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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A.M. Binkley Memorial Scholarship 1235 3
African Violet Society of Greater Tulsa Scholarship 250 1
Ag Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Allied Florists of Houston Scholarship 750 1
Allied Industry Council Scholarship 1500 4
Alpha & Paul Haffey Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Alvin & Dan Reuwee Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Anne Seaman Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Audubon Scholarship 500 1
August A. Busch, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2000 3
Aventis Scholarship 1000 1
Ball Horticultural Company Scholarship 2000 1
Barbara Carlson Scholarship 2000 1
Barbara Drake Bearden Scholarship Varies Varies
Bartlesville Garden Center Scholarship 750 1
Bernard G. & Joan E. Henrie Scholarship 1500 1
Beverly Schuld Memorial Scholarship 1435 1
Bieberdorf Memorial Scholarship 7000 1
Billy B. Tucker Undergraduate Scholarship 300 1
Bloom Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Bob Appleman-Arkansas Valley Seed Solutions Scholarship 500 2
Bryan Van Leeuwen Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Buck & Irene Clements Centennial Scholarship 1000 1
Bud Ohlman Scholarship 2000 1
C.B. & Ardis H. Stewart Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
C.E. Rowland Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Carl F. Dietz Scholarship 2000 1
Carl L. & Elizabeth Broughton Scholarship in Agriculture Fund Varies Varies
Carl Ruff Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Catherine H. Kenworthy Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Central Coast Branch of the International Geranium Society Scholarship 300 Varies
Central Colorado Soil Conservation District Scholarship Varies 2
Charles H. Ingraham & Josephine Dunkle Ingraham 4-H Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles W. & Barbara W. Laughlin Leadership Scholars Scholarship 1000 1
Chester L. & Betty R. Foy Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Chester S. Hutchinson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Collegiate Farm Bureau Scholarship Varies Varies
Colorado Farm Bureau Scholarship 2000 3
Colorado Floriculture Foundation Scholarship 2000 1
Colorado Seed Industry Scholarship 1000 1
Columbus Horticultural Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Constance H. Smith Endowed Scholarship 2250 1
Corrie Whitlock Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Council of Ponca City Garden Clubs Scholarship 500 1
Dale H. Johnston Memorial Award 1000 1
Dale T. Friday Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dale Weible Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Daniel Renn Memorial Ohio International Agricultural & Horticultural Intern Program Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
David & Phyllis Beck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dean & Lucille Tresch Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Delano F. Scott Scholarship in Agriculture 1000 4
Denver Agricultural & Livestock Club Scholarship 1000 2
Diversity Scholarship in Agriculture Varies 1
Donald D. Mayhew Memorial Fellowship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Donald Fanning Schaefer Memorial Scholarship 1125 1
Donald H. Russ Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dosatron International, Inc. Scholarship 2000 1
Dr. Irving C. Cross Vocational Ag Memorial Scholarship 3325 2
Dr. Paul C. Clayton International Agriculture Award Varies Varies
Dr. Roger C. & Margery Henderson Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Wayne Huffine Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
E.J. Early Ag Scholarship 2452 2
Earl Dedman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ecke Family Scholarship 2000 1
Ed & Lorraine Raynolds Scholarship 1000 2
Ed Bacome Scholarship Varies Varies
Ed Johnson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ed Tuinier Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Edith Clemmer Steinbright Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Edward A. Robinson & Richard L. Robinson Freshman Leadership Scholarships 2000 50
Edward Reid Graves Family Scholarship 1000 1
Elbert Pogue Memorial Scholarship (A) 300 1
Elbert Pogue Memorial Scholarship (B) 300 1
Enid Council Garden Clubs 1000 2
Evan J. Crane Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Faculty-Staff Scholarship for Agricultural Sciences 780 1
Floral Industry Tuition Certificate Scholarship 500 1
Florence B. Pogue Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Fort Collins Soil Conservation District 1000 1
Fran Johnson Non-Traditional Scholarship 2000 1
Frank Davies Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Frederick T. Grimm Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gary J. Nicholson Memorial Scholarship in Horticulture Varies Varies
GCSAA Scholarship 500 1
Gene Wittmeyer Vegetable Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
George Christie Memorial Scholarship 500 1
George E. Ruff Scholarship Varies Varies
GFLNLA-Ted Burnett Memorial Scholarship 1000 6
Glen Pittman Memorial Scholarship 1950 1
Glenn & Mary Jon Chandler Family Scholarship 6050 1
Glory Foods Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Gordon & Mary Flax Scholarship Varies Varies
Gray Family Soil Science Scholarship 750 1
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist of Texas Scholarship (general) 1000 1
Gustav W. Huhn Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Guy & Jeannette Miller Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
H.F. “Pat” Murphy Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Haselbush Family Scholarship 1896 1
Hazen & Anna Jane Hildebolt Preble County Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Helen C. McCandles Scholarship 5000 1
Hi Staten Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Horticulture Club Scholarship 400 3
Intern Program Varies 12
International Agroecosystems Graduate Scholarship 1000 1
Jacob Van Namen Marketing Scholarship 2000 1
James Bridenbaugh Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
James F. Berg Scholarship Varies Varies
James K. Rathmell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
James M. Barrett Family Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane Layman Scholarship 1500 1
Jane Mears Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Jean R. Geisman Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Jerry Curtice Scholarship 2000 1
Jerry Francis Benton Memorial Scholarship 1750 2
Jim Perry Memorial Vocational Scholarship Varies Varies
John Carew Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
John Deere Minority Recruitment & Retention Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John E. & Charlotte B. Moore 4-H, Minority Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
John F. Isler Scholarship Varies Varies
John Holden Memorial Vocational Scholarship Varies Varies
John L. Tomasovic, Sr. Scholarship Varies Varies
John Paul Benua Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John Riley Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Joseph & Nina Mattus Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Junior Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship 500 2
Kalmbach Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kansas Farmers Service Association-Colorado Cooperative Council Scholarship 1500 1
Katherine L. Reiger Scholarship 1500 1
Kevin Donnelly Crops Team Scholarship 250 1
Kirvin Knox Ag Sciences Scholarship 1460 1
Kyle Althauser Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship Varies Varies
Larimer County Farm Bureau Scholarship 1000 1
Leila Graham Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard Bettinger Memorial Vocational Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis R. Jones Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Lloyd G. & Virginia Sharp Memorial Scholarship Fund for Carroll County Varies Varies
Logan County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Lois Dupre’ Shuster Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Louise W. Dimmick Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Lydia D. Bruny Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
M.H. Brown Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mabel Mayforth Scholarship 1000 1
Marion Moore Family Scholarship 500 1
Marjorie E. Hamblin Annual Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Marlowe & Oscar F. Axene Merit Scholarship in Agriculture Varies Varies
Mary Alice Wheeler Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Max Alan Weinberg Memorial Scholarship 1405 2
Max V. & Carolyn Martin Puderbaugh Bonsai Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mervin G. Smith Student & Faculty Fund in International Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael J. Egan Memorial Scholarship 1411 2
Midcoast Allied Florist Association Scholarship 500 1
Mike Cervi, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 3000 4
Mike Hackman Scholarship 500 Varies
Mike Shaw GM FFA Scholarship 942 1
Miriam A. Steel Scholarship 1500 1
Nadine Foster & Merrel Quentin Elder Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
National Council of State Garden Clubs Scholarships 3500 1
National Foliage Foundation-James H. Davis Scholarship Varies Varies
National Scholarship 3500 34
Northeastern District of Oklahoma Garden Club Scholarship 400 2
Northwestern Colorado 4-H Expo Scholarship 1250 2
Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Horticulture Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio Florists’ Association (OFA)-D.C. Kiplinger Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio Florists’ Association (OFA)-Jerry Robertson Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio Fruit Growers Society-Fred Hartman Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Ohio State Floriculture-Landscape Horticulture Alumni Association Fellowship Varies Varies
Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association 1000 1
Oklahoma Garden Clubs Scholarships (B) 500 3
Oklahoma Golf Courses Superintendents’ Association Scholarship 1000 6
Oklahoma Grain & Feed Association Scholarship (D) 1000 1
Oklahoma Horticulture Society Scholarship 1000 2
Oklahoma Nursery & Landscape Association Scholarships 500 2
Oklahoma Seed Trade Association Scholarship 1000 1
Oklahoma Vegetable Association Scholarship 500 1
Oklahoma Vegetation Management Association Scholarship 500 2
Oliver “Buck” & Bessie Brensing Scholarship 1000 1
P.E. Harrill Memorial Scholarships (B) 1000 1
Paris Fracasso Production Floriculture Scholarship 2000 1
Paul A. & Betty L. Whittington Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Paul Smucker Scholarship Varies Varies
Pi Alpha Xi Scholarship 200 1
Ralph Matlock Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Rhea Foraker Scholarship 5000 1
Richard & Shirley Blake Scholarship 1958 4
Richard E. Barrett Scholarship 2000 1
Robert & Dorothy Hodson Family 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert C. & Doris Rae Arens Scholarship 500 4
Robert F. Suerdieck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Robert J. McCoy Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Rocky Mountain Agriculture Showcase Scholarship 2500 2
Rodney H. Tucker Memorial Scholarship 1673 1
Roland Bishop Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Roland Wickersham Memorial Scholarship 300 1
Roy & Virginia Hyde Sultzbach Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy Chessmore Scholarship 1000 1
Roy M. Kottman Scholars Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Rudy Narod Scholarship 2600 1
Samuel B. Erskine 4-H Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Scholarship 500 1
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 4000 Varies
Scholarship for Graduate Study of the Iridaceae 5000 Varies
Scholarship Program 1000 5
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scott Hansen Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Seed Companies Scholarship Varies Varies
Servi-Tech Transfer Scholarship 600 1
Service-Jerome Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Seymour Carren Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Sports Turf Managers’ Association Scholarship 750 1
Sterling W. & Fayetta F. Simonds Study Abroad Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Swingle-Sinnamon Memorial Scholarship 4190 5
Texas State Florists’ Association Past President’s Scholarship 500 1
The Women’s Farm & Garden Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Thomas A. & John E. Hamrick Pickaway County Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas B. Kyle Scholarship Fund in Horticulture Varies Varies
Thomas P. Hennessy Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas R. Blackburn Scholarship 812 1
Toro Company-Irrigation Division Scholarship 500 1
Town & Country Garden Club Scholarship 50 1
Trans-Mississippi Golf Association Scholarships 1250 2
Tulsa Area Iris Society Scholarship 1000 2
Tulsa Council of Federated Garden Clubs Scholarship 500 1
Tulsa Garden Club Scholarship 1500 5
Undergraduate Honors Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Wallace Miller Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Wayne & Mabel Fisher Scholarship 500 1
Weitzel Family Scholarship 1500 1
Wesley Meinders Memorial Endowed Scholarship 400 1
Will C. Hauk Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William B. Groves Memorial Scholarship 1280 1
William Griffith Family Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
William J. Skou Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William Raymond & Charlotte Wheatley Kays Endowed Scholarship 5000 1
William S. May Scholarship 1564 4
Wimberly Scholarships 1000 1
Wisconsin Garden Club Federation Scholarship (Members) 1000 Varies
Wisconsin Garden Club Foundation Scholarship (College) 1000 Varies


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