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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
“Every Drop Counts” Earth Science Scholarship Fund-Local High School Seniors 2500 4
“Every Drop Counts” Earth Science Scholarship Fund-Statewide Scholarships 10000 2
4imprint, Inc. Scholarship 500 Varies
75th Anniversary Scholarship 2000 Varies
A.S. Herlong Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
Abel Wolman Fellowship Award 20000 1
Academic Achievement Awards 3000 4
Ag One-American Vineyard-Vegetables West Magazines-William Richard Malcolm Irrigation Scholarship 500 Varies
Agricultural Women’s Club Scholarship 500 Varies
AHS Scholarship 1500 3
Albert Burch Straham Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Alexander & Elizabeth A. Swantz FFA Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
AMS Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship 2500 Varies
AMS Graduate Fellowship in the History of Science 15000 Varies
AMS-Industry Minority Scholarships 3000 1
AMS-Industry-Government Graduate Fellowships 23000 Varies
Amtrol, Inc. Scholarship 2000 Varies
Award for Graduate Student Excellence in Soil & Water Science 250 Varies
Axel Hendrickson Scholarship 1000 1
Baroid Scholarship 2000 Varies
Ben Everson Scholarship 2500 Varies
Berg Brothers Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Birdsong Hydrology Endowment Varies Varies
Bruno & Ouida Fritschi Scholarship 1500 1
Bryan Van Leeuwen Memorial Scholarship 500 1
CAHNRS FFA-4H-FFA Leaders Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Canham Graduate Studies Scholarship 2500 1
Carl W. Kreitzberg Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
CASFM Scholarship 2000 1
Central Arizona Project (CAP) – Undergraduate Award 500 1
Central Arizona Project (CAP) Graduate Award 1000 1
Charles P. Lake – Rain for Rent Scholarship 1000 1
Charline M. Wackman & William Brabyn Trust Scholarships Varies Varies
Chateau Ste. Michelle Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Chrysalis Scholarship Fund 2000 2
Claude & Lucy Richman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Clinton E. Missler Agri-Scholarship 290 1
Clinton H. Wasser Scholarship 850 2
College of Natural Resources Graduate Scholarship 2000 2
College of Natural Resources Need-Based Scholarships 1000 21
Cornelius & Mary Jane York Scholarship 1200 1
Daisy J. Hudson Agricultural Irrigation Careers Scholarship Varies Varies
Dan M. Wells Scholarship 1000 1
Daryl B. Simons Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean’s Merit Awards Varies Varies
Dean’s Scholar Program Scholarship 5000 Varies
Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources Academic Scholarships 5000 15
Dick French Memorial Scholarship Program 500 Varies
Diversity & Food Systems Scholarship 11000 Varies
Don & Julia Lee Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald A. Williams Soil Conservation Scholarship 1500 Varies
Dorothy & Glenn Langley Memorial Scholarship 736 1
Dr. Lee S. Stith Scholarship Endowment in Agriculture Varies Varies
Dr. Lon Ruedisili Hydrogeology-Environmental Geology Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Pedro Grau Undergraduate Scholarship 2500 Varies
E.V. & Billie K. Richardson Scholarship Varies Varies
Ed Dail Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Growth Management Varies Varies
Edward & Phyllis Reed Scholarship Varies 1
Edward Lewis Sisson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward R. Hall Scholarship 500 2
Edwin G. Schafer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ernest & Bernice Dice Scholarship 1000 6
Ervin E. King Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ervin M. Schmutz & Velda B. Schmutz Soil & Water Conservation Scholarship Varies Varies
Ethan & Allan Murphy Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Eula L. & C. Wayne Cook Scholarship 1200 2
Everette J. & Helen G. Kreizinger Scholarships Varies Varies
Expo Conservation Scholarships (Graduate) Varies Varies
Expo Conservation Scholarships (Seniors) Varies Varies
Expo Conservation Scholarships (Undergraduate) Varies Varies
F. Breniman Jr. Memorial Graduate Student Assistance Scholarship Varies Varies
Florida AWMA Scholarship II 250 3
Frances Premo Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank & Henry Meyer Scholarships Varies Varies
Frank P. Feenan Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Fred B. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick B. Smith Scholarship 500 Varies
Friday Scholarship Varies Varies
Geoffrey Hilton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
George Earle Cook, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
George M. Van Dyne Memorial Scholarship 1200 1
George S. Benton Scholarship 3500 Varies
Georgia M. Hellberg Memorial Scholarships 5000 4
Glahn Scholarship Varies Varies
Graduate Student Scholarship Competition 1000 1
Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships Varies Varies
Grigg Water Resources Scholarship Varies Varies
Guillermo Salazar Rodriguez Scholarship 2500 Varies
H.J. & Signe Bonnevie Memorial Scholarship 2500 Varies
H.W. Shen Water Resources Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Harlan Erker Memorial Scholarship Program 1000 1
Harold W. & Joanne Vaughn Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry W. Oliver Scholarship Fund 2350 2
Henry Winfield & Ruby Leftwich Robertson Hugh Hammond Bennett Chapter SWCS Scholarship 1000 1
Hill Memorial Fellowship Scholarship Varies Varies
Hispanic Scholar Engineering Scholarship 1000 Varies
Holly A. Cornell Scholarship (a) 5000 1
Holly A. Cornell Scholarship (b) 5000 1
Homer & Dolly Hand Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Horace W. Bozarth Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard V. & Margaret C. Smith Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
I.B. Thomas Hydrology Scholarship Varies Varies
IAGLR Scholarship 2000 2
Izaak Walton League Annual Scholarship 750 1
Jack & Bernice Newell Scholarship 1000 1
James H. Hulbert Scholarship Varies Varies
James Neal Blanton, Jr. Memorial Challenge Grant Scholarship Varies Varies
James R. & Diana M. Carlson Award Varies Varies
Jim Ozbun Scholarship Varies Varies
Jimmy R. Grubbs Ag Scholarship Varies Varies
Joe & Ann Ritchie Water Management Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
John H. Keiser Presidential Inaugural Scholarship for Environmental Studies Varies 1
John O’Brien Scobey Dean’s Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth E. Grant Research Scholarship 1300 1
Kentucky Environmental & Public Protection Cabinet Scholarship Varies 8
LAF-CLASS Fund Irrigation Scholarship Program 1000 1
Larson Aquatic Research Support (LARS) Scholarships 7000 2
Lawrence Schachle-AWWA Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Lehman M. Bauknight Scholarship Varies 1
Loren W. Crow Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Marie & James Hess Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion Soil & Water Conservation District Natural Resources Scholarship Varies Varies
Marshall Guill Scholarship Varies Varies
Mayfield Scholarship Varies Varies
Maynard H. Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Scholarship 5000 Varies
Myron Brown Ludlow-Natural Resources Scholarship 4600 2
National Achievement Semifinalist-Finalist Engineering Scholarship 1000 Varies
National Merit Finalist Engineering Scholarship 1000 Varies
National Merit Semifinalist Engineering Scholarships 500 Varies
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions Graduate Sciences Varies 5
NCCE-Cooperative Education Opportunities for American Indians & Alaska Natives 5000 Varies
Om & Saraswati Bahethi Scholarship 2000 Varies
Opechee Garden Club Scholarship 1000 Varies
Oscar & Isabel Anderson Graduate Scholarship 3000 3
Oscar & Isabel Anderson Undergraduate Program 1000 6
Paros-Digiquartz Scholarship 2500 Varies
Paul W. Rodgers Scholarship 2000 1
Penelope Hanshaw Scholarship 500 1
Philip A. Connolly Memorial Scholarship 2000 6
Philip R. Karr, III Scholarship Fund 1500 Varies
Phillip & Ruth Bratton Scholarship Varies Varies
Phyllis Frias Science Scholarship 2500 Varies
Puget Sound Chapter Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ralph & Lillian Fish Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Randy Cook Memorial Scholarship 1500 2
Richard A. Herbert Memorial Educational Fund 2000 2
Roger & Connie Hoffer Geospatial Science Scholarship 1000 1
Ronald Fletcher Scholarship Competition 500 1
RonVellekamp Environmental Scholarship 1000 1
Roy Tipton Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
S. Polston Memorial Fund Scholarship 1000 Varies
Samuel H. Graf & Violet F. Graf Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 1000 2
Scholarship 1000 Varies
Scholarship Competition 1000 2
Scholarship-University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Varies Varies
Scholarships 500 3
Scholarships 1000 3
Scholarships 500 3
Scholarships 500 2
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 3000 3
Scholarships in Conservation 450 2
Science to Achieve Result (STAR) Graduate Fellowships Varies Varies
Snell Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Soil & Water Science Department Outstanding Undergraduate Award 200 Varies
Soil & Water Science Department Scholarship Award 100 Varies
Southern Arizona Environmental Management Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Stanley M. Alcorn Memorial Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Staplcotn Scholarship 1000 Varies
Student Paper Competition 1000 12
Student Paper Competition 500 Varies
Student Scholarship 1000 1
Susan C. & Laurence E. Riordan Scholarship 1000 2
Susan Ekdale Memorial Scholarship (College) 1500 1
Susan Ekdale Memorial Scholarship (Residency) 1500 1
SWCS Scholarships – University of Nebraska-Lincoln 650 2
T.F. Buehrer Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Theodore Gordon Fyfishers, Inc. Founders Fund Scholarship 2000 1
Thomas M. Stetson Scholarship 1000 Varies
Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Scholarship 5000 Varies
Thomas R. Camp Scholarship 5000 Varies
Tipton & Kalmbach, Inc. Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
TORO Agricultural Irrigation Scholarship 1000 1
USSD Scholarship Prograam 10000 2
Valmont Industries, Inc. Scholarships 2000 2
Victor W. Carlisle Fellowship 1000 Varies
W.G. Dugan Wilkinson Scholarship 500 1
W.J. Fournet Scholarship 2000 2
W.O. Edmondson Memorial Scholarship 800 1
Warner College of Natural Resources Scholarships Varies Varies
Water Conservation Research Scholarship 500 Varies
Water Law & Policy Scholarship 7000 1
WEF Paper Competition Scholarship Varies Varies
Werner A. Baum Endowed Scholarship 5000 Varies
Whitney Borland Scholarship Varies Varies
William & Marguerite Hesketh Scholarship in Engineering Varies Varies
William K. “Bill” Robertson Endowment Fund 1000 Varies
William Rucker Greenwood Scholarship 1000 2


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