Fire Scholarships

ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
180th Anniversary Scholarships 1000 180
Academic Scholarship 1000 Varies
Barbara Barkley Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Cardinal Health Endowed Scholarship in Health Technologies 1000 1
CAS Technology Scholars Program Scholarship 1000 10
CAUSE Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
College of Applied Science Alumni Scholarship 1000 Varies
David G. Karam Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Emery-OCAS Minorities Scholarship 1000 Varies
Emery-OCAS Women Scholarship 1000 Varies
Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
J. R. Haines Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Jerry Berns Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mark Herschede Foundation Fund Scholarship 1000 Varies
Neil Hamilton Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Robert E. White Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Thompson Scholarship for Women in Safety 1000 1
Hilmar C. & Mildred C. Krueger Scholarship 1500 Varies
Mary Jo Maher Memorial Scholarship for Women 1500 Varies
New Jersey American Water Company Scholarship 1500 Varies
Jack S. Barrows & John H. Dieterich Scholarship in Fire & Atmospheric Science 2300 1
Firefighters Local 505 Scholarship 250 1
Samuel E. Hilles Scholarship 250 Varies
Student Service Society Scholarship Fund 250 Varies
Division of Engineering Technology Scholarships 2500 Varies
Scholarship 2500 Varies
Scholarships 3000 1
Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts Scholarship 350 2
Scholarship Program 4000 20
Charles E. Warren Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Chuck Inman Memorial Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
Edward Danzinger, P.E., Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Emil J. Jonas Scholarship 500 Varies
Institute for Global Studies & Affairs (IGSA) Awards 500 Varies
International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation Explorer Scholarships 500 2
John Hudson Savage Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Michael B. Wallace Scholarship 500 1
Murray Shipley Scholarship 500 Varies
Roger W. Parlee, P.E., Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Roy Vandergrift Scholarship 500 Varies
Scholarship 500 2
Scholarship 500 Varies
William A. Greaves Scholarship 500 Varies
College Scholarship 500 2
David B. Gratz Scholarship 5000 1
David Ball Award for Fire & the Environment Scholarship 5000 1
George D. Miller Scholarship 5000 1
John L. Jablonsky Scholarship 5000 1
Harold Shulman Memorial Forestry Scholarship 800 1
Alexander & Elizabeth A. Swantz FFA Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Avon Park Professional Firefighters Scholarship Varies Varies
Berg Brothers Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Bill "Army" Armstrong Scholarship Varies Varies
CAHNRS FFA-4H-FFA Leaders Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles W. Riley Fire & Emergency Medical Services Tuition Reimbursement Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Charline M. Wackman & William Brabyn Trust Scholarships Varies Varies
Chateau Ste. Michelle Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Chief David G. Bailey Fire Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Claude & Lucy Richman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Applied Science Honors Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean's Merit Awards Varies Varies
Detective Terry Wayne McNett Scholarship Varies Varies
District Cheif Frank Spirek Memorial Award Varies Varies
Don & Julia Lee Scholarship Varies Varies
Edwin G. Schafer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ellen Adams Klemgard Home Economics Scholarship Varies Varies
Ervin E. King Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Everette J. & Helen G. Kreizinger Scholarships Varies Varies
Fire Protection & Safety Technology Scholarships Varies 3
Frank & Henry Meyer Scholarships Varies Varies
Frank P. Feenan Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Geoffrey Hilton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold W. & Joanne Vaughn Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Horace W. Bozarth Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James H. Hulbert Scholarship Varies Varies
James R. & Diana M. Carlson Award Varies Varies
Jason Baker Public Safety Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Jim Ozbun Scholarship Varies Varies
John Charles Wilson Scholarship Program Varies Varies
John O'Brien Scobey Dean's Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Josh Polhamus Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kermit E. Gastfield Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kerry Heaney Memorial Scholarship Fund for Public Safety of the Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department Varies Varies
Larry Blouin Scholarship Fund (1) Varies Varies
Law Enforcement-Fire Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Maynard H. Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Portland Police Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy Tipton Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Sherwood High School-Volunteer Firefighters' Association Scholarship Varies Varies
William (Billy) Bityer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies


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