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ScholarshipsCorporate Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
AAUW Scholarship Varies Varies
Access Scholarship Varies Varies
Addition Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies
Alice Marie & Anne Clare Ruddy Scholarship Varies 1
Alumni Association Dream Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Alvin J. Preis Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Andre G. Ponsot Scholarship for Mechanical Technology 500 1
Barb Wilson Scholarship Varies Varies
Beth De Leeuw Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Bidstrup Foundation First Generation Scholarship 1500 12
Black History Committee Scholarship Varies Varies
Boettcher Opportunity Award Scholarship 3000 5
Boyd Scholarship Varies Varies
BYU Marriott School-TELACU MBA Program 5000 Varies
Cesar Chavez Memorial Leadership Award 5000 Varies
Charles & Pamela Ogletree Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Citigroup-TELACU Scholars Program 5000 Varies
Coca Cola First Generation Scholarship Varies 1
Coca-Cola Scholarship 4000 12
College of Liberal Arts & Science-Alumni First Generation Legacy Scholarship 2400 1
College of Liberal Arts & Science-First Generation Scholarships 800 15
Conant Dodge Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
CSU Alumni First Generation Scholarship 1500 5
CSUS McNair Scholars Scholarships-(first generation) 2800 Varies
David C. Lizarraga Fellowship 10000 Varies
David M. Golden Memorial Scholarship 1000 2
Dean’s Advancement Council First Generation Scholarship 500 1
Dean’s Circle-College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Scholarship Varies 1
Diversity Grant for Incoming Freshmen & Transfer Students 1000 Varies
Dolores C. Swoyer Scholarship 2500 2
Dolores C. Swoyer Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorrance Scholarship 7000 1
Earl & Hazel Wilson Scholarship 2500 Varies
Edward & Alice De Boer Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Elvis & Joyce Stephens Scholarship 1000 Varies
First Generation Award 4000 Varies
First Generation Award 2000 Varies
First Generation Award 4000 Varies
First Generation Inner-City Scholarships Varies 8
First Generation Minority Student Scholarship Varies Varies
First Generation Scholarship 5000 Varies
First Generation Scholarship 2000 Varies
First Generation Scholarships 1000 Varies
First Generation Student Grant Award Varies Varies
First Generation-Chicana Chicano Studies Scholarship 2300 1
First Generation-Justice Studies Alumni Scholarship 400 1
Frances Gimplowitz Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Frances L. Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund 2500 3
George & Martha Bixler First Generation Scholarship Varies 1
Glenville State College CNG Honors Program Varies Varies
Health Careers Program 5000 Varies
Honeywell Retiree Club Scholarship 2000 1
John & Susan Rockefeller First Generation Scholarship 500 1
Joseph E. Hanlon ’58 Scholarship Varies Varies
Ken Periman Memorial Scholarship 100 Varies
Laura E. Elden Educational Trust 875 2
LINC TELACU Arts Award 5000 Varies
LINC TELACU Business Award 5000 Varies
LINC TELACU Engineering Award 500 Varies
LINC TELACU Teaching Award 5000 Varies
LLCC Foundation First Generation Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Moyles Ruddy & John J. Ruddy Scholarship Varies 1
McNair Fellowship Scholarship 7500 2
McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholarship (A) Varies Varies
McNair Scholarship 2800 20
McPherson Scholarship 500 Varies
Myer H. Sparks & Rose Sherman Sparks Scholarship Fund 1171 1
Norman & Pat Hayes Scholarship Varies Varies
One-Year Scholarships 5000 Varies
Randolph Scoggan & David Curtis Brown Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Regina G. Markowitz Scholarship 500 1
Roels Business Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronald McNair Scholars Program Scholarshp Varies Varies
Scholarships 500 Varies
STARR Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas A. Shepherd Diversity Scholarship 5000 3
Uta Monique Behrens First Generation Women’s Studies Scholarship Varies 1
Virginia Es’Dorn Rigler & Robert R. Rigler Scholarship Varies Varies
W.J. Stoy Scholarship Varies Varies
Wayne E. Tjossem Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
William C. Comptaro Educational Fund 759 1


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