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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A. Donald Vroon Scholarship for Physcial Education 1500 1
Abbott Fund Endowed Scholarship in Sport & Exercise Science 550 1
Academy of Medicine of Toledo & Lucas County Alliance Scholarship Varies Varies
Ada Ryan Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
All-American Scholarship 1500 Varies
American Business Clubs (AMBUCS) Scholarship Varies 1
Andy “Doc” Bryan Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 1
Ann Marie Bolger Memorial Scholarship in Student Affairs Varies Varies
Applied Sciences & Arts Alumni; Dean’s Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Applied Sciences & Arts General Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Applied Sciences & Arts Grants Varies Varies
Arete Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Arthur & Esther deVries Scholarship Varies Varies
B.K. & Betty C. Stevens Graduate Exercise & Sport Sciences (ESS) Scholarship 1000 2
B.K. & Betty C. Stevens Undergraduate Scholarship 500 Varies
Bailey Gore Lions Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Baptist Medical Center-Nassau Auxiliary Scholarship 800 Varies
Barbara Hillman West Scholarship Varies 1
Barbara Rosenblatt Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Barry & Cindy Schwan Endowed Scholarship in the College of Education Varies Varies
Bernice Finger Graduate Scholarship 1000 1
Beulah Ann Harriss-Delta Psi Kappa Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Beulah Ann Harriss-Delta Psi Kappa Scholarship Varies Varies
Beulah R. Crane Scholarship Varies Varies
Billy Brown Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Biomechanics Research-Kinesiology Scholarship Varies Varies
Brad Warner Scholarship 500 Varies
Branstad Scholarship Varies 1
Brenda Murray Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Brooks Health Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
Brophy Scholarship 350 Varies
Bruce-Crawford-Morrison-Rummel Scholarship 700 Varies
Bulloch County Hospital Authority Scholarship 1000 3
C. Louise Caudill Scholarship Varies Varies
C. Pauline Spencer Excellence Scholarship Varies 1
C.A. Boyd Scholarship 1000 Varies
CAHPERD Scholarship in Honor of Robert A. Mott Varies Varies
Candice O. Walker Memorial Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Carlisle Cutchin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Casmer F. Heilman Endowed Fellowship within the College of Education Varies Varies
Catherine Virginia McCulley Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Charles & Constance McCallum Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles & Naomi Grisham Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles H. McCloy Scholarship 125 4
Charles W. Fessler, Sr., & Miriam A. Fessler Scholarship 500 Varies
Charlotte Graichen Memorial Scholarship 300 1
Charlotte Latourette Health Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Charlotte W. Anderson Scholarship Varies 1
Chloe Todd Scholarship Varies Varies
Cindy Young Memorial Scholarship 650 Varies
Clifford E. Erickson Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Clyde M. Campbell Endowed Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Coach & Mrs. Andy J. McDonald Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Coach Ken Babcock Fund Scholarship 500 Varies
Coca-Cola Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Applied Human Sciences Scholarships Varies Varies
College of Education Alumni Fellowship Varies Varies
College of Education, Criminal Justice, & Human Services Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Health & Human Services Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Corrine M. & David W. Hill Scholarship Varies Varies
Cotterman Family Endowment for Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Dan Bustamante Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
Danny Eggart Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
David & Eleanore Rukin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David M. Hoover Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David N. Camaione Doctoral Scholarship 500 Varies
David Sanchez Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
De Leon Family Challenge Grant Scholarship 1800 1
Dean Michael Proterra, S.J. Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean’s Circle-Kinesiology Scholarship Varies Varies
Delores Curtis Student Travel Scholarship Varies 1
Department of Exercise & Sport Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Department of Physical Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Desper Family Scholarship for Women in Education & Sports 500 2
Dew Drop Rowlett Scholarship Varies Varies
Dianne B. O’Brien Dance Scholarship Varies Varies
District XIV-Student Scholarship Program (Employee) 1000 Varies
District XIV-Student Scholarship Program (Residency) 1000 Varies
Dittus Scholarship 200 Varies
Doctoral Scholarship 2000 20
Don & Jean Morris Physical Education & Kinesiology Department Endowment Stipend Varies Varies
Don Charles Bailey Scholarship Varies 1
Donald H. Nickerson Fellowship in Cultural Diversity & Minority Concerns Varies Varies
Donald R. Sebolt Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Dora Sharp Scholarship 1000 Varies
Doris Isabelle Ewing Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorothy Harris Endowed Scholarship 1500 Varies
Dorothy R. Mohr Scholarship for Academic Excellence 75 Varies
Douglas L. Conley Memorial Scholarship 2000 2
Dr. & Mrs. Pierre W. Keitges Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Ada Hart Arlitt Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Alvin & Monica Saake Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Barney Steen Scholarship for Physical Education 1900 2
Dr. Betty Swift Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Caroline B. Sinclair Scholarship 535 Varies
Dr. Charles W. LaPradd, Ph.D., Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. David Litt Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Dr. Dorothy Massey Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Edward A. Hier Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Evelyn Triplett Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Irv Faria Exercise Physiology Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. James & Lois Gerrits Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. John B. Gorman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. John H. Williams Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. John Jevitz Continuing Education Scholarship 250 2
Dr. Joseph B. Wiederholt Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Raymond M. & Maurine Cavness Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Richard Dominguez Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Sharon S. Gandee Scholarship in Exercise Physiology & Gerontology Varies Varies
Dr. Robert E. Allen, Dr. Owen J. Holyoak & Dr. Paul R. Varnes Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Duzant Scholarship 500 1
Ed & Sue Lucke Scholarship Varies Varies
Eddie Bishop Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Eddie Hanna Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Edith Gardner Scholarship 100 Varies
Education Leadership Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
Edward J. & Margaret Eisenman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward J. O’Brien Scholarship Varies Varies
Edyth Saylor Freshman Scholarship 1000 Varies
Edyth Saylor Junior Scholarship Varies 1
Edyth Saylor Special Scholarship Varies 1
Elane F. McCarriar Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Eleanor Forsythe St. John Scholarship 500 2
Elinor J. Olson Memorial Scholarship 200 1
Elizabeth Boren Eaton Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Elizabeth Forbes Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Elton J. Rynearson Scholarship Varies Varies
ENS Emeritus Professors’ Scholarship 1000 Varies
EPLS Club Scholarship 200 Varies
Eric DeGroat Scholarship 500 Varies
Ernest O. & Aurora H. Melby Endowed Fellowship Varies Varies
Estate of Jennie E. Eason Scholarship Varies Varies
Estevan Martinez Memorial Scholarship 100 Varies
Ethnic Minority Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in Athletics 6000 13
Eurice Miller Bass Scholarship Varies Varies
Eva Seen Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Everett & Helen Meister Scholarship Varies Varies
Exercise Physiology Scholarship 300 1
EXSS Memorial Scholarship-Gay Blocker 300 Varies
Family Scholarship 500 1
Fannie C. Burton Scholarship Varies Varies
Fitness Specialist Scholarship 3000 Varies
Florence Baker Bugg Scholarship Varies 1
Florence Curtis Memorial Scholarship in Physical Education 500 1
Flower Hospital Guild Scholarship Varies Varies
Foelker Family Athletic Training Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances A. Kemp Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Frank Koehne Lightfoot Scholarship Varies 1
Fred Darling Scholarship Varies Varies
G. Michael Sims Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Gay Van Zandt Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Geoffrey Mead Kier Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
George & Rachel Maksud Fellowship in Exercise Science Varies Varies
George D. Rovere Scholarship Varies Varies
George Ellis Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
George S. Schaeffer Scholarships 1500 6
Geraldine T. Elliott Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education Varies Varies
Gerold “Doe” Faudree Athletic Scholarship 1000 Varies
Giersch Family Scholarship 500 Varies
Giuliani Family Endowed Fellowship Varies Varies
Glenn & Thelma Buell College of Education Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Glenn D. Berkheimer Family Endowed Scholarship in Science Education Varies Varies
Glenn E. & Inez M. Pearce Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Gloria Dodwell Kellum Council Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Goldwater Scholarships 7000 Varies
Grace & Robert Fay Scholarships Varies Varies
Graduate Research Grant 5000 1
Graduate Scholarship 500 1
Graduate Student Scholarship 1000 2
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-Health & Human Performance 250 Varies
Greg & Linda Gift of Sharing 1 Scholarship 500 Varies
Greg & Linda Gift of Sharing 2 Scholarship 500 Varies
Greg Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
Gretchen Hauff Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Gussie Harris Scholarship Varies Varies
Guthman Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati Scholarship Varies 10
Harold & Jeanne Cordts Scholarship 500 Varies
Harry Moradian Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harvey Michael Memorial Athletic Trainer Scholarship Varies 1
Harvey Theriot, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Kinesiology and Health Studies Varies Varies
Hauztenc Cox Jackson Memorial Scholarship 300 1
Hazel F. Gabbard Fellowship Varies Varies
Health, Leisure & Exercise Science Scholarship 1000 Varies
Health, Physical Education & Recreation Scholarship 500 Varies
Health, Physical Education & Recreation-Graduate Assistant Scholarships Varies Varies
Helen L. Coops Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen M. Fulton Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Helen McCutcheon Yeast Scholarship 1000 Varies
Helen Oswalt Memorial Scholarship 400 1
Helen P. Glimpse Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Helen S. Lesser Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry J. & Betty Montoye Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Herman W. Schnell Memorial Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
High School Scholarship 1000 2
Huddleston Family Exercise Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Hughston Sports Medicine Scholarship 500 1
Human Performance Award 5000 Varies
I-Women’s Memorial Scholarship 540 1
Irma J. Caton KHPR Scholarship Varies 1
Irma J. Caton Scholarship in Kinesiology Varies Varies
Izetta N. Bennion Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Barry & Rita McCallan Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Franklin Hyde Scholarship in Science Education Varies Varies
J. Lloyd Milam Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
J.S. Latta Scholarship 2000 1
Jacob & Jenny Lichter Scholarship Varies Varies
James A. Wilson Endowed Fellowship Varies Varies
James Cleveland & James Victor Oatman Memorial Scholarship 300 Varies
James Echols Scholarship Varies 1
James L. McGregor Scholarship in Health & Exercise Sciences Varies Varies
James S. Bosco Minority Incentive Graduate Scholarship 250 Varies
Jan Eagles Allied Health Science Scholarship Varies 1
Jane Adams Edmonds Ph.D. Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Janet A. Wessel Endowment Fund in Support of Teaching Physical Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Janet Thurgood Scholarship Varies Varies
Janice Marston Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Jean Crowell Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jean Pyfer Scholarship Varies Varies
Jean Tramell Shepardson Health & Exercise Science Scholarship Varies 1
Jim Emmerich Scholarships Varies Varies
Jim Gallaspy Student Leadership Scholarship 500 1
Joan Sanders Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Joe Don Looney Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
John Douthitt Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John F. Kennedy Scholarship Varies 1
John J. & Eloise H. Kane Scholarship Varies Varies
John L. Bishop Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John P. & Charlotte M. Brand Scholarship Varies Varies
John Stoutenburg Healthcare Services Scholarship 1000 1
Josephine F. & Justin A. Rollman Scholarship Grants Varies Varies
Joyce Malone Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Judith D. Fessler Undergraduate Scholarship 500 Varies
Juett-Hackett Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education Varies Varies
Julia D. Laster Endowed Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Jump Rope for Heart-Hoops for Heart Scholarship Award 500 1
June P. Galloway Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 1
Kaaran Holt Copes Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Katherine Maher Scholarship Varies Varies
Kathryn H. Hansen Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kathy Gibbons Jackson Memorial Scholarship 1500 2
Kay Schaake Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Keith Goldhammer Endowed Scholarship in Educational Administration Varies Varies
Kelly Walker-Haley Wellness Scholarship Varies 1
Ken Bahnsen Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth Bahnsen Gym Scholarship Varies 1
Kim McMichael Memorial Graduate Scholarship 1000 1
Kim R. Watson Scholarship Varies 1
Kimberly Nilson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kinesiology & Health Science Department Scholarship 300 3
Kinesiology & Health Science Outstanding Student Scholarship 300 1
Kinesiology Alumni Scholarship 500 Varies
Kinesiology Department Scholarship Varies Varies
Kinesiology Endowed Fellowship Varies Varies
Lance Duvall Park & Recreation Management Endowment Varies Varies
Larry Eckenrode Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Lawrence Buzzerio Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lee-McCachren Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Leon & Reba Benschoter Scholarship Varies Varies
Linda & Philip Dudney Scholarship Varies Varies
Lindal Schakel Scholarship 1000 1
Lisa A. Knaup Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lorge Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Lorraine E. Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis A. & Chloe H. Pechstein Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Lyons-Andre Athletic Trainer Scholarship Varies 1
M. Bernadine Mings Physical Education-Student Athlete Scholarship 300 Varies
Margaret & Barton Morgan Scholarship 1500 3
Margaret ‘Robin’ Murphy Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Margaret Aitken Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret Blalock Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret F. Lorimer Endowed Scholarship in Education Varies Varies
Margaret Fox Scholarship 500 1
Marguerite Evans Grills Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Marie A. Fitzgerald Scholarship Varies Varies
Marilyn Crawford Kinesiology Graduate Scholarship 1500 Varies
Mark & Karen Rauenhorst Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark Connolly Memorial Masters Scholarship 500 Varies
Mark MacPherson Lightbown Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Markvan Bellamy Brooks Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Marvin G. & Marbara Hess Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Anne Price Scholarship 500 1
Mary Catherine Hostetter Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Cave Scholarship 500 Varies
Mary Dora Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Ellen McKee Scholarship 600 2
Mary Quam Hawkins Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Masters Scholarship 2000 20
Matthew G. McGuinness Memorial Scholarship 400 Varies
McGuire-Holden Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Med-Ex Research, Inc. Scholarship in Kinesiology Varies 1
Memorial Hospital Endowed Auxiliary Scholarship 1500 Varies
Michael A. Clark Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael E. & Mary Neppl Leighton Scholarship Varies Varies
Milauskas Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Mildred Bailey Evans Scholarship Varies 1
Mildred Ramsey Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Scholarship 1000 2
Miriam Collins Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Miriam Paine Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Monica L. Keator Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Morrow Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Motor Control Research-Kinesiology Scholarship Varies Varies
Naomi Richey Parsons Scholarship Varies Varies
Naomi S. Stevens Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship 500 Varies
Nathan Taylor Dodson Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 1
National Collegiate Education Scholarships 1500 Varies
National Presidential Scholarship of AAHPERD Varies 3
NCAIAW Scholarship 1000 1
NEACSM Minority Scholarship 500 Varies
Nell Stallings Scholarship Award 500 Varies
Nelson-MacLellan Endowed Scholarship in the College of Education Varies Varies
Norene Keaton Memorial Calhoun County MSU Alumni Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Norm Cash Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Norma F. Schuessler Scholarship in Physical Education 500 1
Norma M. Leavitt Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Norma Pike Maarsingh Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Norman Cash Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Nygaard Family College of Education Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Olson-Buttery Memorial Scholarship in Education Varies 1
Outstanding PE Student Scholarship Varies 1
Outstanding Senior Scholarships Varies 2
Pangrazi Corbin Scholarship Varies Varies
Paramount Pictures KHPR Graduate Scholarship Varies 1
Paramount Pictures Scholarship in KHPR Varies Varies
Pat Baker Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Patricia H. Foster Endowed Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Patrick & Peggy Zenner Scholarship Varies Varies
Patrick J. Bird Dissertation Research Award 1000 Varies
Paul B. Samson Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul L. Wolf Scholarship 370 1
Paul Nollen Biology Honors Scholarship 1000 2
Paul Seige Scholarship Varies Varies
Pearl M. Wright Award Varies Varies
Peggy Richardson Scholarship Varies Varies
Peter M. & Catherine M. Bentz Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Education Varies Varies
Physical Education Scholarship 600 1
Physical Education-Coaching Scholarship Fund (PEC) 4000 Varies
Power Systems Professional Scholarship 1000 1
PPR Nursing Scholarship 1500 Varies
Professor William D. & Fae E. Scott Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Reet Howell Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Rex Alexander Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard D. Ford Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard L. Wagner Scholarship Varies 2
Rita A. Molseed & G. Melvin Hickey Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert & Jane Davis Brezette Scholarship Varies 2
Robert ‘Bobby’ Guy Pollino II Memorial Scholarship Fund (major) 1086 4
Robert Craig Fellowship in Psychological Studies in Education Varies Varies
Robert L. Ebel Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Roger F. & Mary A. Warin Scholarship Varies Varies
Ron “Doc” Kanoy Scholarship 500 Varies
Roy K. Niemeyer Award Varies Varies
Royale Women’s Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Ruby J. East Scholarship in Physical Education 360 1
Rudy & Charlotte Lavik Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Rudy L. Lavik Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Russell W. Younkers Scholarship 500 Varies
Ruth Bammer Bain Memorial Scholarship 100 1
Ruth Boughner Scholarship Varies Varies
Ruth Jurz Briel Scholarship 1000 1
S.H. Blair Scholarship Varies Varies
San Angelo Community Medical Center Athletic Training Scholarship Varies Varies
San Angelo Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Sandra Anne Bos Duyst Memorial Scholarship 2000 2
SEATA Memorial Graduate Scholarship 1000 1
SEATA Memorial Undergraduate Scholarships 1000 1
Senior Service-Physical Education Scholarship Varies 1
Shands Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships (b) Varies Varies
Shirley Frye Cummins Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Simcox Family Endowed Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Janice Iverson Scholarship Varies Varies
Smith-Johnson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Sports Medicine-Athletic Training Senior Achievement Scholarship Varies 1
SSG Christopher Falkel Scholarship 1000 1
Student Athletic Trainer Scholarship Varies 1
Sue Jones Health & Exercise Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Sue Pernice Memorial Scholarship 880 1
Susan Joy Smith Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
Sy Mah Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Tae Kwon Do Association Scholarship Varies 1
Teacher Education Endowed Fellowship Varies Varies
Ted Hucklebridge Scholarship Varies 1
Thelma R. Barcus Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas A. Hogan Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas F. Hayes, IV Memorial Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Thomas P. & Mary Kay McCarthy Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas W. Bilello Memorial Internship Scholarship 1950 Varies
Undergraduate Scholarship 2000 20
Undergraduate Scholarship 250 Varies
Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 2
Vernon & Marjorie Williams Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Vicars Landing-Glenmore Scholarship 1000 Varies
Viola D. McComas Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Virgil & Dorothy Lagomarcino Scholarship 1000 2
W. Price & Lucille Manatt Scholarship 500 2
W.H. Perryman Physical Education Scholarship 1000 Varies
Wade C. Wilson Scholarship Varies Varies
Walker Hill Fellowship in Measurement & Evaluation Varies Varies
Walt McPherson-Coaches Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter & Mary Jane Johnson Dissertation Research Award Varies Varies
Walter C. & Patricia J. Mack Endowed Scholarship in Education Varies Varies
Walter E. Marks Scholarship 530 1
Walter L. Russell Scholarship 300 Varies
Warren E. Williamson Intramural Scholarship Varies Varies
West Texas Medical Associates Athletic Training Scholarship Varies Varies
Whiting Scholarship Fund Varies 3
Wiesner Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Wilber P. Bowen Scholarship Varies Varies
William Chisolm Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
William F. & Harriette C. Cook Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship for the Study of Literacy Varies Varies
William Hughes Scholarship 200 Varies
William M. Potter-M.B. Chafin Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
William R. & JoAnn McCroy Kunkel Scholarship Varies Varies
William W. Heusner Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Kinesiology Varies Varies
Winifred Van Hagen-Rosalind Cassidy Scholarship Varies 1
Wix Garner Scholarship 100 Varies
Women’s Enhancement Postgraduate Scholarships 6000 13
Women’s Fitness Center Scholarship Varies Varies
Women’s Scholarship 1000 2
Yoga & Community Health Scholarship Varies Varies
Z.M. Blickenstaff Athletic Training Scholarship Varies 1


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