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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Adam Gordon Campus Service Awards Varies Varies
Adam Gordon Poetry Award for First-Year Students Varies 1
Alfred J. & A. Barrett Seaman Awards in Interdisciplinary Writing Varies Varies
Alfred J. & A. Barrett Seaman Awards in Interdisciplinary Writing Varies Varies
Arthur O. Eve Award Varies 1
Award for Excellence in Chinese Language Varies 2
B.F. Skinner Award Varies 1
Babcock Prize in Philosophy & Pedagogy Varies 1
Bacot, Gunn, Kempf Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Bristol-Myers Squibb Fellowship Varies Varies
Brockway Award Varies Varies
Casstevens Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles J. Hasbrouck Award in Art History Varies 1
Clark Award Varies 1
Cobb Essay Award Varies 1
Constantine Karamanlis Award in World Politics Varies 1
Cunningham Essay Award Varies 1
Darling Award in American History Varies 1
David J. Gray Award in Sociology Varies 1
Dean Alfange Essay Awards Varies 2
Don Potter Endowment in Geology Varies Varies
Donald J. Denney Award in Physical Chemistry Varies 1
Dr. Edward Fitch Award in Greek Varies 1
Dr. Edward Fitch Award in Latin Varies 1
Dwight N. Lindley Award Varies 1
Earl H. Wright Award for Excellence in Public Discourse & Advocacy Varies 1
Edgar Baldwin Graves Award in History Varies 1
Edwin B. Lee, Jr. Award in Asian History-Asian Studies Varies 1
Edwin Barrett Award Varies 1
Elihu Root Fellowships Varies Varies
Emily & Alfred Bohn Award in Studio Art Varies 1
Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Francis W. Gilbert Award Varies 1
Franklin D. Locke Fellowship Varies Varies
Franklin G. Hamlin Award in French Varies 1
Frederick Edmund Alexis Bush Award Varies 1
G. Harvey Cameron Memorial Award Varies 1
Gelas Memorial Award Varies 1
General Electric Fellowship for Minority Science Students Varies Varies
George A. Watrous Literary Awards Varies Varies
George Lyman Nesbitt Awards Varies 2
H. Samuel Slater Award in Romance Languages Varies 1
Hamilton College Book Award in Russian Varies 1
Hamilton College Campus Service Award Varies Varies
Hans H. Schambach ’43 Scholarship Varies 10
Harold C. Bohn Award in Anthropology Varies 1
Hawley Award in Greek & Latin Varies Varies
Head Essay Award Varies 1
Henry M. Love Fellowship Varies 1
Holbrook Award in Biology Varies 1
Howard Hughes Science Students Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Hutton Essay Award Varies 1
J. Barney Moore Award in Art Varies 1
Jack B. Riffle Awards for Senior Athletes Varies 2
James H. Glass Fellowship Varies Varies
James L. Bennett Award Varies 1
Jeffrey P. Mass Award in Japanese History Varies 1
John Lovell Watters Award Varies 1
John V.A. Weaver Award in Poetry Varies 1
Jonathan Marder Award Varies 1
Judge John Wells Fellowship Varies Varies
Karen Williams Theatre Award Varies 1
Kellogg Essay Award Varies 1
Kirkland Award Varies 1
Kirkland Endowment Essay Award in Interdisciplinary Studies Varies 1
Kneeland Award Varies 1
Leo Mackta Award in Physics Varies 1
Manley F. Allbright Fellowship Varies Varies
Mary McMaster Hallock Award in Science Varies 1
McKinney Speaking Awards Varies 4
Michael T. Genco, Jr. Award in Photography Varies 1
National Merit Scholarships 2000 Varies
Nelson Clark Dale, Jr. Award in Music Varies 1
Norton Award Varies 1
Payne Hills Award Varies 1
Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards Varies 10
Pruyn Essay Award Varies 1
Public Policy Award Varies 1
Putnam Award in American History Varies 1
Ralph & Doris Hansmann Poetry Award Varies 1
Ralph E. Hansmann Science Students Scholarship Varies Varies
Raphael Lemkin Essay Award Varies 1
Renwick Award in Biology Varies 1
Rogers Award in Geology Varies 1
Rose B. Tager Award Varies 1
Rusty Smith Memorial Teaching Award in Computer Science Varies 1
Samuel F. Babbitt Kirkland College Fellowship Varies Varies
Senior Award in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology Varies 1
Senior Award in Comparative Literature Varies 1
Senior Award in Dance Varies 1
Senior Award in Government Varies 1
Senior Award in Neuroscience Varies 1
Senior Award in Theatre Varies 1
Sergei S. Zlinkoff Student Medical Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Soper Essay & Research Awards Varies 1
Southworth Award in Physics Varies 1
Squires Award in Philosophy Varies 1
Steven Daniel Smallen Memorial Fund for Student Creativity Varies Varies
Sydna Stern Weiss Essay Award in Women’s Studies Varies 1
Tarbell Book Award in Organic Chemistry Varies 1
Thomas E. Meehan Award in Creative Writing Varies 2
Thomas McNaughton Johnston Award in English Varies 1
Todd Award in Rhetoric & Mass Media Varies 1
Tompkins Award in Mathematics Varies 2
Underwood Award in Chemistry Varies 1
Wallace Bradley Johnson Award Varies 1
Walter Pilkington Memorial Award Varies 1
Warren E. Wright Award in Public Speaking Varies 1
William Gillespie Award in Art Varies 1
William M. Bristol, Jr. Fellowship for International Travel Varies Varies
William M. Bristol, Jr., ’17 Scholars Program Varies Varies
William Rosenfeld Chapbook Award in Creative Writing Varies 1
Winchell Award in Greek Varies 1
Winslow Award in Greek Varies 1
Winslow Award in Latin Varies 1
Winslow Award in Romance Languages Varies 1
Wyld Award in German Varies 1


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