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ScholarshipsCorporate Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
AME Church Preacher’s Kid (PK) Scholarship 1000 1
Baptist Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Baptist Ministers Dependent Scholarship 1000 Varies
Barbara Marshman & Ann B. Fields Scholarship 500 Varies
Bishop James C. Baker Award Varies Varies
BSC of NC Grant Varies Varies
Child of Lutheran Minister Grant Varies Varies
Child-Spouse of Clergy Award 10000 Varies
Children & Spouses of Ordained Ministers & Missionaries Grant 500 Varies
Children of Missionaries 1400 Varies
Children of Unitarian Universalist Ministers Varies Varies
Christian Ministries Awards (c) Varies Varies
Christian Ministry Dependent Scholarship 1250 Varies
Christian Service Dependent Scholarship 2500 Varies
Christian Service Scholarships 600 Varies
Christian Vocation Grants 200 Varies
Christian Worker Scholarship 3000 Varies
Christian Worker Scholarship 2000 Varies
Christian Worker’s Tuition Grant Varies Varies
Christian Worker-Dependent Grant 1500 Varies
Christian Workers Scholarship 1400 Varies
Christian Workers’ Discount for Missionaries’, Pastors’ & Christian Organization Workers’ Dependents 3000 Varies
Clergy Grants Varies Varies
CME Ministers’ Tuition Grant Varies Varies
Concordia Church Worker Dependent Grant 1000 Varies
Coy Muckle Scholarship Varies Varies
CRV Dependent Student Scholarships 500 Varies
Dependent of Presbyterian Ministers Grant Varies Varies
Dependent Scholarships 2000 Varies
Dependent Tuition Waiver Award Varies Varies
Diocesan Grant 2000 Varies
Diocesan Scholarship Varies Varies
Disciples of Christ Grant Varies Varies
Disciples of Christ Minister’s Dependent Grant 1000 Varies
Don & Peg Rickard MK Scholarship Varies 1
Edwin G. & Lauretta M. Michael Scholarship 500 Varies
Ethel Cowgill Memorial Scholarship 800 1
Ethel Snyder Book-Inez R. Irons Scholarship Varies Varies
Family Christian Service Award 1000 Varies
Fosler Minister’s Children Scholarship Varies Varies
International Missionary Dependent Grant Varies Varies
Juliette M. Atherton Scholarship-Minister’s Sons & Daughters Varies Varies
Leslie B. Moss Scholarship Varies Varies
Lutheran Layworker Pastor/Parent Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin Luther Awards Varies Varies
Matthew 25:31 46 Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Matthew T. Yates Scholarship Varies Varies
McPhee Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Methodist Clergy Scholarship Varies Varies
Minister’s Child Awards 2000 Varies
Minister’s Children Scholarships 600 Varies
Minister’s Dependent Grants Varies Varies
Minister’s Family Tuition Awards 7000 Varies
Minister’s Kin Scholarships 2000 Varies
Minister-Missionary Family Grant 1000 Varies
Ministerial Award 2400 Varies
Ministerial Deductions 1000 Varies
Ministerial Dependent Grant 1500 Varies
Ministerial Dependent Grant Varies Varies
Ministerial Grant Varies Varies
Ministerial Grants 2500 Varies
Ministerial Scholarships Varies Varies
Ministerial Scholarships 1500 Varies
Ministers’ Family Grants Varies Varies
Ministry Grant Scholarship 2000 Varies
Minthorne Family Scholarship 500 1
Missionary Children 2000 Varies
Missionary Emergency Fund (a) Varies Varies
Presbyterian Ministers Scholarship 1000 Varies
Rev. Eugene & Esther Kuechle Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Reverend Bernard Haven Memorial Scholarship 1600 3
Robertson-Stebbins Scholarship 400 1
Rosalie Bentzinger Scholarship 5000 1
Saint Peter Canisius Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship (b) Varies Varies
Sheridan Hills Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Spousal Tuition Waiver Award Varies Varies
State Missionaries’ Children 500 Varies
Timothy Scholarship Fund (a) Varies Varies
United Methodist Minister’s Dependent Grant Varies Varies
United Methodist Minister’s Dependent Scholarships 5000 15
United Methodist Minister’s Tuition Grant (employment) Varies Varies
United Methodist Scholarship Varies Varies
United Methodist-Christian Methodist Episcopal Minister’s Dependent Grant 1000 Varies
Virginia Conference Scholarship Program (employment) Varies Varies
Wanda L. & M. Harry Piper Detroit Conference Clergy Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Whitworth College Graduate Studies in Education John Knox Scholarship Varies Varies
Whitworth Heritage Scholarship (A) Varies Varies


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