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ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A.J. Fletcher Scholars Program 5000 Varies
Academic Merit Scholarships 5000 Varies
Accounting Faculty Meritorious Student Scholarship 500 Varies
Admiral Ernest M. Eller Awards in Modern Naval History Varies Varies
Al Joyner Scholarship Varies Varies
Albemarle Hospital Volunteer Service, Inc. Scholarships 5000 3
Albert Conley Marketing Scholarship 250 Varies
Alexandra Scholarship 300 Varies
American Legion Post #39 Scholarship Varies Varies
American Society for Clinical Pathology Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
American Society for Quality-M.O. Beckett Scholarship 750 Varies
Andrew J. Pappas Memorial Scholarship 400 Varies
Andrews Scholarship 800 Varies
Andy Roos Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Anna Francis Jukoski & Philip Alexander Jukoski Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Annemarie & Albert J. Lalik Scholarship 1500 Varies
Annie Dean Allen Scholarship 500 1
Archie R. Burnette Scholarship 1800 Varies
Audrey J. Smith Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ausmus G. Wells Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Ballard S. & Genevieve H. Gay Scholarship 500 Varies
Barbara & Matthew Landers Fellowship Varies Varies
BB&T; Scholarship for Business 2000 Varies
Beatrice Chauncey Music Scholarship 750 Varies
Becky Ledford Memorial Scholarship 300 Varies
Benjamin Lane Abbott Scholarship 1500 Varies
Benjamin Scott Denton Graduate Fellowship 1000 Varies
Benn D. Maynard, Jr. Scholarships 1500 Varies
Berbecker Foundation Fellowship in Health Sciences 1250 Varies
Berbecker Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Bessie McNeil Scholarship 1000 Varies
Beta Alpha Psi Scholarship 250 Varies
Betty Abernathy Scholarship 2500 Varies
Betty Brown Ridan Scholarship 1000 1
Beulah L. Raynor Scholarship 1500 Varies
Beulah Little Mason Scholarship 4000 Varies
Bloxton-Strawn Scholarship 1000 Varies
Board of Governors’ Medical Scholarship Program (BGMS) Varies 20
Bobby Gowen Memorial Scholarship in Music Therapy 1000 Varies
Brett T. Watson Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Brody School of Medicine Early Assurance Award 5000 Varies
Burney & Judy Warren Scholarship 300 Varies
Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship in Organic Chemistry 11000 2
C.M. & M.D. Suther Scholarship Varies Varies
C.Q. Brown Scholarship 500 Varies
Carolyn C. Matthews Jones Scholarship 1000 Varies
Carolyn Marie Cuddy Memorial Scholarship 300 Varies
Catherine Virginia McCulley Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Catherine Virginia McCulley Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Centura Bank Scholarships 1000 2
Centura East Carolina Scholars Award in Business 1000 Varies
Century Business Services (CBIZ) Accounting Scholarship 3500 Varies
Chall Ralph Little Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles & Nancy White Keyboard Scholarship 500 Varies
Charles & Patricia Moore Scholarship in English Varies Varies
Charles C. Scoven, III Memorial Scholarship 300 Varies
Charles Calvert Holt Scholarship Fund 1125 1
Charles E. & Margaret S. Stevens Scholarship 1000 Varies
Charles Marion & Sandra Dough Vincent Scholarship 600 Varies
Chevrolet Scholarship 560 Varies
Clyda Batton Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Coastal Plains Chapter of NCACPA Scholarships 500 3
Conley Marketing Scholarship 250 3
Connally Branch Scholarship 1000 Varies
Counselor & Adult Education Scholarship 500 Varies
Credit Professionals Scholarship 500 Varies
Danny R. Scott Scholarship 1000 Varies
Darshan S. Bhatia Mermorial Award 1250 Varies
David B. & Willa Stevens Scholarship 600 Varies
Decision Sciences Scholarship 750 Varies
Deloitte & Touche Accounting Scholarship 500 Varies
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Scholarship Varies Varies
Department of Geograhpy Scholarship 250 Varies
Deveraux Haigh Lippitt Scholarship Varies Varies
Dewey L. Padgett Scholarship 200 Varies
Diane & Chip Linville Scholarship 800 Varies
Dicie H. Howell Memorial Scholarship in Music Education 500 Varies
Dixon Odom & Company Scholarship 500 Varies
Dixon-Hughes Scholarship 1000 Varies
Donald F. Clemens Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald L. & Barbara H. Hatch Scholarship 1800 Varies
Donald Y. Leggett Alumni Association Scholarship 600 1
Donna Dease Memorial Voice Scholarship 500 Varies
Doris N. Burnette Scholarship 1000 2
Dr. A.P. & Frances Dickson Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Betty M. Long Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 2
Dr. Charles R. Coble Scholarship 1000 Varies
Dr. Jerry Ashcroft Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Keith D. Holmes, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Suzanne M. Wester, M.D. Scholarship 5000 Varies
Dr. Willie D. Gunn Scholarship Varies Varies
East Carolina Bank Honors Scholarship 1000 Varies
East Carolina Scholars Award 3000 Varies
East Georgia College Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Eastern Carolina Section of the American Society for Quality M.O. Beckett, Jr. Scholarship 750 Varies
Eastern NC Foundation Scholarship 800 Varies
ECAF-Richard B. Dollar Scholarship 500 Varies
ECU Accounting Society Scholarship 250 Varies
ECU Chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association Scholarship 500 Varies
ECU Gateways Award Varies Varies
Edenton Friends Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ella D. Broughton Scholarship Varies Varies
Elsie Faith Seal Scholarship 600 1
Elsie L. & Silas D. Abernathy Scholarship 750 Varies
Emanuel County Agribusiness Scholarship Varies Varies
Emily Boyce Fellowship Award 500 Varies
Emma Morris Scholarship (over 25 years old) 1000 Varies
Emma Morris Scholarship (single mother) 1000 Varies
Endowment for South Asian Students of Indian Descent Scholarship 1500 1
Eugene G. Anderson Family Transfer Scholarship 1950 1
Eunice Mann Garner Scholarship Varies Varies
Eva Woosley Warren Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
EXSS Memorial Scholarship-Gay Blocker 300 Varies
Farmville Patrons Scholarship 1000 Varies
Faye B. Lamb Scholarship Varies Varies
Faye Marie Creegan Scholarship 1000 Varies
First American Savings Bank Scholarship 500 Varies
Floy Spencer Jacobson Memorial Scholarship for Strings 1000 Varies
Floyd & Pauline Mattheis Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank Booth Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Frank G. Fuller Scholarship 400 Varies
Friends of the School of Music Merit Scholarship 3000 Varies
Friends of the School of Music Scholarships 3000 Varies
Gary L. Warren Scholarship in Business 500 Varies
George Hamilton Physical Therapy Scholarship 500 2
Gertrude B. Elion Mentored Medical Student Research Awards 10000 Varies
Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
GOALS AT ECU Award Varies Varies
Golden LEAF Scholarship Program-Four Year University Program 3000 Varies
Graduate Rehabilitation Literary Awards 300 Varies
Graduate Research Fellowship-Assistantship Varies Varies
Grady & Martha Davis Scholarship 1500 Varies
Grant Thornton Accounting Scholarship 1000 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship in Mathematics or Science Education 500 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-Admissions 1000 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-English 500 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-Health & Human Performance 250 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-Industrial Technology 500 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-Political Science 500 Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-School of Allied Health Sciences 500 3
Gravely Foundation Scholarships in Elementary Education & Special Education 500 Varies
Greenville-Pitt County Association of Realtors Scholarship 500 Varies
Grover & Jesse Rodgers Church Music Scholarship 2000 Varies
Grover & Jessie Rodgers Scholarship in Archaeology 2250 Varies
Grover Woodrow Everett Chemistry Scholarship Varies Varies
Hal S. Johnson Scholarship for Business 1000 Varies
Hankins Family Scholarship 300 Varies
Health Sciences Golf Classic Scholarship 2000 Varies
Henry C. & Frances P. Oglesby Scholarship 1000 Varies
Henry Husted Wooten Keyboard Scholarship 5000 Varies
Herbert L. Carter ‘Collegians’ Scholarship 1000 Varies
Herman G. & Marian S. Moeller Fellowship Varies Varies
Hospice of Tarheel Scholarship-Fellowship Varies Varies
Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina Scholarship 1000 3
Institute of Management Accountants Scholarship 200 Varies
J&P; Machine Works Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Fred Hamblen Scholarship 500 Varies
J. Worth Carter Scholarship 1000 Varies
J.A.’s Uniform Shop Scholarship Varies Varies
Jagannathan Scholarship Varies 1
James & Virginia Tucker Scholarship 1000 Varies
James Fenly Spear, Jr. Memorial Award Varies Varies
James L. & Ann T. Bichsel Scholarship 600 Varies
James L. Allen Music Scholarship 1000 Varies
James Lee Love Scholarship Varies Varies
James S. Livingston Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James W. Batten Research Fellow Scholarship 1000 Varies
James W. Buckley Scholarship Varies Varies
Jean Garris Scholarships in Elementary & Special Education 500 Varies
Jean Morgan Scholarship Varies Varies
Jeanette Ambrose Mizelle Scholarship 2000 Varies
Jeanne Smith Piland Voice Scholarship 2500 Varies
Jennifer Elizabeth Lambeth Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Jim Fowlkes Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
Jo Ann Maurer Scholarship Varies Varies
Joe H. Bostic-Bladen County Alumni Chapter Scholarship 500 1
John B. Davis Scholarship Varies Varies
John C. Ralph Scholarship 300 Varies
John D. & Dorothy C. Ebbs Fellowship Endowment Fund 1500 Varies
John F. Minges, III Scholarship 500 Varies
John L. Howard Memorial Scholarship 3000 Varies
Jorgenson-Heaps-Nelson-Simpson Faculty Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Josef & Anna Falb Totzauer Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Joseph & Catherine Hirsch Memorial Award Varies Varies
Joseph N. LeConte Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kallam-Moore Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kara Lynn Corey Fennell Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kay Hall Chesson Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Kenneth L. Bing Scholarship 300 Varies
Kevin & Lori Coates Shannon Scholarship in Business 2000 Varies
Kristi Overton Female Scholar-Athlete Award 2000 Varies
Latney W. Pittard Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Laughinghouse-Leary Scholarship 500 Varies
Lawrence F. Brewster Graduate Fellowship in History Varies Varies
Leonomie Dumais Kornegay Voice Scholarship 2500 Varies
Lester R. Ridenhour Memorial Scholarship 600 Varies
Lillian Jenkins Scholarship 750 Varies
Linda Faye Arrington Memorial Physical Therapy Emergency Scholarship Varies Varies
Louise Dubose Sells Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Luanne Lanier Scholarship 4000 Varies
Luke Hill Accounting Scholarship 500 Varies
Mack & Margaret Cole Doctoral Fellowship 600 Varies
Magnolia Belles Scholarship 600 1
Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Award Varies 60
Marianna Nicoliniti Graduate Fellowship 2500 Varies
Mary Elizabeth Lang Piano Scholarship 3000 Varies
Mary Lois Staton Scholarship 1000 2
Mary Morrow-Edna Richards Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mary Ruth Hardy Violin Scholarship 4000 Varies
Mary Wells Andrews Voice Scholarship 3000 Varies
Mathematics Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Maureen Boyd Shannon Scholarships 1000 4
Maurice Bunting Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Maxwell Graduate Fellowship in Music 1500 Varies
McClelland-Roberts Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
McGladrey & Pullen, LLC Accounting Scholarship 1000 Varies
McMahon Achievement Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael L. Bunting Business Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mildred Daniels Southwick Award Varies Varies
Mill Creek Scholarship Varies Varies
Miller-Moore Scholarship Varies Varies
Mitchell-Hunt Scholarship-Political Science 600 Varies
Myrtle Little Scholarship Varies Varies
Nahbi Ram Joshi Scholarship Varies Varies
Naomi Bartoe Graduate Nursing Student Assistance Fund Varies Varies
NCACPA Scholarships 1000 4
NCAIAW Scholarship 1000 1
NEHA-AAS Scholarship Awards 1000 2
NEHA-AAS Scholarship Awards 1000 2
NEHA-AAS Scholarship Awards 1000 2
Nehemiah & Emma Hart Garris Scholarship 1500 1
Nell Stallings Scholarship Award 500 Varies
New Bern Friends Scholarship 1000 Varies
North Carolina Health Information Management Association Varies Varies
North Carolina Restaurant Association Scholarship 200 Varies
North Carolina Sheriffs Association Criminal Justice Scholarship Varies 1
North Carolina Sheriffs Association Undergraduate Criminal Justice Scholarship 2000 10
North Carolina Society for Clincial Laboratory Science Scholarship 500 2
Osmond Mitchell Endowment Fund 5000 5
Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship 50 2
Outstanding Senior Award Varies Varies
Pam Demaree-Mike McGinnis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Parker Merit Scholarship 600 1
Pat Draughon Postgraduate Scholarship 5000 Varies
Patient Circle of the International Order of the King’s Daughters & Sons Scholarship 2500 Varies
Patricia Ann Yow Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Patricia Perry Womble Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul F. Murray Graduate History Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul Farr Memorial Essay Scholarship 150 Varies
Peggy H. Wood Scholarship 1000 Varies
Perry-Oyler Scholarship Varies Varies
Pfizer Scholarship in Business 1000 Varies
Philip & Lois Seese Accounting Scholarship 1000 Varies
Phyllis Dixon Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Pignani-Archer Scholarship Varies Varies
Pitt County Alumni Chapter Scholarship 500 1
Pitt County Unit Retired School Personnel Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
Pitt-Greenville Board of Realtors Scholarship 500 Varies
PRC-RCLS Alumni Chapter of ECU Award 300 Varies
Project GOAL Award Varies Varies
Ralph Brimley Enrichment Fund 2000 Varies
Raymond & Martha Jones American Marketing Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (ACT) 3000 15
Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (Merit) 3000 15
Rehabilitation Services Administration Traineeships in Rehabilitation Counseling Varies Varies
Reuhland-Cummings Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard & Nancy Moldin Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard C. Todd Scholarship in History Varies Varies
Richard Cecil Todd Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard K. & Jane C. Worsley Graduate Fellowship 500 Varies
Richard L. Brown Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert E. & Margery R. Cramer Scholarship 500 Varies
Robert W. Basnight Public & Community Recreation Scholarship 500 Varies
Roccapriore-Tschetter Fellowship Varies Varies
Ronnie P. Barnes Scholarship 600 Varies
Rotary Scholarship Varies Varies
Rountree Scholarship Varies Varies
Russell M. Christman Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Ruth Glass Bunting Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Sally Ruth Hinton Klingenschmitt Scholarship 200 Varies
Samantha & James Henry Newton Brendle Memorial Scholarship 700 1
Sarah Patterson Lane Award 150 Varies
Sarma Family Award 1250 Varies
School of Music General Scholarships 2000 15
Seed Foundation Scholarship Varies 1
Sexton Audiology Scholarship 1000 Varies
Shaver-Hitchings Scholarship 1500 Varies
Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Nu Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
So to Teach-So to Serve-So to Live Scholarship 500 2
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Chapter 302 Scholarship Varies Varies
St. Cecilia Guitar Scholarship 3000 3
Student Accounting Society Scholarship 250 1
Symphony Scholarship 500 Varies
T. Frank Booth Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Tab Scholarship in Physics 1000 Varies
Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program 6500 500
Texas Black Baptist Scholarship Program 800 Varies
Theodore Presser Foundation Scholarship 2600 Varies
Thomas B. & Robertha K. Coleman Graduate Fellowship 3000 Varies
Thomas Haigwood Fellowship 300 Varies
Thomas Stuart Tripp Scholarship 1000 2
Tidewater, Virginia Alumni Chapter Scholarship 600 Varies
Timothy Logan Rhoades Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Trade Oil Scholarship Varies Varies
Troutman-Carlton Political Science Scholarship 200 3
UBE Business Scholarship 500 3
Umesh & Usha Gulati Scholarship for International Understanding 500 Varies
University Book Exchange Admissions Scholarship 500 Varies
University Book Exchange Scholarship-English 250 Varies
University Book Exchange Scholarship-Health & Human Performance 250 1
University Book Exchange Scholarship-Mathematics Varies Varies
University Book Exchange Scholarship-Nursing Varies Varies
University Book Exchange Scholarship-Political Science 250 2
Vendie H. Hooks, Sr. Scholarship Varies Varies
W. Kel Normann Scholarship 1500 Varies
Wachovia Partnership East-SPED Award Varies Varies
Walter & Marie Williams “Spirit of the East” Posteligibility Scholarship 6000 Varies
Ward Property Brokers Scholarship 500 Varies
Washington Patrons Scholarship 2000 Varies
Washington-Metro Alumni Chapter Scholarship 8000 Varies
Wilhelmina M. & Richard W. Herbin Endowment (college) 1500 1
William B. Martin East Carolina University Scholarship Varies Varies
William F. West Memorial Scholarship 900 Varies
William H. & Lisa D. Shreve Scholarship 1000 Varies
William H. Durham Jr. Marketing Education Scholarship 700 Varies
William Tasse Alexander Scholarship Fund (descendant) Varies Varies
William Tasse Alexander Scholarship Fund (resident) Varies Varies


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