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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Academic Achievement Award 2000 Varies
Academically Talented Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Aetna & Life Casualty Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
African & American Women’s Association Varies Varies
Alaine Leroy Locke Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert A. Carretta Scholarship 2500 Varies
Alpha Kappa Alpha Society Varies Varies
Alumni Association of Central High School Scholarship Fund 1000 2
Alumni Grant 1000 Varies
Alumni Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Amtrak Travel Scholarship 750 185
Archdiocesan Scholarship Varies Varies
Armour J. & Helen M. Blackburn Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Arnold & Porter Scholarship 4000 Varies
ARS-St. Louis Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur J. Ellis Scholarship 10600 Varies
Arthur John Keeffe Scholarship 13500 Varies
Aubrey B. Lowery Scholarship Varies Varies
Aubrey Lindo, Madge Lindo, & Ivy Riggo Scholarship Varies Varies
Bender Scholarship to the University of Cambridge Varies Varies
Betty Endicott-NTA-NCCB Student Scholarship 5000 1
Bliss Prize Fellowship in Byzantine Studies Varies Varies
Book Scholarship 600 8
Boone Foundation Scholarship Award 1500 Varies
Bryce Harlow Institute on Business & Government Affairs Summer Institute Financial Assistance 2500 80
Capital Semester 9500 Varies
Capitol Scholarship Program 2000 Varies
Capstone Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl & Ida Anderson Varies Varies
Carl J. Domino Varies Varies
Charles & LaVerne Earley, Jr. Scholarship in Teacher Education Varies Varies
Charles & Pamela Ogletree Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles & Willie Mae Belvin Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles A. Horsky Scholarship 1000 Varies
Charles Fremont West Memorial Athletic Fund Varies Varies
Charles Morehand Varies Varies
Citigroup Fellows Program (C) 5000 10
Clarence Generette Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Club Elite Scholarship 500 Varies
College-bound Award 5000 1
Communications Law Scholarships 6000 2
Company of Friends Varies Varies
Corcoran College of Art & Design Grant 7000 Varies
Corcoran College of Art & Design Scholarship 3500 Varies
Corcoran College of Art & Design Scholarships 1500 Varies
Crowell & Moring Diversity in the Legal Profession Scholarship 10000 3
CUA Grants Varies Varies
David & Ellen Jones Varies Varies
David A. Fisher Endowed Student Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
DC Federation of Civic Associations (DCFCA) 1000 5
DC Retired Teachers Teacher Education Scholarship 3000 3
DC School Counselor’s Association (DCSCA)-Nathaniel Hill Memorial Scholarship 500 1
DC Teachers College Alumni Education Scholarship 500 Varies
Dean’s Scholarship 4000 Varies
Delaware College of Art & Design Partnership Grant 3000 Varies
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Scholarship 2500 Varies
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The Federal City Alumnae Chapter Academic Excellence Scholarship 5000 2
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The Federal City Alumnae Chapter Historically Black Colleges & Universities Scholarship 2000 2
Denit Fellows Program Varies 8
Dietetics Scholarship Varies Varies
District of Columbia Chapter of Chums, Inc. Scholarship 1500 Varies
Donnie & Pam Simpson Scholarship 5000 Varies
Downtown Jaycees Student Scholarship 2000 Varies
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Day Committee Scholarship 1500 4
Dr. V.E. Gladstone Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dwight P. Jacobus Scholarships 1000 6
Eben Tisdale Fellowship 5000 Varies
Edmond & Maria Prioleau Scholarship-The Committee of African American History Observances Varies Varies
Edward H. Morris Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Edwin A. Smalls Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Edwin A. Smalls Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Eleanore Dulin & James Clanton Haynes Memorial Law & Public Policy Scholarship 13500 Varies
Elizabeth Guhring Scholarship 13500 Varies
Ella Coleman Washington Scholarship Varies Varies
Elliott Engineering Honor Scholarships 10000 Varies
Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political & Economic Systems 2500 80
ESSENCE Scholars Program 10000 5
Estate of Helen F. Jones Varies Varies
Esther R. Sawyer Scholarship 5000 1
Family Matters Scholarship 1000 4
Fanning Labor Law Scholarship 13500 Varies
Flemmie Kittrell Varies Varies
Fortune Brands Scholars Program 3500 Varies
Founders Scholarship Varies Varies
Fourth Degree Pro Deo & Pro Patria Scholarships (college) 1500 12
Francis X. Gallagher Scholarship 13500 Varies
Frank Savage Endowed Scholars Program Varies Varies
Frederick Douglass Scholars Program Varies Varies
Frederick J. Perren Varies Varies
Frederick Warren Student Aid Fund Varies Varies
G. Bradford & Joan Jones Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
George Morton Lightfoot Varies Varies
George Washington Guaranteed Grant Varies Varies
George Washington University-Graduate Fellowship 10000 Varies
George Washington University-Scottish Rite Graduate Fellowships in Language Disorders 10000 2
George Washington University-Scottish Rite-Bichan Scholarship 10000 2
George Washington University-Undergraduate Scholarships 13000 Varies
Gheens Foundation Scholarship 2000 Varies
Gordon McCallum Scholarship 1000 3
Grace Halsell Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Graduate Award 5000 1
Graduate Student Scholarship 2000 2
GW Family Tuition Grant Varies Varies
Harry A. & Julia B. Craft Scholarship Varies 4
Harvey Olem Scholarship 1000 3
Helen T. Carr Fellowship 10000 Varies
Historically Black Colleges & Universities Scholarship Program-Enhanced Varies Varies
Honors Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard University Alumni Club San Jose-South Bay Area Varies Varies
HU Alumni Club Detroit Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Hyman P. Moldover Scholarship for Communal Service 5000 Varies
Ida Ballard Simon Memorial Scholarship Fund 50000 1
Institute on Philanthropy & Voluntary Service 2500 80
Intel Scholars Program 5000 Varies
International Student Scholarship 3000 2
Irving R.M. Panzer & Sue Stokley Burnett Panzer Memorial Scholarship 13500 Varies
J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Scholarship to the University of Oxford Varies 1
James Edward Miller Chapman Educational Foundation Varies Varies
Jody Freshman Nurik Memorial Scholarship 13500 Varies
John & W. Chester McLure Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
John A. Bernard Varies Varies
John M. Shippen Scholarship Varies Varies
John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships (college) 1500 36
Judge Franklin Varies Varies
Kenneth Lloyd Hardy, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kurt Salmon Memorial Varies Varies
Kwang Lim & Korean Wesley Fellows Varies Varies
Laureate Scholarship Varies Varies
Law School Memorial Scholarship 20000 Varies
Leahy Scholarship 20000 Varies
Legacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Leslie C. Forde Varies Varies
Linda Harris Nelson Memorial Endowed Scholarship 20000 Varies
Lorraine A. Williams Varies Varies
Louie Paul Keyser Bison Degree Varies Varies
Luther C. Shibley Honorary Scholarship Fund 5000 Varies
Mae I. Tabbanor Scholarship Varies Varies
Mamie C. Woodford Scholarship Varies Varies
Marcus F. Wheatland Varies Varies
Martin Luther King Scholarship 20000 Varies
Mary & Daniel Loughran Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Church Terrell Scholarship 1500 2
MASSGrant Program Varies Varies
Merit Scholarships Varies Varies
Miriam Theresa Rooney Scholarship 13500 Varies
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Scholars Program Varies Varies
NACA East Coast Graduate Student Scholarship Varies 2
NACA East Coast Undergraduate Scholarship for Student Leaders Varies 2
NACME-NASA Undergraduate Student Award for Research (USAR) 2500 Varies
New Direction Fund Varies Varies
Newcombe Scholarships for Students With Disabilities Varies 9
Non-Resident Scholarship 1000 4
Norrington-Edwards Scholarship Varies Varies
Nurse Practitioner-Nurse Midwife Scholarship Program Varies Varies
On-Campus Grant 1000 Varies
Otis M. Smith Scholarship 2000 4
Owens Corning Fiberglass Scholarship Cluster Fund Varies Varies
Parish Scholarship 3000 Varies
Pembroke-GW Program Varies 6
Penelope Hanshaw Scholarship 500 1
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Varies Varies
Philip Morris USA Scholarship 5000 17
Phyllis Campbell Newsome Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
President’s Award 2000 Varies
Presidential Academic Scholarships (freshmen) Varies Varies
Presidential Academic Scholarships (transfers) Varies Varies
Presidential Arts Award Varies Varies
Presidential Recognition Award Varies Varies
Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
Pro Duffers Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Prometheans Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ralph J. Rohner Scholarship 13500 Varies
Reader’s Digest Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Reginald F. Lewis Student Scholars (GPA) Varies Varies
Reginald F. Lewis Student Scholars (National Achievement) Varies Varies
Research Fellowships Varies Varies
Richard Barber Scholarship 1000 3
Robert C. Graff & Helen D. Graff Memorial Scholarship 20000 Varies
Robert E. Green-Lockheed Aircraft Varies Varies
Robert J. Dickey Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert M. Jenkins Memorial Reservoir Research Scholarship 1000 2
Robert Taylor Bonds Endowed Scholarship in Education Varies Varies
Roland G. Henderson Geoscience Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Roscoe Pinkett-Mt. Pleasant Baptist Varies Varies
Sarah M. Clark & Asia S. Cottom Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 5000 50
Scholarship 1000 1
Scholarship 500 1
Scholarship Aid for Disadvantaged Minority Group Students Varies Varies
Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Scholarships for Mature Women Students Varies 23
Scholastic Art Award Scholarship 2000 Varies
Section Grants: Northeastern Section Research Grants Varies Varies
Senior Scholar Award 2500 Varies
Sherwood L. Catlett Endowed Fund for Academically Talented Students Varies Varies
Silver Anniversary Grant for Excellence (SAGE) 13500 Varies
State of Maine Grant Program 1200 Varies
Stephen R. Zlodi, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
The Best of Friends Varies Varies
The Institute of Political Journalism 2500 80
Thurgood Marshall Memorial Scholarship 20000 Varies
Tom Joyner Foundation Varies Varies
Transfer Scholarship Varies Varies
Transfer Scholarship 1000 Varies
Tri-State Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Trustee Scholarships Varies Varies
Trustees Scholarships Varies Varies
TRW Information Technology Minority Scholarship 3000 Varies
Undergraduate Award I 5000 1
Undergraduate Award II 5000 1
Undergraduate Scholarship 1050 Varies
University of the District of Columbia National Alumni Society Tuition Scholarship (UDCNAS) 2000 Varies
University Scholarships Varies Varies
USX Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Vernon X. Miller Scholarship 13500 Varies
W. David Brown Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter J. Hawkins Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Washington Scholarships 2000 8
Washington, D.C. Chapter Scholarship 2000 1
Welford & Blanche Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William H. Davis Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William Hobart Little & Wilma Kyle Cox Little Memorial Fund 13500 Varies
William R. & Victoria Calloway Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students 5000 Varies
William Rucker Greenwood Scholarship 1000 2
William Stuart Nelson Varies Varies


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