Graphic Scholarships

ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Ad Club Scholarship Varies Varies
AIGA Scholarship Varies Varies
Alfred S. & Esther U. Perry Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Alumni Association Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
American Greetings Endowed Graphic Design Scholarship Varies Varies
American Greetings Scholarships Varies Varies
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Honolulu Chapter Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Amy Nicole DeGrove Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Andrew P. Martin Scholarship Varies Varies
Anne Clapper Scholarship Varies Varies
Anonymous Scholarship for Communication Varies Varies
Art & Design Excellence Scholarships Varies 1
Art & Design Excellence Scholarships for Minority Students Varies 1
Art & Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Art Center College of Design Scholarships Varies 1
Art Directors Club Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Art Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Ashlee Shaver Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Athletic Grants-in-Aid Scholarships Varies Varies
Barry D. Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Visual Arts Varies Varies
BCM Inks Scholarship Varies 1
Ben C. Morris Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Bert & Wanda Weeden Graphic Communication Scholarship Varies Varies
Betty Van Arsdale Burns Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Bill H. Armstrong Scholarship for Excellence Varies 1
Bob Burroughs Paint Scholarship Varies Varies
Bob Coonts Graphic Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Byrne Blackwood Scenic Design Scholarship Varies 1
Cadmus Communications Corporation Graphics Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Candlelight Guild-Susan Mon Pere Memorial Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Career & Technology Education (CATE) Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl Zellers Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Carole & Richard Jacques Scholarship Varies Varies
Carroll Moon Scholarship Varies Varies
Cats Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Celia Moh Scholarship Varies Varies
Chairman's Merit Award Varies Varies
Charles & Naomi Grisham Scholarship Varies Varies
Chatters Restaurant & Bar Scholarship Varies Varies
Cheap Joe's Senior Studio Scholarship Varies Varies
Christine F. Paulsen Endowed Scholarship in the College of Fine Arts Varies Varies
Christopher Frair Scholarship Varies Varies
Clara M. Blume Endowed Scholarship in the School of Fine Art & Design Varies Varies
Clayton A. Dodd Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Cleveland Club of Litho & Printing House Craftsmen Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Communication Underrepresented Student Recruitment Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Mount St. Joseph Art Scholarships Varies Varies
College Scholarships Varies Varies
Columbus College of Art & Design Scholarships Varies 5
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art-Cooper Union School of Art Scholarships Varies Varies
CoraBelle Reoch Scholarship Varies Varies
DAAP Alumni Association & Pella Scholarship Varies Varies
DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Daniel Lloyd Ross Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
David M. Hoover Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
DCF Art Scholarship Varies 1
Dean Michael Proterra, S.J. Scholarship Varies Varies
Debra Edwards Scholarship Varies 1
Debra Soligian Scholarship Varies Varies
Dee & Zira James Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies 1
Denver Public Schools Art Awards Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 1
Department of Commerce Internship for Postsecondary Students Varies Varies
Design & Media Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Detroit Free Press First Amendment Scholarship Varies Varies
Diane Cone Boody Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Digital Design First-Year Scholarship Varies Varies
Doc Stapleton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Donna Swartz Family Visual Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Douglas County Art Awards Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 2
Dr. & Mrs. Pierre W. Keitges Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Edward A. Hier Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Howard B. Leighton Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. James & Lois Gerrits Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Johannes Sachse Memorial Award Varies Varies
Dr. Joseph B. Wiederholt Scholarship Varies Varies
E. Robert Langley Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Earle Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Earls Family Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Edgar A. Albin Scholarship Varies 1
Edgar H. Snider Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
EDMC Education Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Edna Lucille Vehlow Printing Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward H. Ryder & Georgia S. Ryder Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward M. Strauss, Jr. Scholarship for International Study Varies 1
Emily Picco Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
European Travel Scholarship Varies 1
Evelyn Carson Scholarship Varies Varies
Everett & Helen Meister Scholarship Varies Varies
Excellence in Photography Scholarship Varies 1
F. Earl Spangler Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Ferris Grant Varies Varies
Fine Arts Scholarships Varies Varies
Fox River-Western Art Directors Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances D. & Stanley Cohen Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Frank Hornstein Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick G. Kieferndorf Fine Arts Travel Scholarship Varies 1
Frederick Tyler Simon Scholarship Varies 1
Friends of Doug Griffith Scholarship Varies Varies
Friends of Visual Arts Scholarship for ASU Varies Varies
Gardner-Nettleton Award Varies Varies
GC Scholarships Varies Varies
General Motors Corporation Scholarships Varies Varies
George A. Blume Endowed Scholarship in Graphic Design Varies Varies
George Fabe Scholarship Varies Varies
Gerson-New World School of the Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Gertrude Horning Award for Excellence in Medical Illustration Varies Varies
GM Scholars: General Motors Scholarships Varies Varies
Goizueta Scholarship Varies 1
Grace & Robert Fay Scholarships Varies Varies
Grace H. Vance Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Grace P. Scalese Scholarship Varies Varies
Graphic Arts Council Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Graphic Arts Scholarship Varies 1
Graphic Arts Scholarships Varies Varies
Graphic Communication Scholarship Varies Varies
Graphic Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Greater Frederick Advertising Federation Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Greysmith Scholarship Varies Varies
Hans Veeder K-P Corporation Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen Dooley Scholarship Varies Varies
High School Scholarships Varies Varies
Horatio Alger Scholar Scholarship Varies Varies
Hugh Greenlee '49 Scholarship in Industrial Design Varies Varies
Humanities Scholarship Varies Varies
Indian Institute of Printing & Packaging Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Indianapolis Star Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Industrial Design Scholarship Varies Varies
International Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Internships Varies 15
J. Barry & Rita McCallan Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack Curfman Creative & Visual Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack Hedblade Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships Varies Varies
Jacqueline Snyders Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
James & Catherine Buck Charitable Trust Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
James B. Newton Grant Varies Varies
James F. Hopkins Printing Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
James L. Melikian Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane & Philip Foster Scholarship Varies Varies
Jaroslav & Jarmelia Kabatnik Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jay Cash Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Jefferson County Art Awards Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 2
Jim Bremer Design Scholarship Varies 1
John D. Pelzer Memorial Award Varies Varies
John J. & Eloise H. Kane Scholarship Varies Varies
John P. & Charlotte M. Brand Scholarship Varies Varies
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation Endowment for the New World School of the Arts Varies Varies
Joseph S. Mertle Scholarship Fun Varies Varies
Julia E. Hildt Scholarship Memorial to Angelena Hildt Varies Varies
Kacher-Bloom Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Karen S. Nulf Scholarship Varies Varies
Kate Strandberg Scholarship Varies Varies
Kathleen Price Bryan Scholarship in Art & Theatre Varies Varies
Kenneth & Mary Auvil Printmaking Graduate Assistantship Scholarship Varies Varies
Kristen Leigh Whims Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
L.F. Brands Scholarship Varies Varies
LaBov & Beyond Visual Arts Achievement Scholarship Varies Varies
Laguna College of Art & Design Scholarships Varies Varies
Larson Manufacturing Scholarships Varies Varies
Leanne Deree Lansford Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Leon & Reba Benschoter Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis Franklin Palmer & Marjorie Stewart Palmer Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Lorge Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis Shawl Graphic Design Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis Shawl Trustee Emeritus Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts Varies Varies
Lowell & Rosalia Ross Graphic & Imaging Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Ludwig & Anna Woseczek Scholarship Varies Varies
Luzerne Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Lynne Fuente Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
M.L. Ashton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Macy's Scholarships Endowment in Memory of Rudolph V. Javosky Varies Varies
Madison Chautaugua Scholarship For the Arts Varies Varies
Mahon Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Manzer-Keener-Wefler Scholarship Varies Varies
Marcellette Gay Williams Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Marjorie L. Graham Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark & Karen Rauenhorst Scholarship Varies Varies
Martha Hagen Memorial-Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin & Doris Rosen Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Dora Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Louise & James Tasheff Endowed Scholarship Fund in the School of Art & Design Varies Varies
Mary Schiller Myers School-University of Akron Scholarships Varies Varies
Max E. & Lois J. Hubbard Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Mayme C. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
McGuire-Holden Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Melanie Richards Metz Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Memphis College of Art Scholarship Varies 2
Merit Scholarships Varies Varies
Michael E. & Mary Neppl Leighton Scholarship Varies Varies
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Scholarships Varies 2
Molly Zilliox Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Monserrat College of Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Multicultural Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Myrtle Nordwick Canata Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
National Scholastic Art Award Scholarships Varies 3
Neely Elizabeth Toohill Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Nesnadny & Schwartz Scholarship for Excellence in Graphic Design Varies Varies
New World School of the Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
New York VICA Scholarship Varies 1
Nora Sager Stackhouse Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio VICA Scholarship Varies 1
Parsons School of Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Patrick & Peggy Zenner Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul & Nina Rickard Lyons Scholarship Varies Varies
Peanuts on Parade Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Scholarships Varies Varies
Pennsylvania VICA Scholarship Varies 1
Pete Repins Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Peter & Joni Petschauer, Polson Penland Scholarship Varies Varies
PIEF Central Region Scholarship Varies Varies
PIEF General Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
PIEF Southern Region Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Pitman Scholarship Varies 1
PLGA (Packaging Label Gravure Association) Annual Scholarship Varies 1
Printing Faculty Scholarship Varies Varies
PSI Scholarship Varies Varies
Purveyors of Art & Design Materials Inc. Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
Ralph Calder Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Ralph F. Ponchur Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Randolph A. Johnson Scholarship Endowment for Art Varies Varies
Ray A. Boyer Scholarship Varies Varies
Regions Bank Endowed Scholarship in Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Richard & Jean Coyne Family Foundation Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Richard Conwell Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Graphic Design Varies Varies
Richard E. "Dick" Daugherty Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard Helmick Design with Digital Media Graduate Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard L. Miltenberger Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ringling School of Art & Design Scholarships Varies Varies
Rita A. Molseed & G. Melvin Hickey Scholarship Varies Varies
Roach Family-Falconer Printing & Design, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert D. Parker Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert E. & Mary R. Riordan Scholarship Varies Varies
Roberta Robinson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Rockwood Product Grant Varies Varies
Roger F. & Mary A. Warin Scholarship Varies Varies
ROIAL Ruth Dahlberg Smith Study Abroad Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Rose Netzorg Kerr & James W. Kerr Award Varies Varies
Rowland-Reflexite Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy P. Hess '48 Scholarship for Excellence in Industrial Design Varies Varies
Roy Winn Luckett-Thomas Gray Graphic Communications Scholarship Varies Varies
Saint Luke Art & Design Award Varies Varies
San Jose Art League Award Varies Varies
SCAD Style Scholarship Varies 1
Scholarships Varies Varies
School of Art & Design Annual Award Account Varies Varies
School of Art & Design Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Scholarships Varies Varies
School of Visual Arts Grant Varies Varies
Scitex-Adobe Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Seasongood Summer Internship Varies Varies
Selling Sacramento Scholarship in Graphic Design Varies Varies
Sherry Edwards Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Silas H. Rhodes Scholarships Varies Varies
Southern Progress Graphic Design Scholarship Varies Varies
SOVA Doctoral & Master's Fellowships Varies Varies
SOVA Graduate Scholarships Varies Varies
SOVA Undergraduate Scholarships Varies 46
Spartan Bookstore Gift Certificates Scholarship Varies Varies
Stanley Hlasta Scholarship Varies Varies
Steve Renick Graphic Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Opportunity Scholarships Varies Varies
Student Research Participation at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Varies Varies
Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Susan Babush Memorial Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Talbert Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
The Colorado Scholastic Arts The Art Instititue of Colorado Art Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 2
Thomas B. Kendrick Jr. Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Thomas P. & Mary Kay McCarthy Scholarship Varies Varies
Three Arts Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Tracy Womack Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Transfer Scholarships Varies Varies
Travel Scholarships Varies Varies
Trojan League of Los Angeles-Joseph P. Allen Scholarship Varies Varies
UC Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Varg-Sullivan Endowed Graduate Award in Arts & Letters Varies 2
Vashti Swan DAAP Minority Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Vequist Scholarship Varies Varies
Veryle Heriford Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Violet Speddy Scholarship Varies Varies
Visual Arts Portfolio Scholarship Varies 1
Visual Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter & Sally Greene Memorial Art Award Varies Varies
Wayne & Pat Hilburn Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Wayne Hannah-Chattanooga Advertising Federation Scholarship in Graphic Design Varies Varies
West Virginia VICA Scholarship Varies 1
Wiesner Family Scholarship Varies Varies
William L. Stickney Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William O. Frohring Graphic Design Award Varies Varies
William R. & JoAnn McCroy Kunkel Scholarship Varies Varies
Willis Nelson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Wolfgang Lederer Emeritus Scholarship Varies Varies
Wolfstein Fine Arts Award Varies Varies
Wyoming Art Symposium Scholarship Varies 2
Institutional Scholarship 999 Varies
PICA Scholarship 938 2
Lacoste Board of Trustees Travel Scholarship 900 1
California Institute of the Arts Scholarships 8000 Varies
Dean's Scholarships 8000 Varies
Gold Family Scholarship 8000 4
Art Mart Annual Scholarship 800 Varies
Journalism Internships 775 18
California Community College Scholarships 7500 Varies
Cornish College of the Arts Scholarship 7500 Varies
J. Wesley Robb Scholarship 7500 Varies
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship 7500 1
Diversity Scholarship 750 1
Marjorie Stonehill English, Journalism & Creative Arts Scholarship 750 Varies
Scholarship Program 750 1
Wahrman Furniture Design Scholarship 750 1
YWCA Scholarships 750 2
Corcoran College of Art & Design Grant 7000 Varies
John R. Gordon Scholarship 650 1
ARTS Scholarship 6000 Varies
Maryland Institute College of Art Scholarships 6000 Varies
Rhode Island School of Design Scholarships 6000 2
Scholastic Scholarships 6000 1
Mary E. Bayless Art Department Scholarship 600 1
NAPCO Scholarship 575 1
One Day One University School of Media Arts & Design Scholarship 570 Varies
Osher Memorial Scholarships 5500 Varies
William E. White Memorial Scholarship 525 1
Achievement Scholarships for Art, Design & Crafts 5000 10
AGFA Monotype Foundation Scholarship 5000 1
Continuing Student Undergraduate Scholarships 5000 Varies
Design, Housing & Apparel Scholars Scholarship 5000 Varies
Elba Mas Memorial Scholarship 5000 1
Four Year Scholarships 5000 6
Nancy N. Lewis Scholarship 5000 1
National Technical Honor Society High School Scholarship 5000 Varies
Outstanding Senior Scholarship 5000 4
R. Reid Vance Scholarship Fund 5000 Varies
Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences Scholarship 5000 2
Studio Art or Graphic Design Award 5000 Varies
Technology Student Association National Competition 5000 1
Technology Student Association National Competition Scholarships 5000 Varies
Trustee Scholarships 5000 5
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Scholarship 5000 1
Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship 5000 Varies
A.B. Roberts Scholarship 500 Varies
Ben Brimmer Memorial Arts Scholarship 500 Varies
Ben Tucker Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Betty Anderson Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Betty Gunnes Scholarship 500 Varies
Bob Frick Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Cheap Joe's Annual Scholarship 500 Varies
Chih-Chun Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Cultural Diversity Scholarship 500 Varies
Dan Fantauzzi Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Dennis Bowman Scholarship 500 1
Design Council Scholarships 500 2
Earl & Ann Sawyer Scholarship 500 Varies
Edith Morgan Liberal Arts Scholarships 500 4
George W. Catt College of Design Scholarship 500 1
Hill-Fulp Scholarship 500 1
Hugh E. Darley, Sr. Technology Scholarship 500 1
Hunter MacLean Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Illinois Central College Scholarship 500 1
James W. Bostwick III Scholarship 500 1
Jason Andler Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Jean J. Wey Scholarship 500 Varies
Jenny Apsey Stegmaier Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Joe C. Minor Scholarship 500 1
John E. Thomas Scholarship 500 1
Mauldin Scholarship 500 1
Portfolio Review Scholarship 500 3
Richard L. Allen Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Robert A. Banzhaf Scholarship 500 1
Robert Andrew Devries Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Rome Scholarship 500 1
Sean W. Vick Endowment for Music 500 1
Silver Scholarship 500 1
Special Interest Group on Design of Communication (SIGDOC) Scholarship 500 1
Stage Front Presentation Systems Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Student Scholarships 500 2
Thomas W. Reese Scholarship 500 1
Tuition Scholarship 500 10
UNM Performing Arts & Creative Practice Scholars' Program Scholarship 4640 Varies
Thompson Valley Art League Scholarship 4416 1
Academic Scholarships 4000 Varies
Animation-Non-Traditional Internship 4000 Varies
Art Academy of Cincinnati Art Scholarships 4000 Varies
BB&T; Endowed Scholarship 4000 1
Merit Scholarships 4000 Varies
Pacific Northwest College of Art Scholarships 4000 2
Program Specific Scholarship 4000 Varies
UCLA Alumni Association Arts Scholarships 4000 Varies
International Food Service Editorial Council Scholarship 3750 1
Scholarship Gala Scholarship 3750 1
Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University Scholarships 3500 Varies
Corcoran College of Art & Design Scholarship 3500 Varies
Paula Patton Grahame Scholarship 3100 2
Paul A. Johnson Trade School Fund 309 2
Evelyn Keedy Memorial Scholarship 30000 Varies
Evelyn Keedy Memorial Scholarship 30000 1
Delaware College of Art & Design Partnership Grant 3000 Varies
Gilded Age Antiques & Interiors Scholarship 3000 2
Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University Scholarships 3000 4
Notrica Family Scholarship 3000 1
Richard W. Pierce Scholarship 3000 Varies
Carl J. Christiansen Art Scholarship 300 1
Guy Thomas Memorial Award 300 Varies
Scholarship 300 Varies
Studio Art Concentration Option Award 300 Varies
RISD Scholarships 27500 Varies
All City Scholarship 25000 3
Art Institute & Americans for the Arts Poster Design Competition Scholarship 25000 Varies
Art Institutes Scholarship Program 25000 50
Dean Joan Schaefer Endowed Scholarship 25000 Varies
National Portfolio Review Competition 25000 Varies
New York City Public Schools Scholarship Competition 25000 1
Academy Scholarship 2500 Varies
Archer Daniels Midland Company Scholarship 2500 Varies
Art Scholarship 2500 6
Art Scholarships 2500 Varies
Charlie & Marie Pepe Scholarship 2500 1
Elizabeth Ludington Endowment for Women in the Visual Arts Scholarship 2500 4
Eric Fischl Award of Merit 2500 Varies
Gina Auditore Boner Memorial Scholarship Fund 2500 Varies
Journalism Scholarship 2500 16
Mary Limberis Pappajohn Scholarship 2500 Varies
Matching Outside Scholarships 2500 Varies
Minority Journalism Scholarship 2500 16
New England Graphic Arts Scholarship 2500 62
OfficeWorks Informatics Scholarship 2500 Varies
Oregon College of Art & Craft Scholarship 2500 2
Philip & Colleen Kirst Scholarships 2500 Varies
University of Michigan, School of Art & Design Scholarships 2500 Varies
University of Tulsa, School of Art Scholarships 2500 Varies
Wachovia Scholars Scholarship 2500 2
Cisco Networking Academy Scholarship (a) 2400 Varies
Cisco Networking Academy Scholarship (b) 2400 Varies
Board of Visitors Scholarship 20000 1
Gulfstream Employee Endowed Scholarship 20000 1
National Art Honor Society Scholarship 20000 Varies
Academic Achievement Award 2000 Varies
California College of the Arts Scholarships 2000 Varies
Canton Advertising Club Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies
Chastain Endowment for UF Students at the New World School of the Arts 2000 Varies
College for Creative Studies Scholarships 2000 Varies
Computer Graphic Design Scholarship 2000 Varies
Computer Studies Scholarship 2000 1
David Hoods Memorial Scholarship 2000 30
EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship 2000 30
Graphic Communications Scholarship 2000 Varies
Hyde Park Art Show Scholarship 2000 Varies
Irving & Jeanne Glovin Scholarship 2000 1
John Lopiano Endowed Scholarship 2000 30
Kendall Grant 2000 Varies
Presidential Scholarship 2000 4
President's Award 2000 Varies
Scholarships 2000 Varies
Scholastic Art Award Scholarship 2000 Varies
Syracuse University, College of Visual & Performing Arts, School of Art & Design Scholarships 2000 1
Wayne Alexander Memorial Scholarship 2000 30
William E. Gregory Scholarship 2000 Varies
Woolf Scholarship 2000 Varies
Doris Ruben Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Graphic Design Scholarship 200 1
Interactive Media-Video Merit Scholarship 200 1
William & Trudy Mitchell Art Design Scholarship 200 1
Priddy Fellowship 18000 10
James W. Moore Scholarship 164 Varies
Kendall Art Day Competition Scholarships 16000 11
Art + Smart Awards 15000 3
Artistic Honors Scholarship 15000 Varies
Carnegie Mellon University, School of Art Scholarships 15000 Varies
Gulfstream Scholar Endowed Scholarship 15000 1
Massachusetts College of Art Scholarship 15000 2
Presidential Scholarships 15000 Varies
Transfer Scholars Scholarship 15000 Varies
Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne Scholarship 1500 Varies
Corcoran College of Art & Design Scholarships 1500 Varies
ICIF Scholarship for Dependents of Member Organizations 1500 Varies
James J. Rizzi Scholarship (a) 1500 Varies
Pratt Senior Intern Award & Program 1500 15
Raymond Rhodes Graphic Arts & Print Technology Scholarship 1500 1
Scholarship 1500 7
Scholarships 1500 2
Scholarships 1500 Varies
Scholarships 1500 300
Western Michigan University, School of Art Scholarships 1500 1
William & Idella Elder Foundation Scholarship 1500 Varies
Roy & Dorotha McCarty Scholarship 1428 Varies
Board of Visitors Scholarship II 13000 1
Pratt Institute Scholarships 13000 Varies
Ohio Governor's Art Exhibition Award 12150 2
Minneapolis College of Art & Design Scholarships 12000 2
Arnold Gillette Scholarship 1200 1
Art Institutes Merit Award 1200 1830
Mary I. Morton Scholarship 1200 Varies
Illinois Wesleyan University, School of Art & Art History Scholarship 10500 Varies
Art Institutes Scholarships 10000 4
Combined Honors Scholarship 10000 Varies
High School Senior Scholarship (IBA) 10000 Varies
John T. Barclay Memorial Scholarship 10000 3
Kell Munoz Fellowship 10000 1
Legacy Scholars Scholarship-College of Design 10000 Varies
Live Your Creative Passion Scholarship Competition 10000 2
Mark K. Wheeler Memorial Scholarship 10000 1
Moore College of Art & Design Scholarship 10000 10
Nissan-UNCF 10000 10
Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition Award 10000 Varies
Otis College of Art & Design Scholarships 10000 2
OutputLinks Woman of Distinction Scholarship 10000 30
San Francisco Art Institute Scholarships 10000 3
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 10000 4
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 10000 4
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Scholarships 10000 3
School of Visual Arts Scholarships 10000 2
Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund 10000 55
University of Hartford-Hartford Art School Scholarships 10000 1
University of the Arts Scholarships 10000 3
Alexander R. Berry, Jr. Graphic Arts Scholarship 1000 Varies
Alumni Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Arts Alive! Scholarship 1000 2
Arts Scholarship Program 1000 2
Bill Nichols Memorial Arts Scholarship 1000 Varies
Billings Broadcasters Association 1000 2
Bug Away Scpecialists Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
Cappex Video Game Design & Development Scholarship 1000 Varies
Career Scholarships 1000 2
Clair B. Watson Design Scholarship 1000 1
Cleveland Institute of Art Scholarships 1000 Varies
College of Fine & Applied Arts Scholarships 1000 Varies
Columbus College of Art & Design, Wolfe Associates Scholarship Endowment Fund 1000 Varies
Digital Media Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Dorothy & Joseph Moller Scholarship 1000 3
EDSF Board of Directors Technical-Community College Scholarships 1000 30
Education Scholarship (Employee) 1000 Varies
Education Scholarship (Resident) 1000 Varies
Fernandez Family Scholarship-New World School of the Arts 1000 5
General America Financial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Harold & Noveal Crosthwaite Scholarship 1000 Varies
Imagine America Military Award Program (MAP) 1000 10
Imagine America Scholarship 1000 1
Integrated Project Solutions Scholarship 1000 1
Jim Alley Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Joey Pinkston Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Kansas City Art Institute Scholarships 1000 Varies
Linda Jane Messerschmid Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Madison Area Club of Printing House Craftsmen Scholarship 1000 1
On-Campus Grant 1000 Varies
OutputLinks Stewardship Scholarship 1000 30
Pittsburgh Advertising Federation Scholarship Fund 1000 5
Portfolio Scholarship for Continuing Students 1000 4
Roderick F. Condon, II Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Scholarship 1000 1
Sean Moran Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Student Leadership Scholarship 1000 8
Student Scholarship 1000 1
Student Scholarship (College) 1000 1
Student Scholarship (Residency) 1000 1
Thomas V. McClay Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Traci Haymans Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships 1000 4
Video Game Technology Scholarship 1000 1
Willis "Bing" Davis Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Education Scholarship (Employee) 1000 Varies
University Art Center Gift Certificates Scholarship 100 Varies


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