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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
AHEPA National Housing Corporation Scholarships 2000 Varies
Amy Jean (Allen) & John A. Roberson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Anita & Larry Jones Scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Applied Sciences & Arts Alumni; Dean’s Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Applied Sciences & Arts General Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Applied Sciences & Arts Grants Varies Varies
Asbury Methodist Services Scholarship 2500 3
Bailey M. Wade Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Beverly & Arnold Miller University Scholarship in Gerontology 1500 8
Beverly & Arnold Miller University Scholarship in Gerontology 1500 8
Beverly & Arnold Miller University-Gerontology Scholarship 1500 8
Beverly & Arnold Miller University-Gerontology Scholarship 1500 8
C.C. Young Memorial Home Scholarship 1200 3
Clarence M. Ball Scholarship 2000 Varies
CLASS (Colorado Leisure & Aging Services Section) 500 Varies
Columbine Health Systems Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 6
Cora A. Martin Scholarship 500 Varies
Cornelia S. Hodges ZONTA Scholarship 250 1
CSA Scholarship 400 2
Daniel & Mary Lou Shepard Scholarship Varies Varies
David C. Pritchard Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Del Webb Corporation Gerontology Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
District XIV-Student Scholarship Program (Employee) 1000 Varies
District XIV-Student Scholarship Program (Residency) 1000 Varies
Donovan Scholarship in Gerontology 2000 3
Doris T. Westcott Endowed Scholarship in Aging Varies Varies
Dorothy C. Evans Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Deborah G. Haynes & Dr. R. Larry Beamer Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Sharon S. Gandee Scholarship in Exercise Physiology & Gerontology Varies Varies
Dr. Sandra Russell-Group Leadership Scholarship 100 1
Dr. U. R. Plante Medical Scholarship 10000 Varies
Earl & Alice McCaslin Scholarship Varies Varies
Earl P. Andrews Scholarship Varies Varies
Edna Gates Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward & Norma Doty Scholarship Varies Varies
Elaine O. Mann Endowed Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Eleanora G. Wylie Fund 500 1
Eugene G. Coombs Scholarship Varies Varies
Family Support Services Scholarship 500 8
Frances Trice & John Albert Childrey Graduate Studies Scholarship Varies Varies
Gail Rola Memorial Service Learning Scholarship 500 1
Gerald & Marianne Corey Scholarship 150 1
Gerontology Advisory Board Fund Varies Varies
Gerontology Programs Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Grace Ann Dudney Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Graduate Scholarships Varies Varies
Harold A. Schlenker Scholarship Endowed Fund Varies Varies
Harold E. & Anne T. Nixon Scholarship for The Institute for Life-Span Development & Gerontology Varies Varies
Harry R. Kendall Scholarship 1750 Varies
Hazel A. & H. Margaret Johnson Scholarship Fund 366 5
Helen Bamberger Colby Scholarship in Gerontological Nursing Varies Varies
Herbert H. Shore Scholarship for Excellence in Aging Services 3000 2
Hiram J. Friedsam Graduate Student Professional Development Scholarship 500 3
James & Patsy Causey Scholarship Varies Varies
Janice & Alton Granger Endowed Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Jeffrey & Barbara Vortman Scholarship 500 Varies
Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women-Gerontology Scholarship Varies 1
John G. & Barbara McCune Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Joseph & Louise C. Weber Gerontology Fellowship Varies Varies
Joseph G. & Lillian W. Englmann Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Josephine A. Stabler Scholarship Varies Varies
Josephine Oblinger Memorial Scholarship 400 1
Josephine Zimmerman Gerontology Fellowship in the College of Health & Human Sciences Varies Varies
Joyce Ann Brown-Popo Gonzalez Scholarship 500 1
Kay & John Morse Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
L. Sophia Fairchild Academic Scholarship 750 3
Lea Landon Gerontology Scholarship Varies 1
Leighton E. Cluff Award for Aging Research 600 Varies
Leonard Gernant & Frances A. Gernant Gerontology Scholarship 500 Varies
Libertad Hernandez Landa Scholarship 500 Varies
Life Care Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Lisa Schumacher Buerhaus Scholarship in Gerontological Nursing Varies Varies
Lorene Wulz Keeler Battles Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis Henry & Seryl Ethel Fisher Community Service Scholarship Varies 1
Maria Pritchard Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Marjorie McMahon Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary E. Vanden Bosch Zwaanstra Scholarship in Social Work & Gerontology 1000 1
Mary Jane Dowse Memorial Scholarship 1000 4
Mary Rido Kees Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Melanie Yager Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
Memorial Scholarship in Gerontology 1000 Varies
Merrill Gardens Scholarship Varies Varies
Naomi Bartoe Graduate Nursing Student Assistance Fund Varies Varies
Olive Baker Nease Scholarship Varies Varies
PACS Advisory Board Scholarship 1000 Varies
Rapoport-Friedsam Scholarship 1000 4
Renaissance Society Gerontology Scholarship 500 2
Robert E. Wise Beginning Arts & Sciences Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Rose M. Hull Scholarship 1500 Varies
S.J. Ritchey Scholarship Varies Varies
Sarah Weiner Graf Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship for Service Learning Programs in Mexico 500 1
Scholarships 1000 2
School of Education & Allied Human Services Alumni Association Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
School of Education & Allied Human Services Endowed General Scholarship Varies Varies
Shelby & Maude Pickett Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Jane Frances Scholarship 1000 1
St. Vincent de Paul Society Grant (B) Varies Varies
Stearns-Osborne Scholarship Varies Varies
Study of Aging Scholarship Varies Varies
TAHSA Herb Shore Scholarship 500 1
Thz Fo Farm Scholarship Varies Varies
Valetta Walton Memorial Nursing Scholarship 1000 1
Violet Klein Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Wesley McCarty Scholarship Varies Varies
Winston Dollahon Scholarship 1500 3


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