Varg-Sullivan Endowed Graduate Award in Arts & Letters Varies 2
W.W. Massey Sr. Presidential Scholarship 1000 10
Watson-Shannon Performing Arts Management Internship Varies Varies
Wayne Lustig Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Werner Schirmer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Wesley McCarty Scholarship Varies Varies
Wilbur Lee Taylor Storyteller Scholarship Varies Varies
Will C. Jumper Award 100 Varies
William Carleton Scholarship 1000 1
Women’s Press Club of Pittsburgh-The Gertrude Gordon Memorial Fund 2700 1
Young Communicators Fellowships 5000 Varies


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